I think it’s fabulous that the Southern community ostracized the Dixie Chicks until they weren’t relevant anymore and as of 30 minutes ago they’re officially more relevant than any of the people who kicked them out. They tried like hell to keep Bey off that stage, and not only did she get on the stage, she brought the people who were banned BY the RIGHT-WINGED conservatives with her. It’s a racist Republican’s worst nightmare. Suck it.

*Edited for clarification because people are confuzzled. Yes I know they are not left-winged. I’m not stupid. :P

2017 ACM Awards Red Carpet

That’s My Girl

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Summary: Jensen breaks your plans for the evening and you are not happy about it.

Prompt: “That’s not a good enough reason to get married.”

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @arryn-nyx

“I can’t believe you’re bailing on me!”

“I promise I’ll make it up to you, Y/N!” Of course Jensen subjects you to his dazzling signature smile, the one that reminds you of kittens and rainbows and all of that corny shit.

He drags you in for an insanely tight hug as if that will make your moodiness disappear. Well, the joke’s on you because it’s starting to work.

Damn his perfect physique. How are you supposed to stay pissed when an attractive man who smells delicious is touching you?

You gather up enough super strength to shake those distracting thoughts away. That’s an exhausting problem that you’ll save for another day. As of today, there’s no way in hell that you’re letting him off the hook this time.

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As an englishman and as an actor, I feel very much like a guest at this party tonight. But, my god, you guys know how to have fun. *winks* Thank you!

Tom Hiddleston presents (and woos everyone while at it) Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards 2016