Herb Stripper

Simplify the tedious chore of de-leafing herbs by making it a quick and easy task using the herb stripper. With a single pull of the stem through one of the specially designed holes, the herbs will fall neatly into a small receptacle so you can use them as needed.

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Hey, Its Bird here!!

I made (another) Commission page! this once looks better and i changed the prices a bit.

But also! my birthday is little over a month and itd be cool to actually have money to spend on myself!


-Paypal only, sorry!

-No furries/animals please. im not good at them at all and i dont want to subject someone to pay for a bad drawing.

-SFW only. i am not comfortable with people paying me for NSFW drawings.

-Fanart/OC’s are fine!

-some form of reference is okay. a visual aid is requested though.

-Two characters tops per drawing. Extra characters are +$5

-Please have payments ready before commission.

-Please wait for the invoice i will send you before paying.

If you are truly interested in commissioning me for artwork, please contact me at: . i will try my beset to reply within a day

theyll always be open! so please commission me!

Worst Case Scenario Survival Book

There’ll be no catching you off guard after you read the Worst Case Scenario Survival book. After studying its informative pages, you’ll know how to make it out alive from any imaginable situation such as getting abducted by aliens or navigating a minefield.

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Lightsaber Light-Up Chop Sticks

Use the Force to help you grip those slippery sushi rolls by grabbing them with the lightsaber light-up chop sticks. Each mini lightsaber features a detailed hilt that illuminates the transparent molds in either an ominous Vader red or a hopeful Luke blue.

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Xbox 360 9mm Bullet Buttons

Now you can customize your gaming gear with the Xbox 360 9mm bullet buttons to reflect your lethal skills. This deadly mod allows you to replace the standard multicolored buttons with handmade buttons that replicate the ends of 9mm bullets.

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