AREM - rad Metroid-inspired comic ⊟

“WHAT IF Samus from Metroid wasn’t so much a SPACE WARRIOR— but just a girl that really liked her INSTAGRAM and went around taking pictures of space creatures and foliage and gorgeous vistas?”

That’s the premise of AREM, the new 32-page Metroid tribute comic from Corey Lewis (Sharknife). Going off the 8-page preview he posted on his Tumblr, this looks REALLY good. You can grab a digital copy of the full comic from Gumroad for just $2!

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I’m kind of obsessed with this right now, look at how good it is. 

Look at that leg in the first panel. Look at the leg in the last panel. Look at all the legs. Look at the motion.

And its so clean. I think I’m an idiot and I’ll never know how he did this. I can’t even copy this.

This is by Corey “sharknife” Lewis.