Daily Character #066 - Orion the Cat by JBWarrior

Here’s Orion, the cat. You probably saw him a few times before, jumping from universe to universe (I think only twice on dA? Man, I need to upload things more… eventually) and having ticklish fun with a few characters. Nothing too crazy there, right? :P

This feline has the ability to travel between universes, and enjoys costumes, especially as a means to better blend in with the setting. Like the night guard gear seen at the bottom. On the top right, while a bit silly, might be a bit of a nod to a series I honestly do not watch, just have seen some gifs before. Thanks, Tumblr. xP

And of course he’s also seen with Copy’s gear because it honestly looks good on him. Seems he kind of stole the copycat’s pose too, in a way, with the paw like that. Just being a tease~ ;P

Art done by me, with the help and support from @xiiithenigma

A gif of me as Hanzo from Overwatch poorly doing his “Brush Shoulder” Emote! Original video this is from is by AKIOBOY on Youtube.

If you would like to, come see silly photos of me at my cosplay page, Rae Kay Cosplay or check out my Instagram for more regular everyday junk. :D

Because not every turtle wants to cosplay as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Some of them would much rather be Great A’Tuin, created by Terry Pratchett. Great A’Tuin is the gigantic turtle (Chelys galactica) flying through space, on whom the four World Elephants stand, supporting the Discworld, where all of Pratchett’s stories take place.

Photo via Featured Creature.

[via Fashionably Geek]


Redditor aannggeellll always selects awesome costumes for both Halloween and cosplay that make use of her left arm as something empowering. This year she dressed up as Fionna as Finn the Human from Adventure Time after his grass sword grew into a flowering branch.

Preciously aannggeellll has dressed as an outstanding Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road:

And Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series:

[via /r/pics]