Coronis isn’t getting the magazine til tomorrow, but here’s his quick rundown of the lastest round.

  • Diantha managed to slink away towards the Pokemon Village when the others kept Xerosic busy. However, she was (expectedly) intercepted by Malva, who set Yveltal there to stop them as well. Diantha is glad that Green and X were not thwarted, but Malva seemed happy enough to take down Diantha. She gets Talonflame to slice at Diantha while bidding her farewell.
  • Green and X told Y and Trevor to get to Shauna and Tierno while they head to the Village.
  • There, they find not a single Pokemon but some knocked down TF Grunts.
  • Mewtwo is apparently fighting Lysandre’s Pokemon, but when Green tried to call out to it (introducing himself as a Kanto Dex Holder), Mewtwo seemed not to hear him.
  • Lysandre said Mewtwo was the secret protector of the Village, which explained why the supposedly human-traumatized Pokemon at the Village did not fear Team Flare when they arrived. However, Mewtwo finally showed up when TF took the Pokemon away to the Ultimate Weapon.
  • Lysandre was hoping that after Mewtwo tires out when battling Green/X, he could capture it.
  • Mewtwo uses Psystrike, but hits Lysandre’s Pokemon instead.
  • Mewtwo suddenly Mega Evolves, which means it is ‘owned’, and we see a silhouette. Lysandre activates some secret device after knowing that Mewtwo is owned.
  • Cassius and his team noticed that Pokemon has been moved in Emma’s PC and tracked her to Route 22. Zygarde soon shows up.

Sai di nome e di pianto.
Mi coroni con foglie di acanto e amianto, e muoio per te…
Tenera, come un timido sole.
Io di te non bisogno,
ma proprio al tuo amore resister non so.

Ma dove porta quest'onda di fango che si distrugge in me?
Sposami all'alba di un ultimo tango, tienimi dentro di te…
Cercami dentro te!

—  “Carola”, Raphael Gualazzi