Map of Cork in 1600

This is the Pacata Hibernia map of Cork. It dates from in and around 1630. It shows the city of Cork in and around 1600. At this stage Cork was a fortified city, and still strongly lived up to its name in Irish “Corcaigh” or Marshy place. It had been founded several centuries earlier, as a monastic settlement by St. Finbarr, the city’s patron saint.

Most of the buildings shown no longer exist, save for a few notable exceptions. Blackrock Castle, shown in the bottom right corner, which is now an observatory. There is also still a (deconsecrated) church on the sight of St. Peters, which is now a tourist office and museam. The present building was constructed around 1790.

Album with a more recent map of Cork

Fun fact: Most of the worlds Viagra is produced in Cork (the county, not the city).


Ryan Adams and Natalie Press
"She’s Like the Wind" @ Cork Opera House
Cork, United Kingdom

Necklace, Paul Derrez, 1985. Collection Centraal Museum. All rights reserved.

"When I stumbled upon this thumbnail in the image gallery, Ithought that it was perhaps merely a two-dimensional screenprint as it lacks any resemblance to a canonical garment designed for the natural curvatures of the human body. Designed by Paul Derrez, what is actualy a necklace dating back to 1985 blurs the boundaries between art, craft, fashion and artifice." Lauren Downing Peters