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Have you tried using essential oils or doing yoga? /sarcasm/ I wish I could send you to a magic spa getaway, where you and ETD could tuck up and not worry about furnaces, allergies, or deadlines. It'd probably be a sterile room with hyperallogenic linens and bland nutrition bars, but still... I have a friend who is suffering from adrenal fatigue and when I see what you're going through, I worry about it happening to you.

Oh I’m already well acquainted with adrenal fatigue. I’ve been sick for decades. It’s only the last three to four years I’ve had the freedom and support in place to get help (two since the bone infection in my jaw went nova).

My parents would regularly ignore me when I was sick, or blame me for being a difficult child. It took until I fainted at school for my mother to take me to a doctor (under threat of social work intervention) but made sure to tell the dr I was doing it for attention, and my doctor being a shitheel diagnosed me as neurotic and prescribed sedatives for several years and told me to toughen up. And I believed him because my family are all sick and never got help so I thought this was all normal. I was told by doctors it was normal too.

It was only when I moved far far away from them and ETD saw how sick I actually was, becuase I couldnt hide it anymore, that I was able to get help. Three, four years ago we found out I was going into mild anaphylactic shock one to two times a week from a red meat allergy that had been misdiagnosed as panic attacks, the strain of which was finally shutting down my organs.

It might not seem like it, but I am doing better now. Or rather, I am stable now. Mostly. All of this shit now is trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong and how to fix it. If it can be fixed. And I mean, it’s still a bunch of bullshit and I’m so fucking tired. But hey, I’m still here. Thats worth something.


Summary:  “What’s wrong?” Logan asked.
“You know what ‘wrong’ means,” Patton said, forcing on a grin and shooting out finger guns.
Logan looked unamused. “Patton, why are you such a hypocrite?”
Oh God, that hurt more than anything.


Patton tries not to lie, but-

Word Count: 921

Part of the Human!AU University!AU series. :)

Pairings: Platonic logicality

Warnings: Patton is Sad and that’s very upsetting dhfjvd

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anywAY let’s talk about amanda things:

- being so surprised that the rowdy 3 would stay around so she could learn magic? ofc they would girl they love you
- the martin hug looked like such a good hug i hope they both enjoyed it
- her cute hood, basically her cute entire outfit, the wardrobe department is fucking magic
- just after that when she’s like ‘I’m a freakin witchakookoo!!’ that was too good
- when she was surprised again when the rowdy 3 were so willing to go south
- i want to let her know just how much she has become part of the rowdy 3 family, it is very important to me that she knows this
- 'i AM punk’ we know babe and we love you for it
- basically every single time she was on screen was great
- i really love amanda thanks for listening have a good one

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Do you think it’s possible that Star and Marco might eventually share the wabd? An explanation for this could be to train Marco with magic to protect Star.

No idea! Marco using magic might be something extremely rare, happening only in times of dire need to show the lengths he’d go to help Star, or become something more common and usual, to help him step up his game. But does he really need to, if even without any kind of power he could help Hekapoo closing portals around the dimensions, and manages to consistently help Star in fight when they team up (SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS TOO RARELY NOWADAYS DAMMIT)?

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But if the writers weren’t trying to diminish CS or discredit them in some way..why pick the same story beats? now you have people saying wish!hook has a more genuine redemption arc because of a baby. the writers are inviting ppl to question OG Killian’s story because wish!hook is being written more sympathetic than him as a first introduction.

Come on buddy we both know there are a lot of things the writers could have done to mess with CS. They could have killed one of them off (see Rumbelle and Outlaw Queen) they could have had them break-up or separate them some other way. They could have had Emma have a magical accident and have a completely different actress come in and play her. Instead, they decided to close the loop and take them out of the game altogether in my mind that was them trying to do right by them. 

But you know I am sure others are saying all that stuff  (and not just as concern trolls trying to bait people). There are people who watched the show and said Killian never had a redemption arc. There are people who watched the show and think that Emma would have been happier with Neal. There are people who watched the show and said that CS wasn’t true love. Are you going to argue that is what the writers wanted them to think? People saying it doesn’t make it true for you. 

On the off chance that you are a younger, less mature person I want to tell you that you need to quit worrying about what other people think about the things you love. There is zero chance that everyone you meet is going to agree with you on those things and you can’t let their opinion diminish your joy in the thing. If you spend your whole life trying to please some nebulous “other” or trying to make them see the world exactly the way you see it you are going to have less time enjoying the thing and ultimately be disappointed.


su characters but theyre from that shitty fairy book series i read as a kid

Draco Malfoy Headcanons
  • At five, he named every single peacock. Every. Single. Peacock. Lucius called him foolish. Narcissa smiled. Both choked on their tea when during a light lunch in the garden, one peacock pecked another aggressively, and five-year-old Draco sprung up on his chair and shouted, “Bad Severus! Bad! Time-out!” 
  • He grew up a lonely child - doted on and loved, but lonely. There was the occasional visit from his father’s associates and their children, mostly Crabbe and Goyle, but they were more pawns than friends, bigger, dumber children to boss around. 
  • Later (too late), he’ll realize this and will learn regret for what could’ve been, if he had actually treated them like friends
  • He played pretend often as a child. Usually, he was the prince, the hero. But sometimes he was the dragon, wrecking everything in his path.
  • He can’t function without coffee in the morning. 
  • He cries when Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt declares him not-guilty and freed of all charges. 
  • The manor becomes a thing of fear and horror to Draco after the war, his memories of home forever tarnished by Voldemort’s presence, by the monstrosities that happened there. He can’t show his face in the Wizarding World without fear of being ambushed, or, at the very least, looked upon with hatred and disgust. He starts visiting a muggle village near the manor, where nobody knows him or his past and he can be anyone. 
  • The more time he spends around muggles the more he realizes his parents were wrong - how could anyone who could create all of this without magic be useless or unintelligent? And the nice girl at the coffee shop who smiles at him every day and asks him how he is when she doesn’t have to, could just hand him his coffee and move on, can’t be a waste of space, she just can’t
  • Lucius finds out where he’s spending his time. They get into a huge fight - their only real fight because Draco had always been a good son, he prided himself on being a good son. It’s the first time he ever raises his voice to his father. It’s the first time his father strikes - truly strikes - him, open palm, across the face, and something that had already been frayed between them breaks in two. 
  • Draco leaves home. 
  • He returns to Hogwarts to get his NEWTs because he’s already starting off on the bottom rung with Death Eater stamped on his back - uneducated will be the death of him. 
  • He learns to hate the name Malfoy and repels everything to do with it. 
  • He joins healer training after Hogwarts, with so many ‘Outstanding’ N.E.W.Ts behind him, St. Mungo’s can’t turn down his application. 
  • But that doesn’t stop his trainers and co-workers from making his life an absolute hell, doing everything they can to make him quit. That doesn’t stop the looks they and the patients alike give him, distrust and disgust. He does not quit. He works harder than he’s ever worked at anything in his life because he’s finally found a purpose, a real purpose - to make others feel a little less broken than he does on a daily basis, to fix them because he doesn’t know how to fix himself. 
  • It’s not redemption. It’s not an apology. He just wants to help, be a better him, for once in his life. 
  • And yes, the first time a patient pukes on him, he almost quits, because puke in his shoes, but he doesn’t. 
  • And he’s brilliant at it. He destroys at healer training. Becomes the greatest healer St. Mungo’s has. And suddenly, people aren’t avoiding him any longer, but asking for him, requesting him. 
  • He earns the title of Potions Master - a very prestigious, difficult title only awarded to the best. 
  • He creates potions not only for St. Mungo’s, but also for smaller, free clinics, for people who can’t afford St. Mungo’s. 
  • He single-handedly revolutionizes healing potions as the wizarding world knows them. 
  • He carries lollipops in the pocket of his healer robes for children patients. 
  • He has a son - Scorpius Hyperion - who takes the last name Malfoy, just like he had when he came into this world. 
  • He stops hating the name Malfoy and instead decides to change what it stands for, make it more than it ever was. Make it a name his son can be proud to own. 

Send me a character/pairing for headcanons

Nature check to see if it's a natural Raven

Context is im a druid who’s looking for a pet at a big city. I asked the guy if he had ravens and he said he had many types and when I asked what kind he said “two headed ones, three eyed ones” and I asked to see the two headed one

Me: I’d like to make a nature check to see if it’s a natural Raven
DM: really?
Me: what?
DM: it has two heads and red eyes, you don’t need proficiency in nature to know it’s not a natural Raven
Me: well it could be magical or monstrous or it could be a mutation
DM: red. Eyes. It’s a monstrosity.

I bought it btw. One head was named Frank the other Joe but I asked it (using talk with animals) if i could rename it and they said only if they could rename me. They called me douchsnozzle, I thought only I could understand them when they said it. Turns out they can mimic and now they call me douchsnozzle when they want my attention. I renamed them huggin and munnin and they renamed me douchesnozzle. Best 75 gold I ever spent

All His Fault

In the large mansion, isolated from the bustling city, a place was covered in mystery, a place was covered in death. On these grounds, an atmosphere so thick laid like a blanket around the house, suffocating the people in it.

One shouts so loud that the people outside- the butler, chef, and gardener- cringe in hurt. They know what is real. They pack their backs and get ready to get out. They know what is happening. One, sadly, is still shrouded from it.

William shouts as loud as his lungs could give.

Damien? Celine? Come out! You got me! This was an elaborate prank, you got me, now, come out!”

At first, it was a call for them, come on, pleasepleasepleasecomeout. No one’s dead, right? But as time went on, it was becoming a chant. A chant of his heart, for his mind, to keep working, keep moving, keep calling. They’re not dead. They’re playing a prank.

“Come on William.” He whispered to himself, fiddling with his lenses. “Don’t lose it. Don’t lose it. D-Don’t…” He swallowed, a sharp short pain in his dry throat. “They’re not dead. Come on! Damien! Celine-!”

“William.” A voice calls from his back, and he looked at the corner of his eyes.  A cracked mirror. His friend, reflected on the smooth, jagged surface. A look of anger, vengeance, burning. “Stop.”

“You don’t understand, Mark.” He grits out in a faux happy tune, but both knew it was fake as it can get. “Those two- they were— are, my friends. For years!  And you know they love pranks. They’ve got to get out soon!”

The other man steps forward, and it was only this time did William register the familiar cane in his hands. A surge of disbelief ran through him, and blindly, as if his body knew what his mind wanted to do before it instructed him, walked briskly towards the other and snatched the cane, clutching it close to his chest.

“This- this isn’t yours. It’s Damien’s. Not. Not yours.” He stammered, not knowing why. Was it anger? Disbelief? Or was he hurting already? What did it feel to hurt? “You’re not supposed to hold it. It’s his. Mayor’s.”


“You shut your mouth!” He retaliated, hands shaking, and he felt his body drop. ‘Stop.’ He yelled desperately in his mind, a slow hysterical feel creeping in his internal voice. ‘Stand tall! At ease! Parade rest! God fucking-‘

A firm hand landed on his shoulder. A familiar touch, yet not so. It felt cold, as if owner’s anger that he was feeling was ice-hot. William blinked the tears from his eyes, and removed his glasses, drying the tears on them. And-how peculiar was that. He was on his knees. When was he on his knees? Did he do something wrong?

“Did I kill them?” He asked no one, no one in particular, absolutely removing anyone around him from his midst. He was alone in this room, wasn’t he? Or was the man behind him, no, not just a man, Mark, behind him? “No, no, I didn’t, right? Mark’s alive?”

“Yes. But-“

“Oh god. Oh god. Goodness gracious. I thought- and Celine, and Damien, and-and-and, and Y/N, right, I didn’t kill them?” He tried to stand, but his knees were too wobbly, and he had to balance himself upright. “Mark, I didn’t kill them?”

Mark didn’t answer. The anger that was projected on his face earlier waned, morphing into something drastic, pitying, hurting, all at once. “William- I, I’m trying to tell you, please, listen-“

William’s smile grew, a painful one, and his eyes, oh his eyes, filling up with hot tears.

“Mark, I didn’t kill them?!” He asked once more, and he stumbled, losing grip. He stared at the cane first before looking up at the other’s face. “T-Tell me, you’re alive?”

“I-“ Mark brought his hand up to his face, massaging his nose. “It’s hard to explain, but yes, I am alive, but- but not in the way that I used to be. William.” He bent down and gripped the steadily hysterical man. “William, listen to me. I am alive. But I- I am Celine. I am Damien. We’re both here, but- but we’re dead, William. Do you understand?”

The man stared at him, and Dark, who had been just letting his anger reign himself in, bit his lip, seeing the absolute pain in his eyes. Celine and Damien, in his conscious, struggled, gasped. Both tried to control themselves to project the man they wanted to take vengeance as.

Then they heard the ramblings. The ramblings, by god, the ramblings, they figured out, my god, where was their friend going?

“D-Damien in the body? C-Celine in the body? That’s- that’s great! They’re not dead! Mark’s not alive! That’s even greater! No one’s dead! No one’s dead! F-Fuck, no one’s dead!

However when they saw their childhood friend break, absolutely break, Dark knelt, and shed a few tears.

“William, please.” He looked at his friend. “William-“

The other man stood up, fast as lightning, and shouted upwards. “No one’s dead! They’re all alive! Hah! G-Good one, good one!” He smiled, a painstaking, hysterical, twisted, and deranged smile. “That must be pretty harsh! To be there in there! What do you call yourselves?”

In a small, but relenting voice, he whispered, “Dark.” And he winced at the bigger smile that took over his friend’s face. “William, do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“Yes!” He smiled, and- were those tears? Tears of a man so far from reality. Tears from a man who can’t accept reality and forged his own. Tears that signified the great loss of a man.

Dark stood up, and looked at him, with baited breath. Celine and Damien’s friend’s sanity was long gone. In a broken giggle, William beamed widely.

“No one’s dead! No one is dead!”

And that was the final straw for Damien. In Dark’s mind, he paced gripped his lapels as hard as he can, and grinded out through his teeth his words.

He fucking did this to him! Look at him! Fuck, Celine!” He demanded, and Celine watched his tirade, eyes widening as she saw the anger overtake him. “He took everything away from us! He took me. I could deal with that. He took you, and I couldn’t. But- but William! The man was damaged enough as it is! That fucking son of a bitch-“

“Damien, please-“

“Don’t Damien please me, Celine!” His voice was getting higher. “No matter what we could do, magic arts or not, there is no way with helping William anymore! All he sees is Dark, Mark’s face, accommodating us, and we don’t have any way to show him that we’re here. He doesn’t comprehend it!” He yelled, watching her reactions. “You cannot tell me that I shouldn’t destroy his work, his loved ones, his life! Look at how he destroyed him without an ounce of thought!”

Celine bit her lip and exhaled. “Damien. I-“

A gunshot suddenly brought them out of their reverie. Dark blinked, looking at the scene in front of him. A bullet, on the floor, punctured. William, with a gun on his hand, looking lost, like a child without their parents. His eyes wide, he turned a questioning look at the other, who smiled in response.

“You weren’t responding to me.” He laughed, and something unsettling was in his eyes. “I just wanted to check if you were still there. With me. Alive.” He put the gun in his holster. “Y-You weren’t moving, and I know I didn’t put a bullet in you, so you couldn’t have died- but you weren’t moving anymore, so I figured, why not put a bullet on you?” He chuckled even louder. “That seems to bring people alive!”

Dark chose to be silent, and Celine could only sob in her hands, as Damien stood up tall in Dark’s subconscious, unyielding, and hateful. He watched his childhood friend, his comrade, the man he had grew up with, the man he sought out in times of trouble, break as if he was just a plaything; crumble, as if his sanity was just an insignificant sand in the wind; and disappear into a pit of madness, right before his eyes. 

He commanded Dark’s body to stand, and hug the other man, whispering reassurances that he was alive. William would nod and whisper “No one’s dead” again and again, further angering Dark.

This was all Mark’s fault. This was all Mark’s fault. Mark’s fault. Mark’s fault.

And he will pay.

So. What do you guys think? Hope you like it! Comments will be appreciated ahaaaa

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I can see Takko being (slightly) jealous of Lup's hair floofyness.

nahhh I figure Taako could just magic his hair to that length if he wanted to but he’s helped Lup brush it out and isn’t really into that much effort (not that he doesn’t care about his look just he’s only got so much patience for it)

Be my Queen- Part One

Summary- You and Loki have been friends since childhood. While your older sister Sif trained to fight with Thor, you were learning magic from Frigga alongside Loki. As you grow older both you and Loki believe the love you hold for one another is unrequited. Will this change when Thor is banished and Loki needs a queen to rule at his side while Odin sleeps? What will happen when you uncover a plot that will get Loki banished just like Thor?

Message- Reader is 7, Loki is 9. Sif is 12 and Thor is 13. Hela is an adult. Here’s part one! Hope you all like it! Sorry if it sucks.

Warning- there is a sort of spoiler for Thor: Ragnarok in this. Parents are arrested and reader is left abandoned. 


Word Count- 840

“But I want to play, too!” You huff.

“We are not playing, Y/N. Thor and I are training so we may one day ride into battle.” You sister Sif says.

“Then I shall train as well!” You squeal.

“No, you are too little.” Sif snaps.

“You are little, too! You are only 5 years older than me!” You huff as you cross your arms.

“You cannot come.” Sif says.

“But, Why?” You whine.

“Because I said so!” Sif snaps.

“Ugh, fine.” You mumble. “I will go look for Loki. Maybe he will play with me.” Then you run off, away from your sister. You end up wandering around the palace while looking for Loki. You were about to give up when you heard Queen Frigga.

“Just like that, Darling. Keep your mind focused.”

“Queen Frigga?” You ask as you knock on the door.

“Yes, Dear?”

“Have you seen Loki? I wanted to see if he would play with me.” You murmur.

“Come in, Dear. Loki is with me.” Frigga says. So you push the large door open.

“Hello, Lady Y/N.” Loki mumbles as he bows.

“Hello, Prince Loki!” You giggle. “Do you want to play?”

“I-I wish I could, but I am having my magic lesson with Mother.” Loki murmurs.

“Oh, maybe later then. Sorry to bother you.” You say as you move to leave.

“Y/N, Dear, would you like to learn, as well?” Frigga asks.

“Truly?” I am allowed? I am not too little?” You ask excitedly.

“That is the beauty of magic, my dear. It does not matter if you are big or small, male or female, rich or poor as long as you are willing to work at it you can become unstoppable.” Frigga says.

“I would like for you to teach me, please!” You squeal excitedly.

“Very well. But you must promise to come to every lesson and try your hardest.” Frigga says.

“I promise.” You say, in a very solemn voice.

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