The vote to repeal Net Neutrality was December 14, 2017. I recieved this notice about the new billing increaseS on December 05, 2017. Consider this proof Ajit Pai and his FCC cronies were paid off for their vote. This letter is proof they knew the outcome before it was formally stated by the FCC. This letter is proof of the blatant disregard to what any of us think. This DECEMBER 5TH increase notice might as well stated: “Your opinion does not matter to Xfinity and don’t bother the FCC either as we bought them last year. In fact, this notice details each increase we intend to implement via your wallet so our higher ups can lounge at their newest beach house while laughing at your expense…literally. Sure, we could have waited until after Ajit Pai gave his announcement on the repeal of your internet freedoms to issue this increase notice but we got too impatient and wanted to rub it in all our customers faces prior to the holidays. I mean come on, what can any of you really do about it other than become tech savvy enough that you build and run your own connection based system while simultaneously voting for an all democratic house in 2018 to overturn corporate America……” And to those who insist this is common practice for Comcast this time of year, perhaps that is true for you, however this is different from their usual $10-$50 increase they sneak in here and there. This is an outright 10 page, itemized, increase in everything down to the postage. Their stated reason is, “The cost of doing business rises.” It’s already sh**ty enough that my bill has gone from $98.00 in 2014 to now $194. And that’s not even for the platinum, fancy-pants, in your face package.

PETER BEHRENS, Eduard-Müller Crematory, Hagen, Germany, 1905-08

Rick and morty: makes episode about szechuan sauce

Fandom: goes absolutely ape shit, demands it back

Mcdonalds guy 1: how many of these do you think we need to meet this entire demand, for the foreseeable future?

Mcdonalds guy 2: uhm, like…. 30? 30 sauces?

Mcdonalds guy 1: Nah, it’s just a silly fad. Make it 20.

Mcdonalds guy 3: cool guys yeah I mean this isn’t THAT big a deal.

Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU

Hi! Welcome to my second series! I had gotten the idea of this while looking at Dylan in a three piece suit. Am I right? Am I right? So, I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I will! Prepare for the tissues. You’ve been warned.

Will include the following themes:

  • slow burn relationship
  • swearing
  • teasing
  • angst
  • mentions of violence**


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine (coming soon…)

PETER BEHRENS, Dome Hall of Farbwerke Hoechst, Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, 1921-24

Add some silver sparkle to your life

PETER BEHRENS, National Automobil Community (Peter-Behrens Bau), Berlin-Oberschöneweide, Germany, 1914-17