{Post Lucifer Rising}


The words wouldn’t leave him. Freak. Monster. Vampire. Sam knew they were true. He was a freak, a monster. The kind he and Dean used to hunt and kill. Save you or kill you. Done trying to save you. It’s occurred to him maybe it hadn’t been Dean. That Ruby had messed with it.

But he’d run EVP on it over and over and nothing.


He wished Dean would get it over with, already. He couldn’t stand this, he felt sick. He hadn’t been eating or sleeping but Dean was apparently still to pissed at him to notice. Or maybe he hoped Sam would starve himself to death.

He didn’t know. Didn’t care. He picked up his cup, the one from the dirty motel sink and sipped from what was maybe his fifth cup of whiskey. He’d stopped counting, and Dean hadn’t told him to stop and he was getting over that damn demon blood detox and that friggin freak/monster/vampire mantra wouldn’t keep playing in his head and this managed to help a little.

Hey, do you like pretty men?

Hot headed detectives who just won’t quit?

How about mystical creatures that can take human form?

Bloody deaths and demon spawn?

Then you should read Petshop of Horrors! It is my favorite manga ever and I’m sad there isn’t more stuff about it here on tumblr. Seriously, this series needs more love.