My boyfriend is a Trump supporter. I told him that if we were American, and our vote actually counted, I’d have to break up with him.

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Request: Hi 😄 Can I request a chanyeol imagine where you are both celebrities and the fans are extremely supportive of you both dating (she is a groups leader from bighit and choreographs for exo + bts) Can it be based on her being on stage with them at their concert and during the ment (when they talk) her and chanyeol are always together and doing skinship and the fans go crazy( kissing,hugging from behind, hand holding) and the members tease you both at the end. Can it be fluffy. Ps,sorry its so long Thank you :-D

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Happy 10th Anniversary New Who (26.03.2005)

Thank you for coming back and for changing the lives of a whole new generation for the better.