Ziwei, 20

“I’m wearing a shirt from Urban Revivo, Uniqlo pants and Converse shoes with a Gaga Equipment Official bag. I love casual street style, especially some loose baggy clothing. I like doing the color matching in my outfits. Also, I am a huge fan of hats and headwear. Recently, I am also into metallic elements and fuzzy coats.”

Sep 23, 2017 ∙ East Village

Once had a rich white woman ask, over a relatively fancy dinner and in the context of a conversation about NYC gentrification, whether I would genuinely rather have homeless addicts and rats or froyo shops. Looked her right in the eye and told her I’d take the addicts any day over another stupid froyo shop, considering there were lots of them already and also of course I’d take the human beings.

anonymous asked:

I think anyone that doubts NYC has not been following this from the beginning, go to her blog and start from the beginning, you can't make up all of that . I know it sounds crazy this whole thing MM has created is beyond words . Fact it's a scam for fame & $$$$. She will get caught , too much of a fantasy story RF do not behave or live like this .End if conversation about NYC , JD Felix are not forcing you here .

Thank you, it’s all true, read her blog from the beginning. We had no idea how huge this would get, but it is. We want the truth out there and are appreciative of those anons who helped, but NYC gave us someplace to start and was able to get information nobody had. Real insider information. I’m glad to call her my friend.