full disclosure, I love jade/davepeta

my ultimate it will never happen but if it could it would own wish for jade harley’s post-canon Direction is that by day she and Roxy work tirelessly on applications of absurdly advanced technology together to improve the lives of all residents of Earth C. Meanwhile Jade is just constantly up in everyone’s business, EVERYONE’S, all her friends and family who she loves very much become duly accustomed to just having her walk in unannounced at all odd hours to catch up or talk out her latest theories or just generally exult in the glory of human connection while the horror of 3 years in near-isolation recedes behind her, increasingly less forefront in her thoughts every day until some days she almost doesn’t think about how awful she felt and how lonely she was at all

Then one day she gets a message from Terezi, whose search for Vriska eventually somehow culminates in her finding a way into Ground Zero of the Green Sun incident, where she finds Vriska – along with Meenah, Tavros, Sollux, and Davepeta (the actual best character in Homestuck.) Jade uses the power of Science and Determination to help Terezi and various other involved people rescue these cosmic refugees

Eventually Jade and Davepeta are able to establish a romantic relationship based on current mutual attraction and a mingling of feelings referred from Davepeta’s recollections of being a Davesprite who adored and dated another version of Jade and Jade’s recollections of being a thirteen year old girl who was maybe kinda hoping resident Cool Kid Dave “Akwete Purrmusk” Strider might just go ahead and tell her he likes her already before he was murdered horribly and their paths diverged. 

They go into this relationship aware of those referred feelings but with a sense of purpose and agency and awareness that what they are doing while informed by those things is something new and Jade Harley Now is not the Jade Harley who died a meme-tastic death as the Wicked Witch stand-in of the Game Over timeline and Davepeta Now is not Davesprite and ALSO is not Dave Strider.

Davepeta enchants her with both cosmic insights about the Self and they talk constantly about Meaning and Purpose, sometimes in heated debate and sometimes in commiserative fashion, and fall in love based on things about them that are Uniquely Them as they are now, and everyone is very supportive of them 

And it’s a fun subversion of Jade’s implied character path if homestuck were any other popular piece of media from the very beginning (“ends up in a romantic relationship with Popular Male Character #1″) 

This satisfies my shipping heart which naturally does want everyone to Find Love without aggravating any of the things I expressed discontent about in my previous post

Thanks 4 Reading and please remember Homestuck Is Good and fandom, while it can oftentimes be frustrating, is also good


What if…the X-Men get the powers of Fantastic Four? 

In this mini-series, the four members of the X-Men - Wolverine, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler and Gambit got hit by the cosmic rays when their rescue mission to space had went wrong. Wolverine got the stretchy powers of Mister Fantastic (but with claws), Nightcrawler got Invisible Woman’s powers, Gambit got the powers of Human Torch and Emma Frost got Thing’s powers but with rough diamond skin instead of rock. 

- X-Men/Fantastic Four v1 #2, 2005

On an outer space misadventure,
Mutants got hit by cosmic rays.
And the four were changed together,
In the most scary ways.

Let’s fear, they’re here,
Just run from four! X-tastic Four!

Wolverine: Don’t mess with us, Bub!

Logan is elastic,
Kurt can fade from sight.
Remy is Gambit Torch,
Emma just loves to spite.
Run from four! X-Tastic Four! X-Tastic Four!

(in the tune of 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon theme song)


Recently I realized Adventure Time gave two secondary, but important, characters a chance for redemption. They have in common that they used to be complete jerks with anyone, being possesive and cheater among other things. But past season and on Islands we could see they were nice persons. I’m talking about Magic Man and Martin Mertens.


Since his first appearance on S1 Freak City, Magic Man made impossible Finn, Jake and pretty much every Ooo inhabitant’s life. No matter if he tricked them, morphed them into a giant foot or made them going into a weird inner world made of themselves, Magic Man was a jerk guy who had a horrible backstory involving a broken heart, a cosmic deity and the ruin of a super civilization on Mars.

But on Season 7′s Normal Man, a powerless Magic Man, because his powers were transfered to Betty Grof, showed his true nature before going nuts. He wanted to rescue his brother, floating in Earth’s orbit. He also showed Finn, Jake and Tiny Manticore he wasn’t a bad guy and he changed. And back on Mars he did the same with Martians, who were wandering in the ruins of their civilization.


Martin Mertens had less time on AT, being on only four episodes on Season 6 and two on Islands. He didn’t care about Finn when his son went to the Cosmic Prison to rescue him. The consequence? His son loses an arm. That selfish scoundrel manipulated tiny farmers to repair his ship, or a colony of Furbys (?) that rescued him from being a prisoner in a planet so he could escape from that planet, without the food he promised he was going to give them.

Despite not being in the material world, going with the Purple Comet into another plane of existance, on Islands we could see his backstory. A descendent of human survivors who was a trickster who helped Hiders to leave Founders that loved gadgets, but also a Helper named Minnie. He loved Finn more than gadgets, and saved him from a revenge or a giant robot on the sea. Something that is very noble.

With this examples I say Adventure Time also shows that there is chance for people to change. Or to know they were good and why they broke bad. Magic Man and Martin share a tragic past that broke them for long, but they had their redemption time. Or not, but we could see what they were like before.