cougarmeat replied to your post: I’m going to spank my child when he or she disobeys. I will put them in the corner by themselves if they disobey, made to face the wall while standing.

I agree with you. Kids these days have no concept of discipline and when I have children, if they do something wrong they will be punished accordingly. I was spanked when I was a kid and I turned out great!

If you don’t discipline your children, they will turn out to be spoiled fucks who don’t know what it means to be punished.

My parents are my friends, but I also have respect towards them because I know when I was a kid they could have beat the living shit out of me. I made sure to show respect.

People think everyone’s respect should be earned now-a-days. You shouldn’t have to earn respect from your own child, it should be there regardless, and when they show disrespect, you put them back in their place. That can be by punishing them in a fair manner. I’m not saying beat them or call them names. But a nice little shout or a quick tap to the butt/bop on the head (I don’t mean hit, I mean bop, like what you do to a puppy) and they will learn.

With children, respect is learned.

Now I know that comes off as mean and cruel, but let’s be honest: We aren’t meant to be our children’s best friend. However, while we can be, we are meant to solely be their parents. We are above them, and when their time comes, they are above their own children.

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You’re such a babe!! Very cute indeed ☺️ I’m glad to hear you’re feeling good :)

Aww thank you so much! ♥ ♥

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It’s funny, I always associate people with their avatars pictures so when you post things and you look like yoursepf but not exactly how you’re posed or looking in the avatars, it’s so weird! Haha.

haha yes I look quite different in my avatar :D But it’s both very much me

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Hello lovely :) I'm just messaging in regards to your query about the tank top. Please check your measurements against those on the sizing chart. I believe the tops run slightly larger than regular sizes. Plus they stretch :) please let me know if you have any other questions :) Jessi xo

Even a big 2X isn’t very inclusive for many fat people. Strange body positivity.