Spiral galaxy ESO 137-001

This image shows spiral galaxy ESO 137-001, framed against a bright background as it moves through the heart of galaxy cluster Abell 3627.

The image not only captures the galaxy and its backdrop in stunning detail, but also something more dramatic — intense blue streaks streaming outwards from the galaxy, seen shining brightly in ultraviolet light.

These streaks are in fact hot, wispy streams of gas that are being torn away from the galaxy by its surroundings as it moves through space. This violent galactic disrobing is due to a process known as ram pressure stripping — a drag force felt by an object moving through a fluid.

Credit: NASA, ESA
Acknowledgements: Ming Sun (UAH), and Serge Meunier

Every round object in the solar system, to scale:

Full sized image here


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Juxtaposition in the Saturn system. 

This is by far my favorite image of Saturn. In the picture, the rings overlap its own shadows that are cast onto the planet’s cloud tops. This alignment creates an element of three-dimensionality; it feels as though you are observing the planet right there from orbit. Follow daily-cassini for more raw images from the wonderful and complex Saturn system.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

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The last but not least of Assorted Planets Month!

And now to cool you all off with some “refreshing” rain!

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