“Country music teaches you to work. You hear stories about these artists who show up four hours late to a photo shoot, and in Nashville that doesn’t happen. In Nashville, if you go four hours late to a photo shoot, everyone leaves. In Nashville, if you don’t care about radio and being kind to people who are being good to you…It’s a symbiotic relationship, and if you don’t take care of it, they they won’t take care of you. I’ve never been more proud to have come from a community that’s so rooted in songwriting, so rooted in hard work and in treating people well. It was the best kind of training.”

‘Church Bells’ is…it’s like ‘Fancy’s’ little sister, Reba and ‘Fancy’ and she gets out and makes a name for herself…she’s got her dancing dress and all that stuff. This one’s kind of…she starts out, you know, she’s young, she’s pretty, she’s poor. Doing what she can to survive. Meets a man that has a lot of wealth, and it is supposed to take care of her, and get her out of this, and she ends up with him and he ends up not being a good guy and all and it forces her to be strong, and it forces her to do something that she never thought she’d be able to do.
—  Carrie Underwood 
As a 15, 16-year-old girl, someone messaging you on Facebook and telling you you’re fat is devastating, It’s still devastating when someone says something horrible about me, but I love myself so much more as a person. I found myself in these last few years, through music and family and good people around me.
—  Lauren Alaina on the cruelty of social media. 
I want that to be my overall message — that we just need to love each other. We need to love other more, No matter where you’re from, what you’ve done, who you are, what your family’s done, it’s like, you cannot be healthy without love.
—  Lauren Alaina on her song “Road Less Traveled.”