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Again with the paragraphs. Again that awkward moment when you try to bash Austin but he is worth more than 5H. That awkward moment when Mmm Yeah sold more than 5h single. That awkward moment when you believe anything you see. That awkward moment when you don't like him but your always on his case.

Thant awkward moment when your idol is more worried about the next hairstyle that he has to copy to Justin Bieber than to try being himself. 

That awkward moment when Justin Bieber’s wanna be EP has sold less than just Worth It 

That awkward moment when you realize that mmm yeah sold because of Pitbull. And then he invited Fifth Harmony instead of Mahone for his show

That awkward moment when flop Mahone desn’t get nominated in any award show, not even invited.

That awkward moment when no famous singer socialize with your idol because that’s bad for them bc he’s hated and a fuckboy.

That awkard moment when you realize that Fifth Harmony has acted in Wango Tango this year and will act in Summer Time Ball at the UK that has an audience of +100K people 

That awkward moment when Rolling Stones Magazine review for “Reflection” is so good that equaled Beyonce’s album review

That awkward moment when your opening act has more fans than you

That awkward moment when facts talk by thamselves

That awkward moment when you realize how flop your idol is that his label is thinking about dropping him 

Camren ll Radio Disney Music Awards 2014


Get To Know Me Meme: [2/10] bands/musicians 

FIFTH HARMONY- “I think this album is the closest to what we ever wanted to make as a group. Especially the whole girl empowerment thing. It was so important to us because we felt like, we’re a girl group and we believe in feminism and all these values so much. I feel like it should come forth in our music and we feel it is important that this album did that.”