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The World’s Largest Social Networks, And Where Their Users Come From

  • Facebook still has the largest user population at 1.16 billion; YouTube is close behind with 1 billion.
  • China’s giant social media network, Qzone, is running in third place at 712 million total users. It’s twice as large as global social messaging app WhatsApp, and nearly three times as large as Twitter.
  • IPO-bound Twitter is smaller than many of its less-known rivals, including Tumblr, WhatsApp, and LINE.
  • Facebook has 95 million users in China (despite the fact that it’s officially blocked), 68 million in India, 42 million in Brazil. Taking these population together, they’re twice as large as Facebook’s U.S. population of 100 million.
  • Nearly 25% of LinkedIn’s users are in India. In fact, there are more Indians than Americans on LinkedIn and Google+.
  • Despite being blocked in China, the major social networks still have many millions of Chinese active users who use various stratagems to access these services. Google+ has 100 million users in China, Twitter has 80 million, and YouTube has 60 million. 
  • LinkedIn, the only major social network that is not blocked in China, has over 20 million users  
  • Southeast Asia is off the charts when it comes to mobile social media usage. 82% percent of Thai smartphone owners access social media daily on their phones.
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Cooper Smith and Todd Koch, the two gay dads featured in the JC Penney ad, chat with WWFA-TV. These guys are incredibly sweet.

On Building Security...
  • Cooper:i just got out of the shower
  • (hot, i know)
  • and….my neighbor was in my apartment
  • Elizabeth:what?
  • Cooper:yeah
  • just….in hosh's bathroom
  • and she said she was looking for her dog
  • Elizabeth:um
  • thats super weird
  • Cooper:yeah
  • i'm calling the cops

My name’s Cooper Smith, and I’m a designer at Twitter in New York City. Photography has always been a hobby of mine, though in the past year or so its transitioned to a full on obsession. I’m never without a camera, and use photography as my excuse to travel to new places.

I’m just as happy shooting architecture in big cities and the landscapes of the complete solitude of nature. I love shooting portraits, but don’t do it enough, and I’m trying to get more comfortable shooting street.

I primarily shoot on my Fuji X-Pro1, though I am also slowly re-learning film with my Hasselblad 501.

Fuller and Landon Similarity Post

The Stillness Within

Blinded by an explosion

Is depressed and hopeless

A female helps 

Gets up from laying down and then stands from a sitting position

Keeps eyes closed before viewing the light

Smiles and cries when he can finally see

The Story of Cain

Blinded by an explosion

Is depressed and hopeless

A female helps 

Gets up from sitting down

Keeps eyes close before viewing the light

Smiles and cries when he can finally see

These are the similarities! Gonna start doing this more often! Love these two cowboys! :)

a smol ref of Cooper Milady Smith’s second assistant in the Lab. 

Cooper in a synthetic skin suit who need to be filled to work properly. The stuffing can be anything: cotton, hay, slime, soft clay… His current stuffing is a tentacle parasite who can sometimes (but rarely) take control over Cooper’s mind and body

Cooper is physically genderless while the parasite is hermaphrodite but both go by male pronounds.


1,000 Nike+ Runs