The Humanz paintings in Brussels were amazing and unique in each way

Russel’s was a monocromatic painting with windmill island in the foreground, which was simple yet very detailed

2D was done like a classic painting with soft lines and great shading

Murdoc’s was very contemporary with the face splitting and showing his cartoon self inside his human self

Noodle had been painted in a pop art style with sharp lines and bold differences in colors

The artists just did an amazing job, hats off to them!

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Everyone's reaction on Gorillaz??

Mikasa: Okay
Reiner: Lol it’s animated, that’s for childr- oh
Bertholdt: Kinda creeped out, take them away, noodle is cute though!
Annie: Okay, so now what?
Jean: spent sleepless nights on their website back then, loves them
Marco: Not really into it
Sasha: can sing every single song, every onnnne morbid crush on murdoc
Connie: A bit freaked out, but in a good way
Historia: Loves them
Armin: Thinks they’re a cool concept, not necessarily the music, but sill
Levi: they look filthy, ew
Hanji: cooooooool
Erwin: Wow, how do they do that?!
Nanaba: Uhm okay…?! No…
Mike: Loves them
Moblit: Knows every song, because of Hanji, gotten used to it

no but can we just talk about the fact that obviously Jace is Will’s descendant, but ALEC AND ISABELLE ARE CECILY AND GABRIEL’S DESCENDANTS??? Cecily Herondale. So, Alec and Isabelle and Jace really are related, even if it’s way way back. AND Alec got the Herondale blue eyes/black hair combination, although he’s technically a Lightwood. Idk I know that is super obvious to everyone but me but I just find that sO FREAKING COOL

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You and Max are soooooooo cooooooool! I love both your blogs!

Oh fuck if only they knew @pete-ponytail
In reality we’re actually both people who nearly fainted at the sight of Peter Murphy and took his whole setlist to recover.
Thanks for the vote of confidence though!!

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That's so cooooooool

No it’s not qmq Monday was warm which is nice since I’m always cold no matter what I do. Tuesday was windy. Wednesday it got a little bit cold. Yesterday it was raining like crazy and I look outside and see flurries ._.


Remember Me for Centuries (Ancestors MEP)

Guys look it’s the video that person linked me to just now~  I’m so happy because, like, cool video for my favorite characters?  USING SOME OF MY ART ALONG WITH TONS OF QUALITY MATERIALS FROM SUPER ARTISTS?  I may need to lie down. @v@ 

(By the way, though, the song’s pitched up! Just so that doesn’t hit you in the face.)