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Request: Hello,I love your blog and I was wondering if you can make a Theo Raeken imagine where reader and him had a thing but not officially dating and he does something with Tracy that only him and the reader does and gets super jealous and sad about it,I hope it’s not confusing,thank you💕


A/N: It was a bit confusing so I hope this is what you meant and if it isn’t just send me another message so I can make the good one. And thanks I liked writing this.


Warnings: Fluff, fluff and… Well… Fluff (Maybe sadness and jealousy?)(I’m terrible at warnings)


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Words: 2.324


Pairing: Theo x Reader


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Y/n’s POV.

I’m walking in the woods to a special place. Theo found the place and it is beautiful. Theo and I aren’t really dating we are just doing all the stuff you do when you’re dating without being officially dating and also without the dates. They look like dates but no one officially called it a date. I wouldn’t mind dating him but now with everyone thinking he is the bad guy it will be difficult. That place is our place and it is difficult to get there but it is worth it. Theo and I always go there after school and we make our homework. After we have our homework done we do whatever we want. It is amazing and it is just our thing. In our place is a waterfall and under the waterfall is a lake. Our place is a bit hidden but when you know where to go you can’t really get lost. I walk to our place and I can see the beautiful green grass already. I can hear the waterfall with the birds. I see Theo lying on picnic blanket. “I thought we could use a picnic,” he says and he gets up. “You made this?” I ask. “No, the little gnomes made it,” he says and I giggle. I go on my knees on the blanket and Theo grabs a plate. He puts some strawberries with chocolate on the plate. The best combination ever! “Unfortunately we have to study,” he says. I grab my books and so does he. “I’m not feeling like doing any homework,” I say. He picks one strawberry up and I take a bite. I feel some chocolate on my lips and I want to lick it away but Theo kisses me and I can taste the chocolate on his lips. I want to go further in the kiss but Theo breaks it. “We do have to work on our homework,” he says and I can feel his warm breath against my skin. “I hate it when you tease me,” I say. “And I love it,” he says. He wants to turn his head but I put my hand on his cheek and I kiss him. When he wants to go further I am the one who pulls back. “Unfortunately for you I always get what I want,” I say. I pick my pencil up and I start to look at my book. He grabs my wrists and he turns me on my back. “You are the one who always gets what they want?” he asks. He starts to give me kisses on my jawline. “Theo…,” I mumble. He starts to go from my jawline to my neck and he ends with my collarbone. “Hmm.” “We have to make our homework,” I tell him. He looks up and he almost looks offended. Almost. He lets go off my wrists and I get back up. “You really want to do homework?” he asks. “Definitely not,” I say. “We can go swimming,” he says. “You know the lake is all the way down there?” I ask and I point at the lake that is under the waterfall. “You know I’m supernatural?” he asks. “I’m getting wet when I’m swimming,” I say. “The last time you stayed at me you left some clothes and they are in the car but no worries I did wash them,” he says. “You washed them?” I ask. “I made sure they were washed,” he says. “That I can believe,” I say. “But if I jump I will break something,” I say. “Do you trust me?” he asks. “Well… Obviously,” I say. I put my jewellery, shoes, jacket, phone and other stuff in the picnic basket. He takes of his shirt, shoes and he puts his phone in the basket too. He grabs my hand. “Are you ready?” he asks. “We are going to jump from way too much feet. What do you think?” I ask. I put my arm around Theo’s neck and he puts his arm around my waist. Suddenly he jumps and I feel the ground disappearing under me. I put my arms stronger around Theo and I feel his arm getting stronger around my waist. Suddenly I feel the water and it’s kind of cold. Really cold. Theo swims up and he pulls me up too. “This is so cold!” I say. He pulls me even closer – if that is even possible – and I can feel his warm skin burning against mine. We swim a bit further and after a while he can stand. “I think we are supposed to go home. It’s getting late,” he says. “I think you’re right. Unfortunately,” I say. “We can do this every day,” he says. “I would love to,” I say. “But I do have to do this before we go back up,” Theo says and I look confused at him. Suddenly he kisses me and I can feel his wet hand on my skin. His hand goes from my cheek to my back further to my waist. It gives me goosebumps what makes him smile during our kiss. “Stop teasing!” I say. He puts my arm around his neck and then he jumps. He jumps back to our place. That is a huge jump! Thanks to the jump the water drops on my skin flew away. “My car is close,” Theo says. I put my clothes back on and we start walking. “Now we do have one problem,” Theo says. “What?” I ask concerned. “I have to make my homework on my own. You’re a great tutor!” he says and he starts to laugh. “Theo, that isn’t funny!” I say. “Well I think it’s hilarious. You should’ve seen your face,” he says. He gets the keys from his car and he opens the door for me. I get my clothes and I change my clothing. “Cute bra,” Theo says. “Shut up!” I say and he starts to laugh again. When I’m done changing I get in the car. “You know I’ve never thought you would wear that br…” “Drive!” I cut him off. He starts the car and we drive to my house. “So tomorrow same time same place?” I ask when he stops the car for my house. “Sorry, I have to spend time with my pack,” he says. “Of course, I almost forgot them,” I say. He gives me a kiss on my cheek and I get out of the car.


I’m walking to my car. It’s the next day and school is over. I had cross country practice but that’s over too. I put my bag in the back of my car and someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn around and I see Hayden standing behind me. She looks quite pissed off but she always looks like that. Liam is standing behind her with his pack. “Where is Theo?” she asks. “I don’t know he said he would do something with his pack,” I say. “Well we can’t find Tracy either,” Hayden says. “You’re part of his pack so this pack so this is your priority,” I say. Alright it might sound a bit rude but he lied to me! He said he was going to do something with his pack. Not with just Tracy! I can feel jealousy in my whole body. “Okay, I might have an idea where they could be but is it really that important?” I ask. “We wouldn’t come to you if it wasn’t,” Scott says. I get in the car and everyone steps aside for my car to drive. Suddenly Kira jumps in my car and I look at her. “What? I don’t trust him and I don’t want you to get hurt,” she says. “I barely know you,” I say. “That doesn’t matter,” she says and I start the car. I drive to the woods and I stop it. “We are here already?” She asks. “It’s in the woods,” I say. I get out of the car and I start to run to the special place. How can he do this? Maybe it’s all a mistake. I just hope he didn’t show Tracy our place. Because… Well… It’s ours. Just before we are there I stop running. I think Kira is stuck a lot of trees ago. I walk silently to the place and I can hear voices. “Theo, this place is beautiful,” I hear Tracy say. “I know and you know what’s even more fun?” he asks. “What?” she asks. He throws his shirt away and she does her jacket off. I can see that he grabs her hand and he jumps of the cliff. I can feel my knees getting weaker and I can feel the tears burning in my eyes. I thought this was our thing? I turn around and I see Kira standing behind me. I’m glad my tears didn’t run over my face yet. “I thought that you two had something,” she says. “We weren’t officially dating. We were just hooking up,” I say. “But now that you’ve found him I can go.” I start to walk back to my car and I hear Kira running after me. “Y/n, you don’t have to pretend to be so tough,” she says. “We are here for you.” “Kira, I just misunderstood what we had. That’s my problem not yours,” I say and I get in the car. “You really don’t have to act so tough,” Kira says. I drive back to the school were the others are and I’m ignoring Kira. “Are you getting out of my care?” I ask rudely. “Not before you admit it,” she says. “Admit what?” I ask. “How much it hurts you,” she says. “Get out!” I say. “No!” she says. I get out of my car and I walk over to Scott. “Can you please get your girlfriend out of my car?” I ask. “Kira!” Scott calls. “I’m not getting out of this car,” she says. Scott walks over to her and he picks her up. “Why are you doing this?” Scott asks. “We saw Theo with Tracy and she is really sad about it but she doesn’t show it,” Kira says. “This is my business so get your ass out of it!” I say and I walk to my car but Lydia grabs my arm. “You do remember we were friends. We still are. Kind off,” she says. Lydia and I were once friends but then she got in all this supernatural business and I was hooking up with their ‘enemy’.

I walk to my car ignoring them and I drive home. Once I’m in my room the tears are running over my face. I lay down on my bed and I grab my pillow. I hate him! How could he do this to me? It was our thing! He lied about being with his pack and he was shirtless with Tracy! I thought we almost had something. I was wrong. I walk to my mirror and I throw water in my face. Why am I crying about this? He isn’t worth it. He isn’t worth it. He isn’t… Oh who am I kidding of course he is worth it! It’s Theo! He is amazing! He is so dreamy! How could I be so stupid thinking this was more than just hooking up! "Why are you crying?“ I jump by the sound of his voice and Theo starts to laugh. "I thought you were out with your pack?” I ask rudely walking to my bed. “Well you’re more important,” he says. I scoff. “Yeah right,” I say under my breath. “You are!” he says and he grabs my hands but I pull them back. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “You were out with Tracy this afternoon,” I say. “Are you jealous?” he asks. “You lied to me. You showed her our place and you jumped shirtless from the waterfall!” I say. “You are jealous!” he says. “You showed her our place,” I say. “Our place… I never thought you thought of it like that,” he says. “Well, now I know you don’t think about it like that,” I say. “I’ve never said that. I’m so sorry. I just wanted her to show something beautiful. If I’ve known that it meant so much for you I wouldn’t have showed to her,” he says. “You also cliff dived with her,” I say. “And it’s the same story with that. Y/n, I like… No… I love you! If I would’ve known it hurt you that much I would never have done it. Believe me!” he says. I look at him and I don’t know what to say. He grabs my hand and he puts it on his chest. “You can feel my heartbeat. You know if I lie,” he says. “I love you.” His heartbeat stays steady which make my heart skip a beat. He starts to laugh. “We’ll find a new special place,” he says. “No, I like the old one,” I say. He laughs. “So we’re good?” he asks. I nod. “Yes, we are,” I say. “Good because I haven’t done this yet and I really should’ve done it a long while ago,” he says and I look curious at him. “Do you want to go on a real date with me?” “Definitely!” I say and I hug him. He puts his head in my neck and I am tiptoeing. We walk to the bed and we lay down. I put my head on his chest and he still holds my hand.


main reason why i watch tw 😂

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Alrighty, here come the feels

32. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

Stiles tries, really he does, to move on after Cora left but it seems that his heart wasn’t ready. If he was being honest, neither was the rest of him.

Scott worries about him, smells his heartbreak everyday and he only wants him to be happy again. Scott watches as Stiles tries yet again to find her, tries to email her, tries to get Derek to spill some type of information but he only runs into a wall…again.

“Stiles man…” Scott grabs his shoulder, “You gotta give this up. Cora doesn’t want to be found, it’ll be better if you just stop before you get more hurt.”

Stiles shakes off his hand and stands to look at his best friend, his brother, as the sharp pain of what feels like betrayal slice through him, “Stop?”

“Yeah, this is…this is crazy.”

“What if we stopped looking for Kira? Would you be better? Would you be able to get over it?”

Scott opens his mouth and closes it again, shoulders slumping, “Stiles that was different.”

“Really? I don’t see anything different about it! When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!” 

Stiles is in his face, eyes misty and his chest heaving. Scott’s heart breaks for his brother and he swallows, “You’re right.” He puts both hands on his shoulders, “You don’t give up. Now what do we know so far?”

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cora week - day one - favorite moment(s): 3.04 unleashed

all those rumors I heard. a powerful new alpha, one of the hales, building a pack—do you know how long I waited to hear something like that?