The Month Before Buffer Festival
My YouTube Story - Corey Vidal (YouTube Saved My Life)

I know this is long, but I swear to you the story is incredible. YouTube changed my life. It’s impossible for you to understand how much, but this video was …

I realized that I watched this three years ago on my birthday and it still gives me that same feeling of awe-inspiring gratefulness. You know, no matter what I do in my life, Youtube will always be a part of it because of what I have already done and what I may do in the future.

It’s mind-boggling to be able to see things happen as they happen and with the click of a button, return back to see how things once were and began.  

Thanks for this video,  Corey. I hope this goes into the Youtube Documentary as well. I learned a lot from this video too.

We all have our own story to tell. Sharing, community, and creativity is all a part of that. 

purple-summering asked:

I just watched read your blog post and watched your video, and for whatever it's worth, I'm really sorry for helping create an atmosphere that pressured you into publicly disclosing your experience. No excuses or justifications– it was shitty. No one should have to go through any of that. I hope you're doing okay. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help, and I'll try my best. x


Sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply, but this was something I needed to take a break from. I really appreciate your message. Thank you for saying that - you didn’t have to.

There was something I didn’t realize until after I told the people I live/work with what I told them. One of the people in ApprenticeA came to me and apologized, saying that any time we had talked about abuse, that it was probably very triggering for me. I hadn’t even realized that it was, but the second she said that, it opened my eyes. It’s hard for me to talk or hear about abuse, because it triggers conversations I don’t want to have. That doesn’t excuse me from talking about it, but yeah. It’s been a painful year. Things I didn’t want to face, or think I’d have to. Especially not publicly.

Truth be told, I did feel pressured… but I’m also wondering if maybe it’s going to work out for the better. My call to F.A.C.S. last month felt like a big step. Would I have made that call if it wasn’t for these issues being discussed? I’ve called F.A.C.S. a few times since, but I guess it takes a really long time to find and disclose my files. The waiting sucks. But once there’s updates, I’m going to vlog them and keep the conversation going.

Thanks for your patience with me.


Part 2 of the “Darth Waiter Strikes Back” Photoset

(The last few gifs look really bad but I was rushing for you guys, and because Original Craig might wake up soon… Also, tell me if you like the photosets or not, because it’s really time consuming… I didn’t even put a watermark on them or remove the black edges. Well, I guess you don’t need watermarks, I personally hate them, but I just put them on because then others know I make them myself and that I don’t steal them.)