Starry Greetings!

Welcome to deep, dark, space month! 

This is my favorite month as I will be posting scary space topics in the form of stories! 

Planet X and a few others will be telling scary stories for you all.

If you want to pick one of the characters from the solar system or even other stellar objects to tell a story, feel free to reply to this post.

Have a great evening!

✨C O S M I C Self Care ✨

🌚 doodle your favorite constellations on your arms

🌚 align your to do list with the phases of the Moon

🌚 cover yourself in shimmering body lotion

🌚 if you’re on medication, leave it outside in a safe place or on your windowsill to charge with moonlight

🌚 read up on the deities planets were names after when you feel anxious

🌚 draw energy from the night

🌚 go shopping for moon and star shaped earrings and pendants

🌚 create a makeup look with dark colors and glitters to look like the night sky

🌚 create soap, artwork or plush toys inspired by the planets

🌚 sleep with your curtains or blinds open and watch the stars

🌚 find live streams from satellites in space to watch when you want to relax

🌚 wear colors like silver and black with holographic accessories

🌚 asses your natal chart for clarity on your situation

🌚 craft a space diorama from an old shoe box with paint, fishing line and polystyrene balls

🌚 splash your face with moon water

🌚 envision your celestial body during meditation

🌚 try one of the Aphroditiful Zodiac Tarot spreads

🌚 divinate using a black mirror or onyx stone to ease your mind

🌚 time your morning wake up with the moment the sun rises

🌚 remember that your body is made of stardust


- as requested!

What Can I Do For The Solar Eclipse- Aug. 21, 2017

💫I am getting many anons about this so I figured I may as well address them all at once.

🌙 I plan to make Solar Eclipse Water, using purified water left out during the duration of the eclipse. Eclipse Water is reportedly great for spells or enchantments involving transformation, change, or renewal.
🌙 I also intend to charge my crystal collection- IMPORTANT: note which crystals are okay in the sunlight and which really ought to be left in the shade. I plan to keep all my crystals outside but the sensetive ones in the shade.
🌙 I’ve read around that Eclipses are great for working in the spirit and shadow realm, and although I personally do not have experience with that, I’ve seen some posts going around that may interest those of you who work within those aspects.
🌙 I plan to take some time here to practice some self-reflection:
🌕 who I was
🌑 how I plan to retain or dismiss aspects of that self
🌕 who I hope to transform into.
🌙 Part of my practice involves movement. Whether it be yoga, hooping, dancing, any sort of movement that comes to me, I intend to harness the feeling and use it in my ritual of self-reflection.
🌙 Reportedly, during an eclipse, there is a feeling of stillness that can be sensed in the atmosphere. That stillness would be a great time to get into touch with something- whether it be your inner self, a spirit world, another relm, or something of the sort.
🌙 If you have your own ideas, tips, suggestions, or rituals for the solar eclipse, feel free to add on to this post!

💫 REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT look directly at the solar eclipse. It is dangerous for your eyes and could cause damage. You can still be damaged from the sun~ take proper care such as sunblock and appropriate viewing gear. Do your own research on ways to view the eclipse safely!


I cannot tell you how this video was made, whether this is all computer generated or whether there is some Hubble telescope image on which some of this is based…but basically here is a chance to float around through 10 minutes of whispy nebular clouds and stars forming out in space.