Grateful dead = LSD

Sweet Thing
Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
Sweet Thing

Lee Hazelwood & Ann Margret - Sweet Thing

From the stereo guitar riff to Lee’s dumpy mumbles, “Sweet Thang” is a true country funk masterpiece. Forget the haters, Lee and Ann’s 1969 collab “The Cowboy and the Lady” is hyphy. “Weeeellll, has anybody here seen Sweet Thing?!” Elvis once filled her hotel room with flowers.


If you haven’t heard this, stick with it.  (It’s an amazing track and you’ll hear why.)

anonymous asked:

What sort of music do the champions listen to?

Makoa: Classical. Cheesy, but it’s very relaxing.

Fernando: Anything and everything. All music is good music. 

Barik: Anything with minimal singing/talking. He usually listens to it while he’s working, and people speaking is distracting.

Torvald: He actually thinks remixes of normal noises into music are really interesting. 

Ruckus: Any loud music. No jazz for him. 

Inara: Music sung in different languages. She likes soft french music. 

Drogoz: Just that one song by ABBA called ‘money’ on repeat.

Bomb King: Nobody knows if he has ears.

Cassie: Show tunes.

Kinessa: Music isn’t good when you need 100% concentration.

Sha Lin: A catchy song with a repetitive beat. 

Viktor: Workout songs.

Tyra: Random songs turned down low so that they’re all faintly playing.

Evie: Screamo.

Skye: Classic rock.

Androxus: Death Metal.

Buck: Country.

Maeve: Funk.

Mal’Damba: The Blues.

Pip: Folk music.

Grover: Ambient music.

Grohk: Drum and Bass.

Ying: Piano/Opera. 

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Tulsa Turnaround - Alexander Harvey

This is the theme song to the impending release of The Country Fucker movie… rated NC-17 and straight to VHS.


But if a man’s gonna eat fried chicken, he’s got to be greasy greazy… 

Tulsa Turnaround - Kenny Rogers and Helen Reddy

Seriously, Kenny was fucking cool back in the day… also it is ironic that my favorite line from this song may have led to the KR opening his infamous chain of fried chicken restaurants. Coincidence?


Bobby Darin - Light Blue
Album: Commitment (1969)

Light blue… getting darker every day.    Light blue… adding deeper tones of gray.
    What I wanna know…
    Is how long it’s gonna be this way. ♫