Corrupt Government

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With the second option of Article 5, we can pass a Term Limits Amendment without Congress’s approval! With this one amendment we destroy every long term relationship with lobbyists and provide a turnover rate that guarantees that they will never again control a majority in Congress! With this one amendment, we can guarantee that no person spends 30 or 40 years becoming more powerful and dictating how everyone else in his/her party must vote!

The Love Thieves: Amour de Soi

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by TrueMyth

Oliver Queen is a weapon in human form. Forged in the terrible fires of Lian Yu, honed to a razor’s edge by ARGUS and the Bratva, he is death and destruction to everyone he meets. Section One directs him to topple corrupt governments, murder heinous warlords, or seduce valuable intel. He is their top operative and best trainer: able to size up an adversary or asset instantly and either put them to immediate use or eliminate them.

Felicity Smoak is just another new recruit. Pros: genius level intellect, amazing body, engaging personality, and computer skills that even Section fears. Cons: Stubborn as hell and relentlessly moral despite her record. She could be the best person he’s ever met. She’ll never survive training.

And in Section One, failure means death…

Words: 3932, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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#9M Venezuela. We will continue to fight for our freedom and against dictatorship. We are not afraid! The totalitarian government lies to international organizations to create a mask to the implanted dictatorship! All rights are violated and there is no respect for human rights! we are all alone against an armed state! WE NEED HELP!! 




These are NOT fascist murderers, they are freedom fighters. Warriors against Venezuelan dictatorship. Against impunity. Against injustice. Against abuse of others. 

These Venezuelans are true patriots who daily risk their lives to demand their rights and are being criminalized by a dictator regime that seeks to censor everything that opposes! 

The world need to know what is happening in Venezuela. The media is censored. We are all alone against a corrupt government that suppresses all in their path!

We are the resistance, we are re-evolution! 

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Photos: Alejandro Cegarra

How fucking disgusting is it that a woman is denied her freedom because of an incompetent judge who says there is no evidence to support her claim that she was raped. What did you want her to do? Record herself each time it happened? How ugly that the man who evoked such pain onto a woman is able to get away with this and live his life but she has to live with the fact that she has to see her rapist each day until 6 more albums are out. How fucking humiliated she must feel knowing that she took the legal action and the steps to take this further so she could have her freedom regained but it was rejected. Her rapist will laugh at her each time because he got away with it. How. Fucking. Corrupt. We're living in a society where justice is shut out. Where we blame everyone else but the perpetrator. This is not Kesha's fault. Kesha deserves all of her freedom. Kesha deserves the privilege of feeling safe in her work environment. She does not deserve this. No one does.
Mobile Startup Creates Censorship-Proof App to Help Activists And Crime Fighters
Update: Since the publication of this article, Facebook removed and blocked Cell 411 from allowing users to post live video to their own walls; the company is now trying to find a work around the Facebook block and still allow users to present live video streams to Facebook friends.

Startup Cell 411 Inc. ( has created a mobile app that makes it virtually impossible for governments, police and criminals to erase video which could serve as evidence of a crime or abuse. 

The app, called Cell 411, has been around for a number of months but the newly-released version has features that are unseen in any other mobile apps used by activists, aiming to fight censorship and also criminal activity.