Pearl top, complete!

(you’ll have to excuse the sideways close-up of the star – tumblr keeps auto-rotating the image and I can’t get it to stop)

I hate that fabric and I hope I never have to sew with it again. It’s not fun. Neither of my machines likes it. Even with stretch needles and tissue in the seams, it still doesn’t work well. But now I don’t have to sew it any more.

The main part of the shirt is some kind of really awful knit from Joann’s, and the sheer part is bias-cut chiffon. The star is gold pleather that I did in reverse applique (you can still see the purple disappearing ink marks that haven’t disappeared yet), and is the same material that the sheer skirt will be edged in. I used gold thread for the reverse applique to give it a bit of visual interest, since her star in this outfit has a bit of subtle edging to it. 

The sheer part is entirely bias bound, with tiny chiffon bias tape I made. The back has a keyhole at the neck so I can get it on and off, with a pearl shank button and elastic loop to close it.  The chiffon layer is tacked in place at each of the seams to allow it to move with my body and the stretch of the knit, but I might go and tack it in a couple more places so the bottom edge doesn’t peek out of the top of the knit part in the back.

The topstitching was done with a twin needle, but you can see in the closer images that it kept wanting to skip stitches (you can’t tell unless you are inches from the garment, but it’s still frustrating and a bit messy-looking :[).

Now to hem the leggings and get started on that sheer skirt! (Oh yeah, and do the hard parts – the wig and the spear.)


I made a new Vers pistol for my Slaine costume(s)! All that’s left is to put the Vers symbol on yhe handle. The old one is there for comparison.

#aldnoahzero #slainetroyard #cosplaywip


Working two jobs, but not quite dead, just been doing a lot on paper and trying to get some of it off the sketch pad. This is my progress on the bracers and the upper arm armor for Artorias. Yes its actual metal, but I can get a big tube of ducting for 7 dollars compared to a sheet of worbla so I’m being cheap about it. It just makes me sad, because the bracers have such a good finish. It just came from setting them on fucking fire, which is not the most efficient way to finish all of the pieces. Still need to get the backing on them, rivet them together and punch holes for the laces. 


I know a bunch of you were wondering how I stretched my ears in time for the con so I’m here to tell you (and to reassure my mother) that they’re just extension earrings I had made!

They’re just those plastic rings from Jo-Ann’s (1-¼" I think) covered with Worbla scraps with earring backings embedded into them
I color-matched my makeup with whatever paint I had and voila! Stretched ears for Lars!

Someone on Instagram asked me about french seams, so I’ve made this little tutorial for you guys! French seams are a wonderful finish for sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza, or on areas of a costume that will be visible. I’ve used French seams on capes, tulle skirts, and organza sleeve insets. They are super easy, but do take twice the amount of time as a normal seam. First, pin your seam allowances wrong sides together. This will seem counterintuitive, but trust me! Next, stitch at half the width (or less/more depending on how wide you want the finished seam to be) of your finished seam allowance. Here I am stitching at ¼" because my finished seam allowance is ½". Trim the excess down to 1/8". You can grade the seams if you are working with thicker fabrics. Turn the fabric right sides together and press with an iron. Stitch again with the remaining width of your ideal seam allowance (for me this is ¼" again because my finished SA should be ½". ¼ + ¼ = ½). Press to one side. Tada! Your seam allowance excess is nicely encased within itself and there will be no raveling or ugly seam allowances!