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I can't believe I thought Kate was a princess all of this time. 😲

Well technically, she is a Princess. When she married William, she took his title, becoming Princess William of Wales, much like us regular ladies take our husbands’ last name (only not as cool). To better explain it, here’s a little snippet from an article I thought broke it down pretty well. Now, I’m not a 100% royal history buff, so their could be errors, but it seemed pretty accurate to me!

On their wedding day, Catherine took on the female form of her husband’s titles — making her Princess William of Wales — the same way a commoner takes her husband’s last name. That day, Queen Elizabeth also bestowed the title Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on them. For a fun complication, the young royals are also known as Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland and the Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus in Ireland.

Now, brace yourself: It was never officially Princess Diana and it will never be Princess Catherine. You only carry prince or princess before your name if you were born into the role. (The same rule actually applies to Duchess, by the way. Duchess Catherine is not an official thing.) Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and even Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice will all use it their entire lives — unless they become King or Queen.

So when Diana was married to Charles, her name was Diana, Princess of Wales — despite how popular “Princess Di” was. The Queen ordered her stripped of the royal title upon their divorce. (Camilla Parker-Bowles is technically Camilla, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, though she only uses the latter because of the associations.)

Catherine won’t be Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess of Wales — until William becomes the Prince of Wales after his father takes the throne. Once Prince William becomes King, she will become Her Majesty Queen Consort Catherine VI.

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary William and Catherine!

On Friday 29th April 2011, HRH Prince William of Wales married Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey. The couple originally met at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland, where they started dating. The couple remained together until 2007, when they broke up for several months. Both William and Catherine said this split made them stronger. Reuniting later that year, the couple’s romance blossomed further, leading to William proposing in Africa in the Autumn of 2010. When the couple married in the Spring of the following year, they were given a number of titles by HM Queen Elizabeth II: Baron and Lady Carrickfergus, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

TRH The Earl and Countess of Strathearn's Itinerary for April 4th and April 5th in Scotland

They will visit the Emirates Arena, an athletic stadium. There, Kate and Will will watch cyclers in a practice session and view demonstrations of netball and badminton.

After that, Will and Kate will tour the Quarriers Stopover Project, a charity helping young homeless people. The charity provides short-term housing for 14 people between the ages of 16 and 25 who find themselves homeless.

The royal couple will also visit the Donald Dewar Leisure Centre to launch a new Scottish project, Coach Core, for The Royal Foundation. Prince Harry is partnering with Glasgow Sport and the Hunter Foundation to help inspire and train the next generation of young sports coaches.

Kate and Will will also accompany the Duke of Rotheseay (aka Prince Charles!) to open the new Tamar Manoukian Outdoor Centre at Dumfries House. At Dumfries House, a historic mansion Charles has helped rejuvenate and reopen, the royal trio will be greeted by children from the uniformed youth services represented by Youth United.

Lastly, the duo will visit the offices of BAE Systems Maritime, where submarines for the U.K. Royal Navy are designed, built, tested and commissioned.