Cheesy Episode Idea: Steven going into people’s dreams from all around Beach City: Peedee and Ronaldo and the Cool Kids and Lars and Sadie. It’s not because he wants to, but because they’re all so open and accepting of him (so long as he doesn’t linger too long or take over their bodies like he did Lars) that he just kinda… slips in.

So Steven just appears in kid’s nightmares, soothing their fears, as he can feel the restlessness. He brings Sour Cream an escape boat to flee the Fishing Boat of Eternity he’s been stuck in; makes sure Ronaldo knows that, even if it’s true, even if Sneople have taken over the government, there’s always room for revolution. 

But then all the kids start to realize… if Steven’s been helping them every single day, when’s the last time he’s been able to dream and sleep okay? When’s the last time he’s been able to really do any of the things he’s been helping them do?

Because Steven himself has been facing nightmares. Only his friends’ are so much easier to help, so much easier to quiet, that he figures his are impossible to calm. They’ll always be there; he might as well accept that. Being half-gem, he technically doesn’t need as much sleep as normal humans, or so he theorizes. He can re-train himself.

The kids of Beach City delving into Steven’s subconscious to try and help him. They find things they could never even imagine. War; a gem about to be stabbed through the stomach by a pink sword that dream-Steven always tries to throw himself in front of; gems falling into fizzling pixelated forms and coming back hideous monsters.

At the center of it all, with tendrils of doubt and uncertainty connecting it to the rest of his mind, is Rose’s statue.