Last weeks days have been kinda rough, and I really needed fluff to cheer me up (‘cause yeah, I can draw fluff when I want ;p).

And when it comes to fluff, the baby angels!verse (ask-the-baby-angels, by scribblyscratch) is one of those blogs and stories that never fails to make me smile and feel better when I need it. I never found the courage to send asks myself (I am absolute trash when it comes to mail and messaging), but last night I re-read it entirely and I was like “damn, I love this so much, I need to do something about it”… and twenty minutes after I was scribbling this in my sketchbook.

Go read the baby angels!verse, guys. Cute fluff with heartwrenching backstory, very very interesting world building, awesome art and happiness all along. ♥

(Art mostly inspired by this post, ‘cause the bee-lamp is just the cutest thing ever !! Kinda imagined Cas having a worse nightmare than usual and breaking it while trying to reach it or something… but gladly Super Dean is here to fix it !)


Style and Fashion Zine #2 is finally ready to print! Here are a bunch of the marker drawings that made it into the issue. The first four scans are from my trip to Seoul, and the last two pages are from Japan. I’ll share some photos of the risograph prints in a few days, then the books must be assembled, sewn, and cropped to size, and finally pre-orders will ship I think on March 23rd. Get your order in cuz I think you’ll really like this one. E-mail me if you have any issues with the online store, & we’ll work something out.

I’m trying different ways to print in multiple colors. One way is to just scan a finished picture (such as the two drawings of Sayaka carrying the white clutch bag), adjust the levels in Photoshop’s CMYK channels, and try to get a good reproduction with the imperfect risograph registration and my unusual ink combos.

One problem with that is the linework gets picked up by all four channels, not just the black layer. So that’s why sometimes I draw the black lines on one sheet of paper, and then use color markers on a different sheet using a light table (such as the last image above). Then I can easily separate the colors from the black lifework. 

Of course, sometimes I just color in Photoshop. I have my own methods and “weird tricks” for doing the best job I can with this. With all of these processes, I try to keep the finished product in the forefront of my mind, and I learn from the result of each project. 

I’m most proud of my coloring in Another Face Comic, because I got really fun contrast without being too Pop-y. BLOCKS comics is the weirdest and has the coolest effect because I used fewer inks but basically the same color combos. I’m fascinated with improving my methods, but I get bored doing the exact same thing. I want to share the results of my experiments on this Tumblr… but of course I think it’s more fun for you if you buy the real paper zines!


Tutorial: Rendering Fabrics (Fashion Illustrations)

Someone asked me about my rendering and here’s a breakdown of how I roughly do it. The renderings are all done with Copic Sketch markers, nothing else, using the side with the brush tip.

It’s all about stacking and then blending with the base colour. Copics are alcohol-based so it can blend seamlessly if you go over it a few times. I usually use colours that are 4 shades apart, saves you ink (instead of stacking a lot, just use a darker colour), but you have to be careful. If you accidentally go over too much or block your lines outs, you can always sort of rescue yourself with the use of a white coloured pencil or accent your lines with a white pen.

▣ More: conceptualnaturalism~ ▣

No soy muy buena con los tutoriales y eso, pero puedo explicar una de las formas que tengo de colorear (deduzco que con “nueva forma de color” te refieres al estilo rotus o algo…).

Me voy al sai y en primer lugar doy un color base… Bueno, a veces XD Otras veces directamente no. Pero lo explicaré con base XD

En otra capa sombreo con un pincel que tiene opacidad baja para que pinte más claro o más oscuro según la presión, como si fuera una pintura, vamos :K

Estos son los settings míos… Aunque los puse así porque yo no tenía los que deberían ser XD No sé cómo los tendrás tú, ve probando si no son iguales hasta que te guste el pincel cómo queda, como hice yo :3

Pues eso, empiezo a dar sombreado jugando con la presión del pincel…

Le voy metiendo más tonos…

Si no me gusta el color lo cambio XD

Eso la piel, y con el pelo y ropa y etc, hago exactamente lo mismo XDDDDDD

Voy metiendo las sombras en capas diferentes, pero luego las combino todas junto al color base :K

En el photoshop creo una capa arriba del todo y la relleno de un color. Luego le meto efecto esponja (esto no lo hago siempre XDDDDD).

Le meto luz suave (si se ven muy feos los granos, le quito opacidad… O sino me gusta el color lo cambio XD). Y ya está :)

Mi Michelle como modelo para este tutorial os saluda a todos >v<)/