Cord Color Meanings

Yellow: Elemental air, knowledge magick progress communication, learning, knowledge

Blue: Elemental water, Peace, tranquility, calmness, truth, wisdom, justice, understanding, patience, loyalty and honor, sincerity, devotion, healing, femininity

Red: Elemental fire, deities of love, passion, sexuality Courage, will-power, determination, assertively, sexual attraction and potency, love and passion, fertility.

Black: Elemental earth, deities of the Underworld. Repel and banish evil and negativity, protection, breaking free from bad habits and addictions, deep meditation, opens up deep unconscious levels. 

Green: Elemental Earth Nature and fertility deities, Mother goddesses growth, healing, prosperity, balance, peace, home, children

Pink: Love-goddesses, softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, emotional healing.

Gold: solar and masculine energy, Abundant self confidence, creativity, perfection, financial riches, magickal power, overcoming bad habits and addictions.

Orange: good luck and good fortune. encouragement, stimulation, optimism, success, prosperity, success in legal matters. 

Brown: Elemental earth, stability, grounding, protection of household, family and pets, to make relationships solid, to attract help in financial crisis.

Silver: Female energy, cycles, rebirth, reincarnation, healing of hormonal imbalances, emotional stability, intuition, dreams, psychic abilities 

White: Elemental spirits, Angels, God, divination and prophecy. Purification, purity, innocence, wholeness, completion. truth seeking, consecration, spiritual enlightenment, protection against negativity, divination, inspiration, and clairvoyance. White can be a replacement for any color and should be at least one color in your cord to represent your higher power.

Lavender/ Purple: Psychic abilities, divination, counter-acting negativity, reversing bad luck, psychic healing, psychic power, inspiration, meditation, spirituality, spiritual power, imagination and spirituality. 

Knot Wishes Over Nine Days

You will need:

  • A long piece of green cord


Between noon and 3 p.m. on the first day and thereafter when you have time.

The spell:

Summarize your wish in a few words, saying it nine times.

Ties the first knot, working left to right saying, “By the power of one, the spell’s begun.”

Do the same thing each day but add a line to the chant.

On day 2, add: “By the knot of two, may my wish come true.”

On day 3, add: “By the knot of three, the power I see.”

On day 4, add: “By the knot of four, the power grows more.”

On day 5, add: “By the knot of five, the wish will thrive.”

On day 6, add: “By the knot of six, the spell is fixed.”

On day 7, add: “By the knot of seven, my cause is leaven.”

On day 8, add: “By the knot of eight, not long to wait.”

By day 9, you have tied all nine knots, say all nine chants nine times, having added: “By the knot of nine, the wish is mine.”

Hang the wish cord where the air flows freely.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

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