Courtnee Draper


Did the same with Borderlands so it’s only fair I do it with Bioshock, first up Infinite. What a great cast it is.

Booker DeWitt - Troy Baker

Elisabeth - Courtnee Draper

Lutece twins - Oliver Vaquer and Jennifer Hale 

Zachary Comstock - Kiff VandenHeuvel

Daisy Fitzroy - Kimberly Brooks

Cornelius Slate - Keith Szarabajka

Lady Comstock - Laura Bailey

Jeremiah Fink - Bill Lobley

Chen Lin - Vic Chao

Preacher Witting - Richard herd 

Will the Circle be Unbroken
  • Will the Circle be Unbroken
  • Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth

Sauce for artwork

Since the credits of Bioshock Infinite I wanted an mp3 of this. So I finally made one. 
(Sorry for some of the chatter being cropped into the end, cut any sooner and it sounded odd you can just pretend it’s Booker and Elizabeth regardless.))

Download here if you’re interested.