【きょう☆ぱん】VIXX- Eternity 【踊ってみた】

Woah, what’s this? Kyo trying to dance to kpop? shit. we’re fucked

Today is/was @excelsis-prince ‘s birthday and because she likes kpop I thought “hey, kyo you should try kpop, u know for the feels” So, I remember her posting about this group called vixx … like, I literally have no idea who is who or whatever, so I looked them up on google and damn I felt attacked.

so yeah, if you could go and congratulate her that would be great because she so lovely and beautiful and truly deserves the world.

tldr; Kyo tries kpop and fails but loves her friend so much kyo still uploads the video.

i love bonding with strangers over tattoos?? it’s honestly the purest thing?? and a cool conversation starter?? i just love people in general they r v nice 90% of the time??


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[ENG SUB] 160717 Hubei TV 《阳光艺体能》 Cool Kiz on the Block (Chinese Ver.) - EXO Cut
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