Gotham returns from its fall hiatus tonight, with a special three-episode story arc that promises one thing: “Absolute Mayhem.” That’s how star David Mazouz, who plays the young Bruce Wayne on the show, describes this upcoming run of episodes in the exclusive trailer FOX and WBTV have provided to

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In the trailer, there’s a lot to take in - this is one you’ll want to watch frame-by-frame, but if you’re worried you missed anything you can click the link above for our detailed rundown of what you might have missed. Suffice to say, with Jerome coming back from the dead, it’s going to be a chaotic time in Gotham City. He’s only clearly in about 18 frames of the trailer - you can see every one of them in the gallery below - but his presence is felt throughout.

On top of Jerome’s return, though, there’s every thread left open after the fall finale: Selina’s mother is back, and has knowledge of the Court of Owls, the Court knows Bruce has resumed investigating them, Jim Gordon killed Lee’s new husband Mario - who is also the son of Carmine Falcone, and Ed Nygma found out his lady love was murdered by Penguin and is out for revenge (with Barbara pulling the strings). Phew, that’s a lot to cover in 132 minutes of Gotham.

Why do we keep talking about the three episodes? Well, after these three episodes in January, Gotham goes on another hiatus, this one for the entire months of February and March, and most of April, returning April 24, 2017 after the full run of 24: Legacy, which borrows its timeslot. When it returns, it will have eight episodes left, so the good news is, you’ll get Gotham into June, providing they don’t start doubling up episodes.


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