Agents of SHIELD : Will the simple life really be so simple in the Framework? #AgentsofSHIELD

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My thoughts during AoS 4x06


“Everything will work out fine,” LOL nope.

“Leading expert of Inhumans,” I mean if you’re going to flatter Jemma Simmons, that’s how you do it.

Shit fam the director doesn’t mess around.

Ah yes. The “White Guy Stare Off” 

“Screw you black Kojak,” that’s what he said right? I didn’t hear it right the first few times. 

“Everybody loves Han Solo,” yeah everyone except his own son

Am I the only one who finds it funny that instead of a date so far this episode they’ve just put “Back in the day,’?

Wait…the high school drop out is offering a kid in honors classes with help on his homework?

“Those Inhumans’s can be tricky bastards,” D A M N fitz is SALTY

“That’s British for a huge waste of TIME” lol same

I love the Reyes Brothers. Anyone who disagrees can FIGHT M E.

Gabe screaming “Robbie!” made me tear up man

Family opening up and telling the truth gives me warm fuzzy feelings.

“Don’t you put their blood on me,” uh oh boys lets get along

Shit the director knew he K N E W

as I once said “UH OH SPAGHETTI OHS”

my new ace kink is fitz saying “thats not possible”

the whole “Robbie! Robbie look at me, STOP!” is something straight out a teen fanfiction

tbh fitz worrying about jemma reminds me of the mission Ward and Fitz took all the way back in season 1


“Sounds a little Fox News to me,” SHOTS FIRED S H O T S F I R E D

another ‘back in the day’ i’m finding this really amusing

aye you know shit gets real when the Cavalry get called in

“less hacking more punching” F U C K FITZ REALLY IS SALTY

“You’re the only one I trust,” S A M E




Where??? Did??? They??? Go???

Also, on the doctor strange exclusive sneak peek, those eyes looked like the demon eyes the people saw.

NOVEMBER 29??? WHAT??????/???/?/???//???

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“I still can’t believe I’m on the same team as Thor’s little sister.” Skye said as she threw herself on your bed. 

“I’ve told you, I’m not Thor’s little sister, I’ve never even met the guy.” You said closing your laptop and laying back so that the two of you were lying side by side. 

“How’s Jemma taking it?” You asked. 

“She’s still looking over your file, and I think Fitz wants to see if you can use your abilities to power one of his inventions.” She said making you roll your eyes. 

“How are you feeling?” She asked 

“Ehh, Coulson and May already knew, I mean I am on the gifted list, and I’ve never really cared much for what Ward thinks.” You said with a small shrug. 

“Well, I don’t think you’re going to hear any complaints from Ward, you did use your abilities to save him after all, besides you’re still my best friend, it’s just a shame you can't introduce me to Thor.” Skye said with a sigh making you laugh. 

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I decided to watch The Avengers today, and I’m just wondering when will they ever find out Phil Coulson is still alive? I really think he should be in Infinity War. I know AOS usually leads up to the next movie so lets hope somehow he gets in somehow

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