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The Month Before Buffer Festival
My YouTube Story - Corey Vidal (YouTube Saved My Life)

I know this is long, but I swear to you the story is incredible. YouTube changed my life. It’s impossible for you to understand how much, but this video was …

I realized that I watched this three years ago on my birthday and it still gives me that same feeling of awe-inspiring gratefulness. You know, no matter what I do in my life, Youtube will always be a part of it because of what I have already done and what I may do in the future.

It’s mind-boggling to be able to see things happen as they happen and with the click of a button, return back to see how things once were and began.  

Thanks for this video,  Corey. I hope this goes into the Youtube Documentary as well. I learned a lot from this video too.

We all have our own story to tell. Sharing, community, and creativity is all a part of that. 


Part 2 of the “Darth Waiter Strikes Back” Photoset

(The last few gifs look really bad but I was rushing for you guys, and because Original Craig might wake up soon… Also, tell me if you like the photosets or not, because it’s really time consuming… I didn’t even put a watermark on them or remove the black edges. Well, I guess you don’t need watermarks, I personally hate them, but I just put them on because then others know I make them myself and that I don’t steal them.)