Bonded - Part 2

what would happen if your beanpole bf was forced to bond with someone else? aka A/B/O rhack with 2 nerds feeling emotions.

read part 1 here  - (thank you all for the positive feedback!)

When Rhys awoke the next morning in his own bed, surrounded by his own scent and his own blankets and his own shitty company-issued posters lining the walls, he felt at peace. At least, as at peace as he could be in the given situation. He’d passed out practically as soon as he’d walked through the door, barely managing to send Jack a goodnight text before falling asleep. He hadn’t even taken his cybernetic arm off in his exhaustion, and his right shoulder felt incredibly sore.

He sighed, stretching his arms above his head with a groan and then moving to grab his phone from where it was charging next on his nightstand. Once he’d turned his alarm off, he noticed a few texts from Jack, two from last night and one from this morning. He quickly read them over before shooting him a reply.

Hey handsome. Sorry I passed out on you last night.

He’d finally worked up the willpower to drag himself out from underneath the covers when his phone dinged with a message from Jack.

You’re like an old lady with how early you go to sleep.

Rhys snorted, in the process of planning out a retort when he received another text.

I’m glad you’re okay.

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