I read Sharknife at a sort of important time. I was taking art classes in high school and was frustrated that I was having problems with still life. I thought it was unfair that it was so difficult for me. I foolishly assumed that because I was more practiced than most of my class, all art should just happen for me. No one told me that good art takes work. I was still bummed because I was like 16 and Eiichiro Oda got his big break when he was young and I couldn’t even place in a state contest(that I didn’t try hard enough for). But I had also been following Corey Lewis and his art, and was so amped when my comic shop had a copy of Sharknife. I read it, let friends borrow it, got it back, than read it some more. He had put out so much work and it was stuff that made me happy when I got stuck or bummed out. It still does.