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AAAAAAAAA BAKUDEKU “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

58: “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

“How about this?” Midoriya cleared his throat, legs swinging back and forth over the side of the couch. “ ‘You are my moon and stars… I would travel across this universe and the next just to find you again.’ ”

“Gross,” Bakugo said, taking a sip from his beer can. He sat on the floor in front of the couch, a piece of wrinkled notebook paper in his hand. “Okay, I got one. ‘Whenever I kiss you, it feels like fireworks in my chest. Every time my heart beats, they become bigger and brighter.’ ”

Midoriya tilted his head back, looking at Bakugo from upside-down. His own sheet of paper fluttered in his hand as he said, “Kacchan…that was actually kind of romantic. You scrapped that one?”

“Are you kidding me? That was fucking terrible.” The empty beer can clicked against their coffee table when Bakugo set it down. He scoffed at Midoriya, “I’m no good at this sappy shit… Everything sounds way too forced and mushy.”

The familiar, wonderful sound of Midoriya’s hearty laughter rang across their living room.

“Kacchan,” he chuckled, his smile blindingly bright. “I know better than anyone that you are the sappiest person on the planet when you want to be.”

Bakugo’s face erupted red, and he snapped, “Shut the fuck up. This wasn’t my idea. Aren’t these supposed to stay a secret until the big day?”

“We’re not supposed to share the final ones,” Midoriya clarified. He waved his paper in Bakugo’s direction. “But this is all the stuff we’re not using, so it should be fine, right?”

“I guess,” Bakugo sighed, shrugging his shoulders. “Whatever. Your turn.”

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Midnight had arrived at Lilydale and with it, the near silence of a house at peace. The halls were dark and silent, and the only window alight belonged to the bedchamber of the lady of the house. Since her arrival from Stormwind, she had been in her private chambers, alone with her thoughts, and a bottle of bourbon.

Anger emanated from her like rolling waves crashing against a sea cliff. How far she had fallen. She was alone. Well and truly alone. She cared little for the lack of romance or companionship in her life, it was the vulnerability that bothered her most. As the last living Daniels, she was solely responsible for the survival of her line. Her idiot parents hadn’t seen fit to give her siblings, and now the burden of keeping her family going lay entirely on her shoulders.

It was too much.

Sighing, she took a long, slow, sip of the amber liquid; and momentarily wondered how many glasses she’d had now. She’d stopped counting after four. Lucky for me I have my father’s tolerance, she mused. Upon her arrival home, she had stormed inside, demanding the bottle, and the latest information on their wool inventories brought to her chambers. She spent hours drinking, and seething over what she had just done.


The word bounced around in her mind. She had traveled south to beg for help, something she never in her life would have expected to do. It was so far beneath her. Slamming the glass onto the table, the bourbon within sloshed around, spilling onto the oak. No thought was given to the mess as she rose from the chair and began to pace. Her life was in shambles, and she could see no other way out. She had turned to Adhelin Holt for help. Now they’ll know how weak you are, she berated herself mentally. But there was no other way.

Her heart had yet to heal from her latest heartbreak, and yet she knew she needed an heir now more than ever. Yet another decision she felt forced into. A child. Something she never wanted.

She could feel every bit of the freedom she had gained for herself slipping away. The walls were closing in quickly now, and if she didn’t react immediately, she would soon be crushed.

In a sudden rush of movement she grabbed the glass and hurled it against the wall. Every bit of the frustration and rage she felt escaped her lips in the form of a banshee’s wail. This was not how her life was supposed to be. This is not what she had worked so hard for.

Mere seconds passed before a pair of guards burst into the room, prepared to defend Eve if necessary. “Get OUT!” she screamed, sending them scrambling through the door. Drunk, and filled with a pain she could not understand, the distraught baroness made her way to the bed, snatching the bottle of bourbon as she passed, and collapsed on her bed; intent on finishing the glass before passing out. 

She would deal with her problems tomorrow, think about them tomorrow; tonight, she was going to forget.

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For the ship thing; our wonderful Count D and Leon!

ah leon/count d

an actual lifetime OTP

their dynamic/story is just SO GOOD. heartfelt. two opposites attracting! found family dynamics! deep trust growing from mutual distaste! A ROMEO AND JULIET TRAGEDY BORNE FROM WHAT CAN ONLY BE BOILED DOWN TO AN ABSOLUTE LACK OF COMMUNICATION BECAUSE BOTH OF THESE CHARACTERS ARE STUBBORN AS FUCK

i also LOVE that the ending of the series was open enough to give the readers space to paint their own ending? like you know this ends up sad with leon fruitlessly searching the earth while getting old and drinking himself to death OR with some ramshackle shacking up situation after he finally finds d and refuses to leave. leon yells at animals all day and has to make a lot of trips to the local bakery. d has sporadic moments of ‘what the fuck did i let happen oh no i love him!!! so much!!!! shit!!!’. they are both crabby and happy. hijinks galore. chris visits and doesn’t ask why leon still has handcuffs around the shop despite no longer being a detective

i won’t go into headcanons or anything because we’ll be here all day but my brutally honest opinion on this pairing is that it’s beautiful and genuine and A+

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I'm going to draw all the crazy bois for septicart! (Except Angus and S-3-4-N cuz I don't think they count :/)

Awesome! :D (I think Angus counts though, but you’re not forced to draw him since he hasn’t really got a canon outfit or appearance) - Mod Lily

It’s Almost That Time of Year:

The Season for Giving is right around the corner and I wanted to do a bit of a celebration this year! Last year, I wrote and sent out holiday cards to lots of people around the world and this year, I plan to do the same but with a few new additions!

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Count Bass D Feat. Snoop Dogg - “Too Much Pressure” (Animated Video)

So I was reading an article on ANN today, having a fine time, entertainingly written and all. And then I hit a wall.

A wall that demanded I get my gaytective gear out for One Last Job (pardon the scan quality - I had to use my own collection). 

Because my dudes of all genders, let me tell you, they’re right. There’s no chemistry to be found in Petshop of Horrors. 

We all know, after all, that flowers around a meaningful meeting in josei? Means nothing.

A common sentiment from a man who openly hates and resents the human race, which the chapter up to this point was written around emphasizing. 

That tsundere. 


Presented without commentary. 

And certainly other characters never pick up on anything either.

From friends, to say….

…total strangers…

…domestic disputes….


And the series ends with a separation that Leon refuses to accept, leading him to leave the law behind entirely to pursue D on his own, just for the chance of meeting him again. As though the center around which the series spins was the progress of this relationship from pure hatred to complicated obsession.

…..Sorry what was I saying?