Corrective helmet


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It started when the General needed a secure way to get messages to her brother and Rey that couldn’t be intercepted through commlinks and Poe had suggested one of the squadron to deliver the messages.

Jessika had volunteered to be that person before Poe had even finished.

“This doesn’t have to do with the fact that you hero worshiped Luke right?” Poe teased after he broke up the meeting.

“I’m just doing my duty,” Jessika replied back, smiling far too sweetly and really that was the most of it. Getting a chance to meet Luke Skywalker was secondary. So would be getting to meet the new Jedi that she’s heard about.

“Don’t crash.” Poe told her.

“I’ll leave that to you instead.” She said, patting him on the arm and ignoring his indignant cry that it wasn’t his fault.

She instead focused on doing another check over of her ship to make sure everything was perfect and she wouldn’t be detected.

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anonymous asked:

I can't remember which larrie said that but a few weeks/months ago someone said that the baby's head shape wasn't normal/healthy and people were like "larries are so extra" "they don't know anything about babies" lol turns out that this larrie was right because now he's wearing a helmet to correct the problem

yeah i remember people talking about the baby’s head being wayyyyy too flat in the pictures with Briana when she was having the picnic pap fest