As an entrepreneur (or even corporate slave), your emotional intelligence (EQ) is far more important than your technical intelligence (IQ).

As per a research study done by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85% of one’s financial success is attributable to skills in human engineering - one’s personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead; whereas contribution of technical knowledge is only 15%. (Who the hell knows how they worked this out, but they did, and I’m inclined to agree).

Your technical abilities get you in the door with investors, partners and associates; but emotional intelligence helps you manage your relationships from that point onward.

For some, a great EQ comes naturally, but not everyone is gifted in the same ways. If you feel that your EQ is lacking, it is time for immediate change. Do some research on this topic, try to monitor yourself, and identify your problem areas.

Master the complexities of this unique and often understated form of intelligence, and watch yourself improve as an entrepreneur and all-round business person. 

Start today. 

Company CEOs shouldn't be at home with their families during the holidays if their employees have to work on the holidays.

Laid back chill

Today I chaired my first working group on my own. For the last one my boss came in to let everyone she was putting me in charge but stayed for the rest of the meeting, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. So I was in a room with 5 men twice my age telling them my plans on what I want them to do. People that have been working for the company for +10 years. Honestly I was expecting the worst scenario ever. I was expecting them to undermine my authority because of my age, my gender, my short time in the company… But it went surprisingly well! They took my ideas on board and agreed on my plans for the next year, how exciting is that?! Honestly moving to the corporate world has been one of the most intense experiences ever. The pace at how things go and the sheer volume of money being discussed hurts my brain sometimes, but I’m glad I’m stepping out of my comfort zone! On track to becoming a real adult!

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Add some silver sparkle to your life

The quality of excellence

Action our agreeance
On incentivised increase:
The quality of excellence
Shall soar without surcease.

The salesing of splendifference
Delivering embiggerance
Will overcome indifference,
Transcending all transfigurance:
The quality of excellence
Shall soon achieve deliverance.

Repurpose our resources
For a win-win wow mentality:
Let’s run this up the flagpole
Where, with all due criticality,
The bleeding edge of brilliance
Will nullify neutrality:
the quality of excellence
Shall monetize vitality.

So put to bed all pushback
As we task our Master Plan,
Be bullish for our bullshit
As it hits the primo fan;
Lean in with your leverage,
Make sure your parachute
Is golden from the get-go
As you hot-desk your commute:
The quality of excellence
Is ever our pursuit!

Final look at some of the work clothes of suits character - Jessica Pearson