Happy Blackout day everyone!!! On this date one year ago at 7:00pm I posted my first selfie on tumblr. I was so nervous because I wasn’t sure how people would precieve me. Would the internet end up mocking me or would it accept me? I had my blog for a year and the people who followed me had no clue what I looked like. I wanted it to stay that way. Put to my surprise my selfie that I posted for the first blackout day was accepted and shared by so many people. My blog and my personal life changed dramatically because of blackout day. The positive messages that I recieved from people gave me the push and the drive that I needed to finish my abandoned book project. Now a year later I can proudly say that I’m a much happier person and I’m also a self published author. http://www.amazon.com/Cosmic-Callisto-Caprica-Missing-Saturn-ebook/dp/B01CAIOB8G


Shirtless men and puppies. What better way to announce #MagicMikeLive at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Thanks Cosmo, you’re the best. And to everyone else…you’re welcome. http://bit.ly/mmlct

Cosmo crunches the numbers, examines which of the top 100 actors working today have worked (or not worked) with women directors

Overall, it appears that leading men are generally less likely to work with female directors in their peak salary years. Mark Wahlberg hasn’t acted in a film with a woman director since Penny Marshall gave him his first film role in 1994’s Renaissance Man. Nicolas Cage hasn’t acted in a film directed by a woman since Martha Coolidge gave him his first lead role in 1983’s low-budget Valley Girl. Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, and Bruce Willis have not acted in a film directed by a woman in over two decades.

(∂ + m) ψ = 0 

Il principio alla base dell’equazione di Dirac è che: «Se due sistemi interagiscono tra loro per un certo periodo di tempo e poi vengono separati, non possono più essere descritti come due sistemi distinti, ma in qualche modo, diventano un unico sistema. In altri termini, quello che accade a uno di loro continua ad influenzare l’altro, anche se distanti chilometri o anni luce».

Secondo il ragionamento di Dirac se due persone entrano in relazione e si instaura tra di loro, nel tempo, un rapporto di amicizia o di amore e poi vengono separate, esse non possono essere definite come due soggetti differenti ma, in qualche modo, ne diventano uno solo. Anche dopo la separazione, continueranno nel bene e nel male, a conservare dentro di sé una parte dell’altra. Per sempre.
A prescindere dalle distanze, dalle esperienze e dai vissuti di ogni individuo, nonostante gli allontanamenti o i distacchi, le persone che hanno interagito tra loro si influenzeranno “finché morte non ci separi”.


Remember how i promised you weird art yesterday….welp, here we go! 

Another day, another Cosmopolitan gig!Here are some Disney fellas gettin’ their Magic Mike on for their ladies! These were fun to draw! I had a lot of fun coloring these and dressing up the ladies.I hope no is offended by these. I tried to make them as lighthearted and fun as possible :)


A quick comic featuring Team Orange called “Rain Check” aka, “how Taloupe and Cosmo started dating”.

Hope you enjoy this cute little comic. It’s only a sketch version and I kinda wish I could make the conversation between Taloupe and Cosmo a bit longer but I’ve been dying to tell this story since the green team was introduced and I had to get this done. Hope you liked it!