“Don’t Call Me Princess”

“Stop calling me princess!”

“I apologize, My Queen.”

One shot inspired by @creativepromptsforwriting! For all you Draco lovers (though this is geared more toward Slytherin readers).

“How is it possible for you to look this shitty? It’s the weekend; you should attempt to look somewhat decent.”

“Oh, shut up, Pansy.” You rolled your eyes but said nothing more. After living in the Slytherin dungeon for six years, you’ve learned to pick up on whether a comment is made in endearing sarcasm or legitimate hostility. Shockingly, Pansy’s remark happened to be the former.

She walked over to your seat in the common room and crinkled her nose at the sight of a dusty book. “Advanced Rune Translation. How revolting.” Pansy’s frown deepened as her she saw your remaining stack of books. “Bet you regret taking so many N.E.W.T. preparation classes now, hmm?”

“No. You see, not everyone can get into a high position in the Wizarding World based solely on their mummy and daddy’s status.”

“What a bloody shame that is,” she scoffed.

Once that bothersome menace left you alone, you continued to study, switching your copy of Advanced Rune Translation for a Potions book. This is great. The joy of having two assessments tomorrow, you thought.

“Y/N, you do know it’s time for supper, yes?”

“Yes, Blaise, thank you, but I’m not hungry and I need all the time I can to revise.”

“Suit yourself.”

As the Slytherin common room emptied out, you sighed in contentment. “Finally, some silence.”

The said silence lasted for about five precious minutes, until you heard an annoyingly familiar voice.


“Malfoy,” you sighed. “Why are you here? It’s supper.”

“I could ask you the same question.”

You shrugged. Draco Malfoy wasn’t the bane of your existence, but you didn’t exactly see eye to eye either. However, silently coexisting was not an option. You both seemed to love to annoy each other too much. A love-hate relationship.

“Look, I know you have important assessments and all, but you should get some supper.”

Only Malfoy could manage to sound so condescending while saying something so caring, you thought.

“I’m fine. I’m not even hungry.”

“Y/L/N,” he deadpanned, “I didn’t see you at lunch, either. You must be starving.”

“You noticed?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. “Who would’ve thought the Almighty Draco Malfoy could’ve noticed someone like me to be missing.”

“I am a prefect for a reason, darling. Plus, every once in a while, a king notices a lowly peasant. Today just happened to be your lucky day.”

“Oh, get stuffed, Malfoy. Some people actually need to try to score high marks. Unlike yours, my life isn’t handed to me on a silver platter.”

“My life…handed to me? You don’t know the half of it,” Draco scoffed under his breath.

“Pardon? I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“Nothing, princess,” he drawled. There was a moment’s pause where Malfoy hastily grabbed something from his robe pocket. “If you’re not going to supper, at least eat.”

He placed a napkin full of Cornish pasties on your work space.

“Don’t call me princess.” You crossed your arms. “And– I’m sorry. I think my ears are deceiving me. Malfoy was nice to me twice in one day? No, these must be poisoned,” you gasped. “Trying to get rid of the competition since, you and I both know, I’m the only Slytherin who can actually kick your ass in academics.”

“If you’re my competition, then there’s nothing I have to worry about.”

“Bugger off–”

“Just eat.”

You rolled your eyes at his demanding voice. “Okay, King,” you mocked, but took a bite anyway. “And thank you. I guess.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, princess,” he said with a smirk.

“I said don’t call me that.”

Your annoyance only seemed to fuel Draco on.

“My mistake, princess.”

“Malfoy,” you warned.

“Princess,” he mocked.

You snapped.

“Stop calling me princess!”

“I apologize, My Queen.”

“Malfoy, I swear on Salazar’s bloody grave–”

You stopped abruptly as he chuckled. You had no idea Malfoy was capable of a laugh other than a snicker.

“You’re adorable when you’re angry.”

“Adorable? I’m not adorable,” you snorted. “I’m fierce.”

“I believe you.” It was clear he didn’t. “Y/N, contrary to popular belief not everything in my perfect life comes naturally. I do revise as well.”

“I believe you.”

He let out an airy laugh as he made his was toward the boys’ dormitories. “I’m only saying… I’m always here if you need help, princess.”

And as he left, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself, looking at what’s left of the Cornish pasties.

“He called me princess.”

Yay! The end of my first Harry Potter imagine. Sorry if it sucks or is out of character or has incorrect facts or has a poor use of British slang (since I am very much American). Also, is it too long?

Feel free to give feedback! The good, the bad, the everything in between.

Requests are open! Ask away. xx


The Humble Cornish Pasty

So I’m back from a couple of weeks of adventure sailing in the Western Isles on the Eda Frandsen and exploring the community gardens and farmer’s markets of Berlin.  You couldn’t get much more of a contrast between the two weeks, but the food in both places was as fresh and delicious as I could have hoped for.

The food on the Eda Frandsen was beautifully prepared by lovely cook Chloe who presented the crew with warm cake every afternoon at about 4pm not to mention homemade granola for breakfast, soups and risottos for lunch and a feast of delights at dinner.  I was always trying to muscle my way into the tiny galley kitchen below deck to offer a hand and more importantly see what she was doing.  It was very strange to have someone cooking all my meals for me and I just had to get in on the action.  

One of the highlights of the week for me (apart from swimming in the sea on white sandy beaches) was learning how to make Cornish pasties.  I tried the recipe myself as soon as I got home and the results weren’t bad, but I’m afraid I haven’t mastered it yet. I used a bit of spelt flour in the recipe which was healthier but let’s face it pastry is never really that healthy so I should have stuck with white flour.  I also avoided using lard so I could make veggie pasties for Rosa, which I think unfortunately just didn’t produce such crisp flaky pastry.  The most remarkable thing for me was the idea of putting all the ingredients raw into the pasty, but it really does work as long as you create a decent seal on the pastry.  The butter and the meat juices create their own gravy inside.  I’ve since seen recipes that call for you to make a slow-cooked stew and then put this inside the pasty but this isn’t the traditional way to do it.

So here it is, Chloe’s traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe (haggis optional!) 

Makes approx. 8 large pasties, each one a meal in itself


1 kg strong white bread flour

250g lard (or vegetable shortening)

50g margarine

10g salt

350ml water

  • Rub together flour, shortening, margarine and salt until it resembles breadcrumbs
  • Add water and mix to form a soft dough.  Knead for 5-10 minutes until a bit stretchy
  • Divide into 8 balls and flatten.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.  Dough can also be frozen to use another time.


1 swede (or half a swede if very large)

5 potatoes

2 onions

600g skirt or stewing steak

8 generous knobs of butter

1 egg to glaze

salt and pepper

  1. Heat oven to about 180C
  2. Chop all your veg into small chunks.  The meat can be kept in pretty large chunks
  3. Roll out each portion of chilled dough until pretty thin.
  4. Pile on your filling - swede, potato, onion - then season really well with pepper.  Now place on about 4 chunks of meat, a big knob of butter and season again.
  5. Try to hold the filling in place with one hand as you pull and stretch the dough over the top.
  6. Once you have a half moon shape seal your pastry by folding over and pressing down with your thumb (not sure how else to describe this but have a go - you get better at it as you go along!)
  7. Place on a baking tray with greaseproof paper underneath.
  8. Glaze the pasties with some egg and cook in the oven for about 45 mins - 1hour until nice and golden

You can do nice veggie pasties by omitting the meat and adding some cheese. Chloe added some cooked haggis to the pasties because we had left overs from dinner the night before and it was deliciously gluttonous but not essential!

Nobody Does It Batter! Yorkshire Pudding Voted UK’s Favourite Regional Dish

Yorkshire Puddings - Britain’s best regional dish (Rex Features)

It’s official, Yorkshire Puddings have been voted the best regional dish in the UK in a survey.

The Gourmet Society poll found that the Sunday roast staple is easily considered Britain’s best regional dish, beating off competitors such as Cornish Pasties, Devon Cream Tea and Bakewell Tarts.

The top five voted for put the pasties in second place, cream teas third, the tarts fourth and Cheddar Cheese in fifth.

“I often eat all over the country when working, but there is certainly nothing better than coming back to Yorkshire to enjoy a proper Yorkshire pudding with a Sunday Roast,” said Matt Turner, CEO of Gourmet Society. 

“We can understand why it has been voted Britain’s favourite.”

Sweet. Bakewell Tart came fourth in the poll (Rex Features)

The survey also found that many are loyal to their local favourite, with 37% of Glaswegians voting for haggis and a quarter of people in Belfast casting their vote for Irish soda bread.

It also found that some places have no idea if they have a regional dish, with Southampton topping the poll here. 

More than a third of people on the south coast had no idea if the city had a regional dish.   

The top five favourite UK regional dishes are:

1. Yorkshire puddings

2. Cornish pasties

3. Devon cream tea

4. Bakewell tart

5. Cheddar cheese

anonymous asked:

How much does a Hufflepuff eat a day? And what would they eat?

They would eat probably as much as a hobbit would eat and more. So Breakfast - Second breakfast - Elevenses - Lunch - Afternoon tea - Dinner - Supper. Plus Snacks. (Although of course it would be harder to accomplish this amount of food at school) 

Breakfast - A hearty serving of bacon, eggs, baked beans, English muffins, buttered toast, sausages, washed down with either a cup of tea, orange juice or pumpkin juice. Coffee for the students who either spent the night studying or aren’t morning people. Maybe just a bowl of porridge for those who don’t want such  a hearty breakfast.

Second Breakfast - Scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream and a cup of pumpkin juice or tea. Crumpets with honey or golden syrup.

Elevenses - Assortment of sandwiches.

Lunch -  Pumpkin pasties, hot chips, mashed potatoes, Cornish pastie washed down with pumpkin juice.

Afternoon Tea - Small sandwiches, individual cakes and scones with tea.

Dinner -  Chicken and mushroom pasties, steak and kidney pie, peas, sprouts, carrots, gravy, Roast chicken, mashed potatoes.

Desert -  Apple pies, treacle tart, chocolate éclairs, chocolate gateau, jam doughnuts, trifle, strawberries, jelly, and rice pudding (obviously not all eaten in one night.)

Supper - Hot chocolate or warm milk and a few biscuits before sleep.

They would probably try to sneak the occasional snack between classes or maybe during free periods or at night.


foods of thedas : THE FREE MARCHES

the free marches are the crossroads of thedas, and thus they adopt & improve cuisine from all over the continent. styles and traditions vary wildly between city states, but in general, marcher cuisine marries the practicality of ferelden with the inventiveness of antiva. street vendors can be found on every corner, selling a variety of finger foods: cold meats, cheeses, olives, as well as various pickles, chutneys, and preserves. the marches are also the bread central of thedas, turning baking into an art form and boasting baguettes, ciabattas, and pretzels, among others. traditional dishes include pasties, focaccia, samosas, and spanakopitakia.

Need cuisine advice

Trying to distract my anxieties n deciding to put on an afternoon tea for them Oz/American TV people when they come down in a couple of days.

Can u guys tell me if this is British enough of a menu? Want to make sure it’s got a British theme n maybe get some dishes in that they wouldn’t have tried b4. It’s my effort to b welcoming 😂🙈

Sandwiches r sandwiches. Got egg & watercress, cucumber & cheese, smoked salmon & cream cheese, coronation chicken - that last 1 is a Brit filler. Has n e 1 overseas had it or would they have likely had it b4?

Same w rest of menu.

Savoury plate:
Sausage rolls
Welsh rarebit
Scotch ((quail)) eggs
Cornish pasties ((canapés))

Sweet plate:
Jaffa cakes
Welsh cakes

All home made 💜 lots of work but I need it to calm my nerves.

What do u reckon?

N for mates in the uk: do u reckon that sounds kk?