“Feminism is definitely important to us as a concept, because it’s by definition the political, economical and social equality of the sexes. That’s really what it is and we promote that 100%. You know, women being powerful and being strong and being able to be successful in whatever sort of division they want to be successful in. Also a huge part of it is, the coming together of women and supporting each other and not breaking each other down. And kind of sending out that message and making sure that women know that doing this together is going to be so much more efficient than trying to tear each other down.”


@natalielarose: Thank you girls for this amazing summer…🙌🙌 #summerreflection

Lauren, you are such a fierce and cool person! It was such a pleasure watching you perform and your confidence is soo beautiful! @laurenjauregui

Ally, a little girl with a Huge voice! Everytime I watch you perform you amaze me with you energy and beautiful voice. You are hitting those high notes effortlessly. You’re so sweet and I’m so happy I got to meet you! @allybrookeofficial #summerreflection

Normani, the way you move on stage is hypnotizing. You don’t miss out on a single accent and you’re hitting them hard😋 you’re so on point and I love watching you perform! @normanikordei #summerreflection

Dinah ,you are an amazing all round performer! I love how spontaneous you are and you have so much every. You’re such a great person to be around and yep…. I hear those high pitch falsetto notes you be hitting every night 😉😋 @dinahjane97

Camila ,you’re a big ball of energy! Every night you give it your all and I can really see that you are in love with performing and catering to your fans. Also the way you communicate with your fans is so inspiring, it’s beautiful. Keep going hard, you got soo much talent!💋 @camila_cabello #summerreflection