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I was doodling some deotian a while ago and I noticed, how about numbers? You've gone so in-depth with punctuation and I didn't notice you didn't disclose any info about how to count :D

You can’t just mention you’re doodling some deotian like it’s some casual thing LIKE C’MON THAT’S SO COOL TO HEAR (for me anyway)

Deotians use a decimal system that I haven’t fully decided on the symbols for yet. The rest of Anocura has more or less taken to adopting this system over an old sexagesimal tally system.

I missed you

   I played with the lace on my panties while I waited for the door to open. It’d been three grueling long months since I’d last seen Alex, and I’d been counting the seconds until I’d be rejoined with my love. He told me he’d be home by six, but now as the clock ticked to nearly ten, I was becoming inpatient. He’d most likely gone out to celebrate the success of the tour, I understood his need to celebrate, but I had needs of my own that had been put aside since the day he got on the plane to leave for tour. I couldn’t wait anymore, three months of waiting, and I needed any form of pleasure, and if my boyfriend couldn’t give it to me, I’d get it another way.
    My hands began to wander around my body. I felt awkward doing this to myself, but the sensation in my lower region made it worth it. First my I began to play with my boobs over my bra, I rubbed my nipples, then I undid my bra, I sucked on my fingers, my hand slid down to my panties, I ran my hand down my slit sending shivers up my body. I quickly removed my hand, I didn’t want to do this to myself, I wanted Alex to give me this sensation, but when I realized it was nearly eleven and he was still out, I decided against waiting. I pulled down my panties, I placed my hand again at my slit only now I began to move at a quicker pace. I bit my lip in order to avoid letting out a moan, while my left hand rubbed my clit, but right hand played with my nipple, sending a wave of a pleasure over my body. I imagined Alex’s hand in place of mind, his longer fingers hitting the spots that I could only hope to reach.
   “Fuck me, Alex,” I moaned to the empty room.
    In an attempt to make me feel remotely as good as Alex could make me feel, I slipped my index finger in. I quickly pumped my finger, I let out a moan. I felt myself quickly nearing my orgasm.
    “You’re not planning on coming without me?” Alex said scaring me.
    I quickly looked up and I saw him standing in the doorway, I felt embarrassed to saw the least. I quickly tried to cover myself up.
   “What are you doing here?” I asked.
   “Well, I went to a little party, and when I came back I came across this rather intriguing sight.”
   “I-I wanted to wait for you, but you weren’t coming come and I got desperate,” I confessed.
   “Well, I’m here now, and I’d like to join in on whatever you were doing,” Alex said coming upon my bed.
   He pressed his lips against mine. I quickly melted into Alex’s kiss and his hands made his way to my breasts. He pinched my nipples, making me arch my back in pleasure. I felt him smirk at my reaction. His hand went from my breast to my pussy, he ran his slender finger against my slit.
  “You sure missed me,” he groaned into my ear.
    I nodded in response.
    He slipped his finger inside of me earning a moan. I became breathless in an instant. The pleasure he was causing me, gave him a control over me that was pure ecstasy. How I’d felt before, didn’t even begin to compare to he made me feel.
   My hands made their way to the hem of Alex’s shirt, I tugged on it softly. He understood and quickly slipped it off. His warm skin felt strange against my cold skin. His hands explored my body, leaving goosebumps behind. He then began to kiss my neck, moving down to my breasts. He left small butterfly kisses upon my stomach and thighs. I became impatient, waiting for him. Finally I felt his tounge run across my slit and a gasp left my lips. I’d forgotten how good his tounge felt against me. He mimicked his action, and again I felt a sensation if pure bliss fill my body. Again he began to eat me out, his mouth doing wonders to me.
   I felt as if he knew my body and the best ways to please me. I moaned again, my hands tangling themselves in his brown hair. This is exactly what I had waited for, for this high. Alex then stood up and took off his jeans and boxers. His eyes met mine before he quickly kissed my lips and I tasted myself on his mouth. He lined his cock up with me and in one slow motion he pushed himself inside me. My back arched and I moaned his name.
   “You like how I feel inside you?” He teased.
“Fuck, fuck yes,” I replied.
All I wanted was for him to move, for him to make me scream his name, and for him to make up for all those months that we were separated. He kissed my neck as he began to thrust into me. He moved slowly at first, as if he was scared to hurt me. I dragged my fingernails across his back and he took that as his okay to speed up.
“Fuck me, Alex,” I moaned.

“As you wish,” he replied. Quickly Alex’s pace increased. His on each side of my keeping him up and the moans escaping his lips, the sight was hot to say the least. He somehow found a way to go deeper inside of me, his thrusts moved in a rhythm that felt almost heavenly. He kissed my neck in an attempt to muffle his moans. I didn’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing boyfriend who could somehow give me this much pleasure. It seemed as if he’s taking out all his sexual frustration out on me in this moment, and God did it feel amazing. He placed his on my clit and quickly rubbed it in an attempt to make my orgasm come quicker. Then his mouth found its way to my breast. He worked his body in a way that made me feel a sensation of pure bliss. As he moved I felt my orgasm come over me. I moaned his came as I came over his hard cock. Just as I came down from my high he reached his. Alex rolled off me, we both stared at the ceiling, thinking about the events that just took place. “I missed you,” He said. “I missed you too.”
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Humans don’t know what it means to be a monster. To them, a monster is anything that they don’t understand. They give it this horrific label and treat it as a threat, rejecting, exterminating, slaughtering it into oblivion. Monsters are simply your way of hiding your own ignorance.
—  Petshop of Horrors

Hey, do you like pretty men?

Hot headed detectives who just won’t quit?

How about mystical creatures that can take human form?

Bloody deaths and demon spawn?

Then you should read Petshop of Horrors! It is my favorite manga ever and I’m sad there isn’t more stuff about it here on tumblr. Seriously, this series needs more love.