Always really loved Aaron’s version of this song… I feel like sometimes it gets out-shadowed a another certain performance he did that night… Enjoy.


Paramount NY - 3. Days. SO. CLOSE. | |

The Vets RI - 4. FREAKING. Days. | |

Theatre of Living Arts PA - 10 Days | |

Parker Playhouse FL - 66 Days | |

Straz Center FL - 67 Days | |

House of Blues San Diego CA - 80 Days | |

Belasco Theatre CA - 81 Days |

Countdown to Snatch’  (21 days)

“They’re all trying to escape something, particularly from their home life,” Grint said. “They all have quite complicated home foundations. Charlie has these bohemian hippie parents that have these weird sex parties and grow weed so he’s always trying to escape that. We’ll see where it goes. We get completely out of our depth. We’re just small time scammers and suddenly we find ourselves deep, deep trouble with lethal consequences. Its’ interesting how each of our characters deal with it in different ways.”