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So if you’ll recall, I promised to start doing tumblr things on Fridays! Today I felt like drawing fanart, so I chose one of my favorite printed comics,Courtney Crumrin. She is my favorite magical adolescent.

Ted Naifeh, who created the series, also uses traditional pens and he renders amazing black and white art. I got to meet him at a con this year and he was super nice! I gave him hastily scribbled fanart.


I discovered Courtney Crumrin today at work since I’ve been meaning to try it out for awhile now. OH MY GOD. I’m absolutely in love with it and ended up buying the first volume (So far I’ve only read the recent volume above). 

With elements reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, and Neil Gaiman, this series is so much more masterful than what’s typically expected from younger age comics (while it’s located there it also contains many mature elements that places it more in the YA area).

Anyway, pick this series up if you haven’t already. 

Here’s a screenshot from a January 2005 Wall Street Journal article about Elektra and the superhero glass ceiling. “Guys like girls dressed up in sexy outfits, but when it comes to the action they still prefer the men doing it,” says the comic book expert. “Even the females prefer the men.” A Fox studio executive adds that Elektra must appeal first to the “audience that is most attentive to the genre” (read: young men).

Of these four projects, only the Underworld sequel made it to filming.

PRINCESS UGG gets praise you rarely see in comic reviews: applause for strong, multi-dimensional female characters.

Order issue #2 by MONDAY. Diamond Code: MAY141500 

PRINCESS UGG quickly reveals itself as a princess story that hits all our favorite points about princess stories without falling into the saccharine pit of fluffy birds and mice that do your bidding and waiting for your prince to come rescue you.” – Jaydot Sloane, The Mary Sue

PRINCESS UGG by Ted Naifeh & colored by Warren Wucinich is the sort of fairy tale that hits you from page one and keeps on rolling with its spectacular art, uniquely powerful female characters of diverse backgrounds and ages, and design that lends itself to the eyes floating over pages of a glorious wonderland presented to the reader. Simply stunning.” – Amber Unmasked

“This is some of Naifeh’s best work to date.” – Aaron Duran, Newsarama

"Naifeh receives a lot of credit for writing strong female characters, but really he writes strong characters that happen to be female.” – Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

“This series is the epitome of everything I want in a comic. First off, a female protagonist that’s strong and secondly a premise that’s original and interesting regarding its base values. The added benefit of good art and funny moments only knocks this puppy out of the park.” – David Brooke, Adventures in Poor Taste

“…a great comic for younger female readers.” – Josh Reifler, Rhymes With Geek

“I love it. I cant wait to see what they do with this story. The fact that Priness Ülga leaves a trail of destruction behind her– and does not seem to even notice–is a little different than the Disney Princess Trope…” – jo0olia, Graphic Policy

“Mr. Naifeh shows that a character can be defined not only by her abilities on the battlefield, but the recognition that being smart is just as important.” – Stephen Schleicher, Major Spoilers

“while Princess Ugg is definitely more relatable to the younger female crowd, I would like to point that it’s enjoyable for any gender or age – Svetlana Fedotov, Brutal as Hell

"High action, exotic lands, awkward friend making, the works!” – Svetlana Fedotov, Brutal as Hell 

“Princess Ugg may be the fairytale princess story I have been waiting for my entire life… I’m all in and can’t wait to become a Princess along with Ulga.” – Casey Walsh, Geeks With Wives

Also by Ted Naifem, Courtney Crumrin is another charming comic about a young girl who discovers magic. Creepy uncle, creepy mansion, things that go bump in the night, and a very different sort of no-nonsense heroine.  Goblins, doppelgangers, changelings, extortion…she tackles it all!  I can imagine a network or three who could use a show like this.

The Courtney Crumrin series arrived in my mailbox today, so I finally read it end to end. My heart’s broken now.

Here, have the little curmudgeon and the cinnamon bun friend. 

Back in secondary school, I read the comics in black and white and out of order, but in a series it makes perfect, tragic sense. It’s a like a smarter Gunnerkrigg Court, mixed in with To Kill a Mockingbird, and nearly a million different bloodthirsty fairy tales.  

anonymous asked:

My daughter is 12 years old and interested in comics. Any suggestions? Your books or others?

Here are a couple I can think of right off the top of my head. (Of course, parents should evaluate the appropriateness of individual comics for their kiddos).

BONE by Jeff Smith

PRINCELESS by Jeremy Whitley


ELFQUEST by Wendy and Richard Pini

And… from my own catalog… THE SIXTH GUN has a terrific female lead and has been selected as one of the best comics for teens on multiple occasions. I tend to say if you’d let your kiddo watch Raiders of the Last Ark, then this will be fine for them. Check it out on the Oni Press site.

And TERRIBLE LIZARD, which launches in November!

Watch the comments for this post. Others might have great suggestions!

Tell her that I said welcome to fandom!