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Subtle Magical Practice

Some of us live an environment where we cannot practice our craft openly.  It is a shame but our living situation is what it is.  So this is for those of you - of age of course- who cannot openly practice magic!

Energy working

This is a method that requires pretty much no tools so there’s not much to hide.  You can set barriers and shields with this method and no one ever can see.  However, if your spiritual strength is a bit on the low end, this is also a great way to start trying to increase it.  Like working out for your spirit power.

Here’s a post with various sources on energy working!

Kitchen Magic

This is one that if you like cooking, you can do without ever being suspected.  This is also a perfect excuse to have a lot of herbs because you can claim its for cooking!  I’m afraid I’m not particularly versed in it so I don’t really have any recipes to give but you can find a ton within the kitchen magic tag!


Music can be paired, I think, with energy work and it can be used for a lot!  Especially if it has an emotive response for you!  Music tends to give me emotional responses and I have used it on more than one occasion to cleanse, lift the air and even give myself a boost in power.  You can even pull song lyrics to help make a spell incantation!  I can’t really tell you specifically which songs to use because this all would depend on how music effects you.  But it is certainly an option!  You can also sing or play your own instrument if you can to fuel a spell or cleanse!

Water, Water, Everywhere

Keep your empty bottles and you can store water of different types in there. Moon water, Storm water, Sun water, Sea water (if you are near the ocean), or even just add some salt to your water bottle.   You can keep it in a drawer or something and it is pretty versatile.  Salt water/sea water is great for cleansing and banishing and I love to use Storm water for the same purpose!  And if your family or roommates find it, so what?  All they’ll see are bottles of water.

Pop Culture Magic

As a nerd, I like the idea of charging up video game symbols or something and using it as something witchy.  And to others, it can just look like you are just wearing nerdy regalia.  Got a cool necklace from your favorite tv show?  Great!  Charge that sucker up in sun or moonlight and wear it around with you as a special charm!  Like some symbols from that video game you like?  Awesome!  Use it to make a special sigil of your own!


Now that we’ve mentioned sigils, those are actually pretty great too!  You can use a pen to draw them on your skin somewhere under your clothes.  Draw it into the soup you are about to eat, use your concealer to draw it on your face and blend it in, draw it on a sheet of paper and put it in your pocket to carry with you.  Draw it on the inside of your tag on your shirt or jacket!  Hell, draw it and take a picture of it and set it as your phone background!  Sigils are extremely versatile and easy to keep very subtle!

Glamour Magic

This is a big one and really easy to disguise.  Use your make up to cast a spell on yourself for the day!  Charge your make up in moonlight to give it some extra strength!  Don’t wear make up?  That’s cool too!  Chapstick charged in moonlight is great!  You can also use your facial scrub or soap and use it as a cleansing ritual.  You can also use your clothes!  Charge up your clothes with moon or sunlight!  You can also charge them with your intent and focus on that intent becoming a part of you as you put them on!  You can also incorporate knot magic and braid your hair to lock in the spell so to speak or focus on the braid and it’s weaving together what you want to happen!  You can also use your cologne or perfume to set your tone for the day!


If you are allowed to burn them, they can be helpful as well!  All you have to do is say you like to have nice smelling candles!  And speaking of scents, aromatherapy is a great tool as well!  You can carve sigils into candles, anoint them with different waters and herbs!  

Bath Magic

Oh boy this is a good one and also great for self care and cleansing!  You can charge up your favorite soaps, body washes and shampoos in the sun or moonlight!  You can also mix a bit of your different waters in with them!  I like to take my body wash and mix in some herbs!  Rosemary is a great one for cleansing and protection.  You can use bath salts to help with cleansing and there all kinds of things you can add in there!  Throw in some lemon slices, orange slices just some really great stuff and it makes you feel so nice!


Not really magic but I’m including it because in theory if you are in a situation where you can’t practice magic, you are probably in a situation in which you can’t openly do tarot either.  Shufflemancy is a good one because all you need is your music.  That’s it.  Nothing suspicious about that.  You just shuffle whether specified by another person or by when you think you should stop and give a reading based on the song that came up.  You can also use Stichomancy (with books) or Bibliomancy (which is with the Bible.  How’s THAT for ironic?  HAH!) 

That’s what I’ve got for now but I’m sure there are other options to pursue.  I hope this was helpful to some of you!

Safe Travels


Aries: When the wind blows from the South-East and carries the scent of lilacs, you will know it’s time.

Taurus: This is your fault. It turned out better than anyone expected, but it’s still your fault.

Gemini: Re-think that summoning circle. Something is out of place. You don’t want a repeat of the sludge creature, do you?

Cancer: Chewing on metal files will not make your words any sharper.

Leo: Don’t you dare call him. Leave well enough alone.

Virgo: You need some balloons. They’ll make you feel better.

Libra: Don’t worry about the dripping noise coming from down the hall. Even if you look for its source, you won’t find it.

Scorpio: “There were times I thought I’d die for the want of you. Now I feel as though I can live due to your absence.”

Sagittarius: Eggs. Collect them all. You’ll need them soon.

Capricorn: Bear teeth are useful for so many things - Magic, cool necklaces, stuffing them in your own mouth to frighten children.
You should become a Bear Dentist.

Aquarius: Pay no attention to the orbs of light following you around on your nightly walks. They’re just trying to make sure you return home safely.

Pisces: It’s one of those things that breaks very easily. You shouldn’t test it. Seriously. Don’t.


eliza is the cool mum that forms rap duos with her child, ham is their number 1 fan

Griel: Dragon Boyfriend 1

Part One of a dragon commission for @ladyccr Part Two is coming soon.

You had always had a secret dream that something would come and destroy the castle. You dreamed your annoying little sister’s room would be the first to go. You hated the joy the thought brought you but you allowed yourself to indulge in it. You knew if anything like that were to happen you’d never forgive yourself for wishing it. Dreams were meant to be just that, dreams.

You had been dreaming a lot recently. Stories had been surfacing almost constantly of attacks on villages and other castles. Orcs and dragons were the most common. There were talks of Rakshasa armies rising in the east as well. One of your father’s closest allies had recently been sacked. Their castle and everything plundered, his daughter was still missing.

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pureangleda  asked:

Camila, so I went through your youtube channel and got all nostalgic. I love the RGH battles you did and the awesome Nemisis collabs. You are amazing with coragraphy of the fights and the effects and just how Bad*ss Jade is in general. You're a huge inspiration to beginning animators (coughifIevergetacomputerthatworkscough) so thanks, for doing what you do :)

Ikr! Someone recently got me a really cool necklace that’s got NEMESIS’s symbol!. It made ofsteel or something and it’s incredibly cool! I really felt like Jade, the leader, wearing it proudly.

Don’t worry, I’ll work with my character and mt clan’s story again. I plan on making it an animated series as well! It’s probably going to be my most ambicious project ever, and hopefully I can release a sort of “trailer episode” between glitchtale seasons.

It’s been a long time, and it’ll probably be a couple months or another year, but Jade will come back to the screen, cooler than ever. (Since now I can actually make sort of decent animations lol)


I don’t think I’ve ever shown you my father’s birthday gift, which is this cool handcarved Homestuck necklace (yes, it’s the Light symbol ! How cool is that ?) I really like it, it looks like some ancient magical necklace that will open doors to another world, which is incidentally the plot of my first book ever.

(He told me to tell you he’s taking commissions if you want something like that with your classpect on it by the way :p)

Kids, let’s sit down and talk about the worst thing ever.






(Also the edgy arm warmers thingys, sandals, and a weird “cool” necklace? Really? Are we in Hot Topic?)

Let’s talk about the tragedy of the costumes in the recent Beauty and the Beast remake. On one hand, there are some great things happening in some parts, but that makes the disappoint of all the rest that much more of a letdown. 

We’ll go ahead and start out with Belle’s initial costume in the village

Right off the bat, there’s obvious similarities to animated Belle’s original dress. Blue and white. An apron. The fabric patterns is where it starts getting a little questionable. The checkered apron looks like it came straight from the prairie and the light blue of her bodice (especially the textured portion across the front) looks like it’s made out of denim (which…. I should not have to explain why you shouldn’t put a fairy tale heroine in denim). 

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Dragon Dreams (Charlie Weasley x Reader)

Charlie Weasley x reader 

Anonymous request(s); hey there, could you do some sort of Thing™ where the reader is friends with fred and george and the summer after fifth year (she stayed to do her OWLs) they take her to the burrow? and charlie’s there and they really hit it off (and maybe sometimes she gets a little blushy) and they talk a lot and idrk where to go from there, maybe something fluffy? please? also im sorry to take up your time ❤️ thank you a lot in advance if you do this ❤️❤️

hey there! i was just wondering if you’d write for charlie weasley? he needs more love tbh

Warnings; none :)

a/n; I hope you like it!!

         “We’re home!” Fred and George yell at the same time once you all enter the Burrow.

         “(Y/n)! So good to see you, dear! I’ve just put the kettle on, do you want some tea?” Molly exclaims excitedly, as she pulls you into a tight hug.

         “It’s good to see you too, Mrs. Weasley. Some tea would be great thanks.” You chuckle at her enthusiasm.

         “(Y/n) Come meet the rest of the family!” Fred says, as George practically drags you into the family room.

         It’s finally summer vacation. Fifth year OWLs are over, and your parents let you stay with your friends Fred and George at the Burrow. Fred and George were the only two Weasleys you really knew, besides Molly, and now you get to meet the rest of the family.

         “Everyone, this is our good friend (Y/n)-“
         “-and she’ll be stayin’ with us this summer.”

         You look around the room to see four more red-headed boys, all of different ages and sizes. The sight made you giggle a bit. The boys all get up and start crowding around you, some you recognize, and some you don’t.

         “You’re Ron, right? I remember you from last year! You’re friends with Harry Potter right?” You turn to the youngest looking boy.

         Ron smiles, “That’s right. I’m Ron, this is Percy, Bill, and Charlie.” He gestures to the other three boys. Percy nodded a ‘hello’ and went back to reading a book, while Bill introduced himself with a firm handshake. The last one seemed more interested in your necklace than anything else though.

         “What’s going on?” You turn around to see a young girl with red hair, at the base of the stairs.

         “Ginny! This is (Y/n)!” one of the twins pipes up.

         Ginny’s face lightens immediately.

         “Hello,” you wave. She walks over briskly to shake your hand.

         “So nice to have a girl around for once.” She mutters to you with a playful smile. You smile back.

         The twins must’ve noticed Charlie’s inquiring look, because the next thing they say is: “Hey, (Y/n), tell ‘em about your cool necklace.” With a little elbow nudge and a sly smile.

         Blushing, your hand immediately reaches to your necklace; an old chain with a dragon’s tooth hanging around it. “This? Um, sure… well, my brother Rolf wants to be a Magizoologist like our grandfather. He takes all these big trips to study, and he brings me little gifts back every once in a while.” A blush creeps onto my skin.

         “That’s the tooth of a Chinese Fireball isn’t it?” Charlie asks.

         You smile widely.

         Throughout the summer, you and Charlie had grown closer, sharing stories and talking about dragons (they are your favorite magical creature). And of course there was the whole, “Your grandfather, was the Newton Artemis Fido Scamander?!”

         But as the end of summer grew closer, you started to notice the little butterflies that formed every time you saw Charlie’s eyes twinkle. The way your heart beat faster, watching him ramble excitedly about the dragons back in Romania.

If this is what having a crush feels like, I don’t want it to ever end. You thought to yourself one night, sitting next to Charlie outside alone. The night air, crisp and cold, nipping at your toes.

“(Y/n), I’m leaving tomorrow.” Charlie’s voice breaks through the night sounds.

You look at him, “But the summer hasn’t finished yet, why so soon?”

“I have to get back to Romania, dragons don’t take care of themselves you know.” He says with a contagious smile.

“I know, I know.”

The sounds of the sleeping earth are slowly lulling you to sleep.

“I…I’ll miss you, Charlie.”

“Yeah… I’ll miss you too.” He says just as you begin to fall asleep on his shoulder.

It could’ve been a dream, the games your mind oh so loves. The feeling of weightlessness as you’re carried to your bed, and the smell of pine trees and burnt wood, or the warm pressure on your lips just before the door clicks shut.

None of it could have happened, you might not even remember the wonderful dream. Your eyes open a bit, and you sit up in your bed. And for a moment you panic, of course it was a dream. But then you see a piece of parchment, folded and placed on your bedside table. It has your name on it:

Dear (y/n),
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to properly say goodbye this morning, but I had to leave early in the morning to make it back in time. Please forgive me. Maybe next time, you can come visit me here, in Romania. (Rolf is welcome as well.)
p.s. send me an owl every once in a while, will you?
Fred and George only ever send new candies to try.

         You smile and set the card down. It wasn’t a dream.