lostthehat  asked:

I don't know why (probably the 'because no budget') but that answers about Doctor Who questions post made me remember that time that one guy did not believe you when you said bbc used cardboard daleks and then you were like bam, evidence. cardboard daleks. love them cardboard daleks.

Oh GOD, I fucked that guy UP, I was just talking about him at Gallifrey, haha  

He was all, ‘They absolutely did not use cardboard cut outs of Daleks in the black and white series’, and I was like ‘fucker, do you want to fight me about the Troughton era, we will GO, and you will LOSE.’

I brought out photos where the perspective is off, I brought out sourced essays and books talking about them, I brought out magazine interviews, I brought out gifs where you can see them nearly falling over.

He slinked away after trying, “well, they weren’t technically corrugated cardboard’  

Don’t even pull that shit, asshole, do not pretend this was semantics when you just got destroyed on a basic fact that you were shoving down people’s throats as truth.  

He was an asshole in general in that chat.  He absolutely deserved it.