Cottonmouth Kisses

Cø††øN by I††  

I†† [ eye doublecross ] is not just a band;
they’re “a low-fi hypersigil, casting spells in various mediums .”


Cool by me, brah.

Though when I discovered the basis for “Cø††øN”—
the latest single the duo has conjured and released into the world
was [quote] “influenced by [ my book ] Cottonmouth Kisses” ?


The excitement level racheted a bit Richter.

Then, upon hearing the track?
That’s when the really good news occurred.

I like it.
As in : I mean —

I really, really like it.
No need to elaborate, nor to “re-visit”…
but we’ve all had at least one friend whose
band/stand-up comedy act/spoken word performance —

[ thought I’d keep the playing field fair ]

Y E A H .

Amidst the deafening silence and painful anecdotes that aren’t
being shared at this moment, here’s what is :

Check it !

… and them ♥

[ I†† : Official Site ]

One Florida man learned the hard way that water moccasins do not make the best kissing partners. According to Fox 13, 18-year-old Austin Hatfield of Wimauma was hospitalized last Saturday after being bitten by a cottonmouth while attempting to kiss it.

OK, but this part:

Friends said that Hatfield had captured the snake from his girlfriend’s yard several days before and was keeping it in a pillowcase. Hatfield occasionally took the snake out to kiss it on the mouth, but on Saturday, the snake decided to end the relationship.



What happens when you kiss a venomous water moccasin?

A Florida teen is is lucky to be alive after he was bitten by a venomous snake…