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Finally managed to finish this build, and just in time for Megacon this Friday too! Most of the armor was hand made from foam and other materials to go with the collectors edition helmet i got with the game, with 3D printed parts where necessary. Guns and knife were 3D printed.


riverdale hogwarts houses! feel free to discuss and ask questions!

*polly will get added after episode 7, there just wasn’t enough in episode 6 to sort her properly*

If Archie and Valerie don’t date I’m going to sue

Reckless [a.a.]

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a lil story based on this song by Billie Eilish


You were (Y/N) Blossom. Everyone knew who you were. You were the rebellious one. The soft-spoken one. The only one who didn’t want any part of the Blossom’s sick, twisted world.

And the heir to the Blossom company.

After Jason’s death, Clifford and Penelope had deemed Cheryl unfit for being the heir and the responsibility was thrust upon you.

You didn’t want it, and everyone who wasn’t a part of your family (except for Cheryl) knew that.

Cheryl didn’t really want that responsibility either, but she was still a better option, actually coming from the currents boss’s family.You’d much rather spend your days at Pop’s, occasionally eating with Jughead, than willingly spend time with your family.

Cheryl, your cousin, would help you try to avoid any family engagements and make you seem unfit for the position, but no one was buying it.

The tree-tapping ceremony came a lot quicker than anyone thought and all of a sudden, your parents were demanding for you to find a date.

You didn’t. (Although you did try asking Jughead but that had ended with the both of you crying from laughing so hard).

You knew that Cheryl had asked Archie Andrews, the town’s new golden boy, to the tree-tapping ceremony. You also knew that he had rejected her because of his girlfriend, Valerie (who was a good friend of yours). And finally, you also knew that your aunt Penelope had convinced Archie to accompany Cheryl to the ceremony.

A few days later and the big day had arrived. Your day began normally enough but you couldn’t help but grimace the red and black get-up that had been laid out for you. Scoffing, you walked to your closet, pulling out a (F/C) blouse and your nicest pair of jeans. Before walking out of your room, you tugged on a pair of heels, not wanting to completely piss off your family by showing up in you old pair of sneakers.

Standing in the snow, you tried your best to ignore the judging glares coming from all the guests. You stood next to Cheryl, trying to hold back a snort at your uncle’s speech but failing miserably. You tried to pass of your snort as a cough, which led to you actually coughing and stumbling, trying to cease the noise.

You felt a hand rubbing soothing circles into your back and you gasped for air, sighing when you finally calmed down.

“Thanks Cheryl,” you gasped.

You heard a deep chuckle. “You’re welcome but I’m not Cheryl.”

You turned around and came face to face with Archie Andrews who opened his mouth to say something but stopped when his eyes met yours.

“You alright there Archiekins?” Cheryl asked, bounding up behind you.

“Uh, just fine,” Archie stumbled over his words. He was struck dumb by your appearance. Where the Blossoms had fiery red hair, yours was muted, a dark auburn color and your (E/C) eyes were sparkling with life.

His attention was suddenly focused on the fact that he and Cheryl were supposed to start the tree-tapping.

After a successful tree tap, you were next. You could hear the murmurs of displeasure as you drove the spile into the tree trunk with the mallet and swiftly grabbed the bucket and placed it underneath. The murmurs got even louder when Cheryl approached you and held the other side of the bucket and smiled at you. You smiled back.

You could hear Archie and Cheryl talking quietly as they walked behind you. You were walking slightly in front of them, close enough to hear both their conversation, and the one being spoken by the people in front of you as well.

You couldn’t help but sneer as you heard them talking about Cheryl and just how unfit she was to take over the company.

“Archie no,” you could hear Cheryl saying. Apparently Archie had heard the conversation as well.

“No Cheryl,” you could hear him protest. “They can’t just say that.”

“No, it’s okay,” Cheryl replied.

“No it’s not,” Archie responded. You could hear him speed up and address the others. “Hey! You shouldn’t-”

He was cut off as Cheryl pulled him back, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t continue.

“You shouldn’t speak about her that way,” you spoke up. They all looked at you in shock. “You can’t just say things about Cheryl like she’s not around. Especially when you’re saying things that make her sound like she’s unwell. Of course she’s distraught over Jason’s death. She has a right to be. She lost her twin brother. You can’t go around saying shit about her. She has a 4.0 GPA and she’s cheer captain. She is the smartest person in school. None of you know what she’s capable of so just shut the fuck up.”

Everyone was quiet as you stormed off and Archie stared after you in awe. The couple simply shook their heads and kept walking, this time muttering about how unfit you were.

She knew that look. It was the look of admiration. It was what the beginning of a crush looked like.

She smirked as she looked after you. She had found a way to keep Archie Andrews entangled in her web, and it was you.

You had been correct. No one knew what Cheryl Blossom was truly capable of.

(Forgive me, I’m so tired and this is so short but I hope it’s decent) :)

(I had to rewrite because I had some trouble when posting)

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I love Cheryl but if she comes in between Archie and Valerie I’m gonna throw hands

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