Predacons Rising? More like—

my god i forgot about this it’s been sitting in my drafts for weeks but here’s an alternative poster for Predacons Rising that me and my friend came up with

Desire and Decorum Transparent Halloween Icons! ♡

*they may appear more vivid when clicked / saved! Sinclaire’s icon has a bunch of small white glitters that don’t appear in the preview.

noragamilover01  asked:

Hello again! I have returned to your lovely center once more to perhaps adopt a full size Corny? After bringing in my last adoption, (Quar the Papython), and getting him settled, that it was time to adopt another. Perhaps a rescue or a just a sleepy boy who has a hard time getting adopted?

*Vex smiles and welcomes you back to the shop. When you explain that you’d like a Corny, she chuckles and gestures towards the rolling blanket hills of Corny Town. You inform her that you’re actually looking for a rescue or essentially whatever Corny is in most need of an immediate loving home. 

* “Cornies don’t get anxious while they wait to be adopted,” Vex tells you, “and they are usually fairly resilient rescues. I do have a Corny that was returned that needs a good home though, if you’d like to meet him.” You nod, and Vex leads you to the medical bay. The Nurse Papythons are busily cleaning and taking inventory of supplies, but they wave to you when you enter.

*There’s a Corny in one of the nests. You can see that he’s pretty chubby, which doesn’t bother you, but he’s also laying completely still. No outrageous fake snores, no sleepily murmured puns or giggles. Nothing.  Vex explains that he was returned, and his previous owner fed him, but never gave him anything to stimulate or occupy his mind.

* “The poor noodle is very depressed. Most Cornies spend a lot of their sleep time just faking being asleep while they observe the world around them. This Corny sleeps far too much, and he shows little interest in anything. I think a home with a Papython would be good for him… and he needs to go on a diet.” 

*Vex pauses. Normally a Corny would make some sort of diet pun or interrupt with an incredibly exaggerated snore, but this Corny remains deeply asleep. She sighs. You agree to take the Corny, hoping that Quar can hug him right out of his slump. Vex rolls him up in one of his blankets like a burrito, and carries your Corny-To-Go to the desk so that you can sign his adoption papers.