I’m the kind of person who finds “let’s bake a cake!” an acceptable response to “I’m really tired, bored, and feeling sad”.

But hey, guess who has lemon and chocolate cake now! :P

A headcannon for the intermission

So, my friend’s dad is blind. And they have parrots. Horrible troll parrots. 

The parrots’ favorite activity is imitating the microwave or the stove timer. They are pitch perfect. Poor dad (who is none too young and has not yet caught on) walks into the kitchen every two minutes for hours. “The microwave just beeped. I could have sworn I checked it two minutes ago. And I don’t even remember putting anything in the microwave!”

How much do you want to bet Kanan still cooks? Everyone’s a little wary, but they stand back and let him, and don’t say a word when the fried tubers are a little oversalted the first few times. 

How much do you want to bet Chopper has a new favorite game?