Courtnee Draper


Ellie - The Last of Us 2 

Amanda - Alien: Isolation

Sam - Until Dawn

Jodie - Beyond: Two Souls

Kara - Detroit: Become Human

Ellen - Alien: Isolation

Elizabeth - BioShock Infinite

Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Elizabeth with piano
Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Song: Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Artist: Elizabeth with piano

Location: Shantytown near The Graveyard Shift bar

This song doesn’t seem to have been posted in its entirety. 

If you go into Shantytown, there’s a moment where Elizabeth takes a brief respite against the post on the stairs leading to The Graveyard Shift bar.

A piano will play in a nearby building with Elizabeth joining in, humming with an unintended accompanist.

It is a sequence that is very easy to miss with either the piano beginning to play without Elizabeth or the ambient noise and nearby thugs drowning out the music.

“Just A Closer Walk With Thee” is a traditional gospel hymn whose origins are rather murky. The author is unknown, but the song is believed to date since the American Civil War, sung by African-American slaves and later in southern black churches within their congregations. The lyrics refer to the Biblical passage, 2 Corinthians 5:7. 

Though the song had a long history and was primarily distributed through hymnals and sheet music, the earliest recording was made by the Selah Jubilee Singers in 1941. I think I have that record around here somewhere.

According to the end credits, the piece was arranged by music director Jim Bonney with Courtnee Draper on vocals and James Edwards on piano


Did the same with Borderlands so it’s only fair I do it with Bioshock, first up Infinite. What a great cast it is.

Booker DeWitt - Troy Baker

Elisabeth - Courtnee Draper

Lutece twins - Oliver Vaquer and Jennifer Hale 

Zachary Comstock - Kiff VandenHeuvel

Daisy Fitzroy - Kimberly Brooks

Cornelius Slate - Keith Szarabajka

Lady Comstock - Laura Bailey

Jeremiah Fink - Bill Lobley

Chen Lin - Vic Chao

Preacher Witting - Richard herd 


This is the most remarkable BTS studio recording I’ve seen. Courtnee Draper is honestly so great. Troy provoking her is something to applaud. I’d be surprised if any Infinite fans haven’t seen this already, but if you haven’t, I recommend you do so. My trashy gifset doesn’t do justice to the incredible work here. 


Troy Baker & Courtnee Draper - Will the Circle Be Unbroken (BioShock Infinite)