What Lies Behind The Throne Chapter 4/??

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- Massive credit to my beta readers, razerathane and bluvixen Who are lovely, jubbly manatees. [That’s a good thing!]

- Chapter Rating: T

- Summary: Roselyn learns more of Anora’s life before she arrived and demonstrates to Alistair the correct way to shoot a bow. Alistair imparts on her some sensitive truths his father would disapprove of.

- Chapter art by froschkuss

Cloudreach. One month until the wedding.

Roselyn stared at her reflection in the mirrors erected around her. She stood on a stool a foot off the ground so the hem of her dress could be tucked up and pinned to the proper length by the seamstresses who bustled around her.

This was the first time she was seeing herself in what would be her wedding dress. It was almost finished except for a few minor details and Roselyn was astounded by it. No one ever asked her opinion on what sort of dress she wanted to wear, so she dreaded every fitting. Each time she felt less and less like a bride and more like a beast lost in yards of tulle and lace.

But today she saw the work of the dressmakers and seamstresses and what it had been building up to. She realized that her worries were unfounded and that, minus the pins, the dress was beautiful. The base was a heavy ivory coloured dull satin with layers of chiffon under the skirt, making it flare out at Roselyn’s hips. It cut straight across her chest just below her collar bone, drawing attention to her slim shoulders and her neck. A layer of lace was sewn over the main dress and it sat across her shoulders with sleeves that ended at the elbow. Throughout the lace were delicate pearls and diamonds all individually sewn into place which caught the light making her gown practically shimmer when Roselyn moved. While it was a heavy gown to walk in, Roselyn felt like a giddy little girl looking at herself and almost didn’t want to take it off.

“What do you think?” Roselyn asked Anora, who was sitting on a seat close by reading.

She closed the pages around one of her fingers to keep her place and looked over Roselyn with an arched brow. “It’s lovely,” she remarked, her lips quirking. “Very pretty.”

“Do you think Alistair will like it?”

“That’s his Highness,” Eleanor interjected coming towards the mirrors and Roselyn armed with a pin cushion. “You know better than to call him by his first name.”

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carver had always slept uneasily for as long as cousland had known him. a side effect of becoming a warden, Cousland knew, and started to sing as best they could, which ordinarily they would have said wasn’t very impressive, but on this night carver relaxed without waking up, the lines of pain etched into his face easing as he gave a soft sigh and buried his face in cousland’s neck, wriggling close with murmured words cousland could not decipher but which sounded “move you,” words that cousland puzzled over until sleep took them, as well

  • King Cailan:oh, hey you're the youngest cousland haha how's life out at highever
  • Cousland:Arl Howe just had my entire family slaughtered. I found my sister-in-law and her son murdered in their beds, my father barely alive and bleeding to death in the store room, and was forced to leave my mother to her inevitable demise within a house overrun by Howe's soldiers. I have no knowledge of my brother's whereabouts, but I've been informed that assassins may have already been sent to dispose of him. The only reason I still live is because of my enlistment to the Grey Wardens, a fate which will almost surely result in my death.
  • King Cailan::O
  • King Cailan:anyway welcome to ostagar
Female Wardens arriving at Ostagar
  • The youngest daughter of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland, showing up at Ostagar broken and wounded with a snarling disposition and a propensity toward using threats of violence to address the lack of respect from her fellow recruits, determined to fulfill her last promise to her father, regardless of what the nation thinks of her family now.
  • Adaia and Cyrion Tabris’ daughter, arriving at Ostagar having already killed so many humans, she feels as if their blood will never wash off her hands and in some ways she never wants it to, suspicious and distrusting of every single human she runs across, vowing to show them all what a scrappy fighter from Denerim’s alienage is really capable of.
  • The Princess Aeducan, a princess no more, her identity erased, her title stripped, showing up at Ostagar with her head held fucking high, not caring if she has to look up to meet the glance of all the cloud heads she meets, speaking in a stern voice that commands authority and respect, staring down those who would challenge her with a withering glare.
  • The huntress Mahariel, arriving at Ostagar clinging to life, a fever raging in her blood, but on her own two fucking feet, stoically bearing the pain of Blight sickness with a quiet strength so vast even her human healers can’t help but be impressed.
  • Brosca shows up, eyes sharp and deft fingers twitching, already sizing up every person that crosses her path as a possible opponent, or even a mark, eager to get on with this whole Blight business and ready to knock some Darkspawn skulls together, performing a duty with more honor than the feckless nobles of Orzammar could ever hope to achieve.
  • Surana arrives with her swishing robes and wide eyes, feeling raw and hurt from recent betrayals, but an insatiable curiosity propels her to swallow her fears and explore the wide world around her, secure in the knowledge that lightning and fire can be called at a moment’s notice into her soft, uncalloused hands.

Female wardens, arriving at Ostagar–whether they’ve always known the world was cruel or whether they just discovered the fact, their spines are already made of steel.


“It’s as if the Maker was saying, even in the midst of this darkness, there is hope. And beauty. Have faith.”

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