Tom Hiddleston on the cover of GQ Spain, October issue, and here’s what they say:

“Is this guy the coolest man right now”? Yes!!!

“Why envy Thor when you can be Loki?” Duh! That’s what we’ve been saying the whole damn time!
“From the dark side, the British actor has been erected into a new god (and not of the mythological kind) in the style pantheon.” This sounds a bit weird when read out loud, but I’m gonna leave it here because I like some of these words very much…

I know everyone’s on a Brand New high after the post-hardcore/emo rock legends released their first new album in eight long years, but how’s about some Brand New as you’ve never heard it before? Los Angeles’ Luna Shadows, that ever dependable purveyor of enchanting mystical pop, has shared a cover of Brand New’s Jesus Christ from their 2006 album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. Jesus Christ has never felt more hauntingly ethereal on this beautiful pop re-imagination. With a light touch, tinkling keys, and airy fluttering vocals, Luna Shadows bathes us in wistful melancholy. Her cover feels celestial, as if it belongs with the stars, yet it’s also feels as if it’s deeply intertwined with the familiar and intimate recesses of our hearts. Re-visit Luna Shadows’ enthralling originals on Soundcloud, here.

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Sister's Pickle (cover by timesarehardfornewsies)
Amélie the Musical

Because y’all haven’t heard my voice in a while, I decided to bombard you with a cover to remind you that I do in fact sing Amélie whenever possible. 

Sort of requested by @icanneverbesatisfied ♥ Love you boo♥

Enjoy this trash


New song! It’s a “House Set of” style arrange of an old song; Ocarina of Liberty


Cover illustration for a magazine called “Metro Guide” being distributed thought metro stations in Tokyo from September 2017.
Number of copies: around 1 000 000.

This edition is autumn themed so I tried to make my illustration fit the contents with the colors and atmosphere. I used the Jindaiji temple and the shops that surround it as an inspiration for the setting.


* Lines: Mitsu-bishi HI UNI F to 6B grade pencils
* Paper: White Watson 300g/m watercolor paper
* Colors: my custom 48 colors set and 48 colors Schmincek set.

* 紙: ミューズ ホワイトワトソン 300g
* 下描き: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
* 着色: 48色のシュミンケ水彩セット