Last night I went out with my natural hair (well not colour but you get my drift) it’s the first time I’ve gone on a night out and not straightened it or had a weave or dread extensions in 9 years. Had only been out a few hours and whilst playing darts started chatting to some guy. I said pardon at one point and he made a joke about me not understanding him due to the “language barrier”…..
I was all wtf :/ my ex there said I was reading too much into it but I’m pretty sure he was trying to imply I wasn’t English or something dickhead.
This is my passing privilege eh, I thought the island had got less racist but actually all that had happened is without my natural hair I’ve been managing to avoid most of the narrow minded unfunny bigots because I’ve passed as white.
Reactions all night ranged from really good to really rude and the amount of people touching or wanting to touch my hair, comparing it to a sheep/pubes was ridiculous. I felt like I was in school again

I’ve had it so fucking easy and it’s so easy to just hide and fit in, it was like playing a poc for a night or something.

Prenatal memory

For nearly the last two years my daughter would casually say during cuddles and treats when polite.
“Mum I always dreamed about having a mummy like you”
Did you dream about having a daughter like me?”
I thought she was just being nice
So of course said yes,
Then a couple of months ago and a term at school I decided to ask her what she meant.
“When I was a baby, in your tummy, I always dreamed about my mummy and now you’re my mummy”

Then I remembered when I was pregnant I used to dream about what my child would be like….
She’s exactly the same….

“I did dream about having a daughter like her”