What your fav loz game says about you
  • The Legend of Zelda: you haven't played any loz games since this one.
  • Zelda II: you own the entire legend of zelda animated series on vhs.
  • A Link to the Past: you're an elitist snob and/or you hate yourself.
  • Four Swords: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer.
  • Link's Awakening: you fuckin love whales.
  • Ocarina of Time: good man. who doesn't like this game. your favorite band might be the beatles though.
  • Majora's Mask: your blog title is "welcome to my twisted mind"
  • Oracle of the Ages: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon blue version.
  • Oracle of the Seasons: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon red version.
  • Wind Waker: you are easily distracted by bright colors and pretty music so the endless sailing never bothered you. you want link's grandmother to adopt you.
  • Four Swords Adventure: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer, but on the gamecube.
  • The Minish Cap: you thought it was adorable that you could become really really small and explore. You also have the hots for vaati.
  • Twilight Princess: you were that kid in elementary school who was way too obsessed with wolves. Possibly a furry.
  • Phantom Hourglass: you want to marry linebeck. I don't understand you. You also managed to get all the different boat designs somehow. How the fuck did you get all the parts for the golden ship. I hate you.
  • Spirit Tracks: you really liked that zelda was a kindof playable character. The overworld theme plays on repeat in your head at all times. Link is so cute as a conductor. Wow link is adorable
  • Skyward Sword: your wii controller actually worked so link's sword went where you swung it.
  • A Link Between Worlds: you were endlessly entertained by just fuckin slamming link into walls. You found every painting link could stand behind so it looked like he had a funny head. chicken link is your god.
  • Hyrule Warriors: you've never actually played a real zelda game.

WASHINGTON POST: YouTuber PewDiePie Accidentally Went to Gamer’s House, Brutally Murdered His Wife and Children with Wii Controller, Strangled Him to Death, and Pissed on His Carpet in “Heat of the Moment” Gaming Incident

Says PewDiePie in new apology video: “i can’t keep messing up like this.”

Pokken Tournament DX announced for Switch

Play Pokkén anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch – Play Pokkén Tournament DX in TV mode, handheld mode, or share a Joy-Con controller with another Trainer to battle one-on-one in tabletop mode anywhere!

  • A brand-new fighter — Decidueye enters the battle, alongside all previous Pokémon from the Wii U and arcade versions.
  • New Support Pokémon – Litten and Popplio make their debut to lend their support in battle.
  • Team Battle mode – Pick three Pokémon and battle it out to be the first to defeat all your opponent’s Pokémon to win in the new Team Battle mode.
  • Group Match mode – Find similar skilled players in battle rooms for intense and fun battles online.
  • Daily Challenges – Complete a variety of different daily challenges.
  • Watch battle replays – Hone your skills by watching other players’ replays and share your best matches online with the new replay feature.
  • Jump straight into battle - All characters and Support Pokémon will be available right from the start of the game.
It has also been confirmed that Pokkén Tournament will be playable through Split-Screen in Local Play for 2 players. The split is vertical but with each side having a 16:9 window in the vertical half.  It is also confirmed that the Pokkén Tournament controller released for the Wii U last year will work on Pokkén Tournament DX when the Switch is docked.

Source: Serebii 

I dreamt that it was world war 4 and our enemy has unleashed a virus that basically starts the zombie apocalypse. Everyone was herded into a quarantine zone slash bunker as protection from the disease and the enemy. Everyone was wearing tear resistant white jumpsuits to prevent zombie bites!!! And we live in this one room little place and it’s basically despair. So my dad and I were out getting supplies dodging zombies when all of a sudden the night sky gets REALLY BRIGHT and THE DEATH STAR DESCENDS ON NEW YORK. KANYE WEST HAS BUILT A SPACE COLONY AND IS TAKING US ALL AWAY. So we get on the Death Star and are assigned an apartment (super nice) and everyone gets this little wii controller looking thing where you can set a “teleport location” to return to if you ever have to leave the colony. So my dad and I had to go back out to get some thing before the Death Star Kanye colony was leaving earth and my dad forgot to set his teleporter but it was all good because I had mine set to the apartment on the Death Star so we were able to make it back before it left and then we all went and lived in space with Kanye. The end.


Summary:  While unpacking your belongings at Jumin’s house, you discovering something about him.  It triggers your first fight as a married couple!  After the After Ending.

Pairing:  Jumin x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1400

Protip:  Wii remotes are compatible with the Wii U. Also, I do not love this title.

A few nights after returning from your honeymoon, you were finally moving all of your things into Jumin’s home.  It wasn’t difficult; it was mostly clothes and personal knickknacks, but you also had a few electronics that Jumin had never seen before.  You had dismissed your husband’s offer to hire a professional decorator and maid service to move in your things, and had instead recruited Jumin’s efforts in unpacking all your boxes.  He thought it was a waste of time for one of his rare off days, but he also had the majority of the reins for planning your wedding, so he decided to humour you and your commoner quirks. Marriage was about compromise, after all.

“What on earth is this?” Jumin asked, unearthing an unusual white box.

You glanced up at him, then smiled at his confusion when he saw that a controller with a screen seemed to be part of the machine’s set.

“Do these really go together?  They have the same logo,” he wondered out loud, comparing the two objects side-by-side.

“That’s a Wii U,” you chuckled, readjusting his grip on the controller; he had been holding it upside-down, “You’ve never played with one, before?”

“I am a grown adult,” he rolled his eyes, “What use have I for toys?  Electronic or otherwise.”

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Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

His fans finding out about your relationship when he slips up and calls you “babe” on camera.
Request? - nah
Word count - ?? I can’t count
Type - vv coot & fluffy
Warnings - nah??
…ooc Ethan at the end??

“Hah! Oh my god.”
“Y/N come save meeee~”
“Hell no! I’m finally gonna beat your ass in Mario kart!”
“Y/NNN!” Ethan whined when he heard the familiar sound of finishing the lap.
“Ha! Suck on that!” You pointed to Ethan, then at the camera that was recording the facecam, “I can’t believe half of you people doubted me!”
Soon the livechat filled with;
“Noo! I didn’t!”
You laughed when you saw the chat fill up, doing livestreams like these with Ethan made you really happy.
Spending quality time with your boyfriend.
Oh, but of course, the fans don’t know because;
“I’m scared they’ll attack me.”
And true to your word, some fans were /really/, like.. crazy over Ethan.
So telling the fans? Was a Nono.
“Alright, fine, you beat me fair and square.” Ethan sighed, leaning into the couch, “But uh, play me again and whoever wins buys them dinner?”
You looked at him; was this some way of you two going on a date? Oh, /yes please./
“Hell yeah! Let’s go!” You shouted, getting comfortable in the couch, “I’m so gonna beat you.”

“Wait what?”
“What? Ethan! Noooooo!”
“Babe, calm down.” Ethan said, while laughing a bit, tossing the wii controller to the side.
At first, you laughed along too, but soon enough it hit you like a brick.
He called you babe.
On a live stream.
With hundreds of fans watching.
Ethan what the fuck did you do.
Soon, the livechat filled with:
“Wait whAT?!”
/holy shit./ you groaned as you saw all
the spam and questions in the livechat.
“Babe, you fucked it up.”
“Yeah? So? At least they know I’m your blue boy now.”

H e h, I like this, it’s coot :3

Also!!! Please!!! Request!!!! I’m vv bored of doing just my prompts and such :(((

Playing Wii W/ Jihoon

Originally posted by mushimish

a/n: requested by an anon that wanted either a Jihoon or Mingyu playing wii sports with you

  • currently you’re at the dorm with the guys
  • you initially went to the dorms to be with your boyfriend Jihoon but along the way you got distracted
  • you were on Jihoon’s bed idly playing on your phone as Jihoon worked on his laptop
  • suddenly getting thirsty, you announced you were going to get a quick drink before coming back
  • and Jihoon only hummed in response
  • So you were on the mission to get a drink of water and when you open the door to go out, you’re hit with this uproar of the guys screaming
  • it didn’t bother you but sure as hell did scare you for a second
  • as you’re nearing the living room, you see the guys instensely staring at the screen as Mingyu and Minghao battle each other in tennis on the wii
  • at first you weren’t amused, you just walked by and the guys barely paying attention when you do because they’re so into the game
  • but all of a sudden you’re leaning over the couch, hovering over Soonyoung’s shoulder, and your eyes are so glued to the screen because you had just bet Soonyoung that Mingyu would win over Minghao
  • it’s literally like watching the most intense sports game ever because Mingyu and Mingao are both closing in on the finish of a 5 minute tie game and all of a sudden Minghao knocks Mingyu’s controller with his hand and Minghao wins
  • Minghao is doing a victory stance while everyone is screaming
  • Mingyu is screaming because Minghao cheated
  • Minghao is screaming because he said that there were no rules
  • Soonyoung is screaming because you owe him ten bucks
  • You’re screaming because Minghao obviously did a foul move
  • And Seungcheol is screaming because he wants to play but everyone screams ‘NO’ at him since the last time he played he almost broke Chan’s wrist
  • anyway as the shouting match goes on
  • Jihoon realizes it’s been over 45 minutes since you came back so he investigates
  • and what does he find
  • low and behold, Jihoon finds you and Soonyoung standing up intensely moving the wii control around as the guys scream about you two blocking the screen
  • and not 10 seconds later does he see you and Soonyoung trying to body block each other with elbows and hip shoves
  • Let’s just say Soonyoung ‘let you win’
  • But when you turn around you see your boyfriend amusingly staring at you and you give him your best ‘i got distracted pls forgive me smile’
  • and he can’t resist that so he’s like fine, i’ll sit and watch you play
  • but you turn to him and you’re like ‘hey Jihoon play me’
  • and it all falls silent
  • Let’s just say that if Seungcheol can’t play because he’s too competitive, Jihoon definitely can’t play because he’s too competitive and a safety hazard to everyone in the room
  • you laugh because ‘cmon guys he can’t be that bad, besides, he’s playing me, is he really going to hit me’
  • everyone nervously laughs
  • Jihoon agrees because he agrees with the statement, he won’t hurt you right?
  • it started out nice, you and Jihoon were sstanding and playing with the occasional bicker of that was a horrible serve
  • And you win, so you gloat loudly about how you beat him and now Jihoon’s competitiveness shoots up
  • all the guys see it and in their head they’re saying ‘oh no’
  • Let’s just say that in the second round: all hell broke loose
  • Jihoon shoved you
  • Hit you with his elbow
  • Pushed you with his shoulder
  • Tried to use his hand to whack your controller out of your hand
  • He beats you by cheating basically
  • And when he tries to do a victory scream, he accidentally hits you in the face with his hand and the controller
  • ‘Sorry i gave you a bruised cheek’
  • You’re laughing with the bag of frozen vegetables on your face
  • ‘Maybe we shouldn’t play games with controllers now’

anonymous asked:

So why exactly did the Wii-U fail?

…… Compounded problems

From them having an over extended life of the Wii, the WiiU was a drastic change to many despite the backwards compatibility

Some people expected comparative affordability to the Wii with controllers and hardware yet still wanted advancements in hardware and for it to surpass the competitors products

It was a lose/lose situation

Do they make it more powerful than upcoming PS4 and Xbox One which weren’t coming out until a full year later and could be altered before launch?

Or make it affordable for families with sturdy hardware that was less apt to have fatal errors?

Nintendo tried to hit a middle ground that didn’t seem to please anyone

Their handhelds seemed to be easily forgiven since they were portable

But Sony and Microsoft had caused the market to seem to think home consoles should be benchmarked at how gaming PCs are running when for the previous decades they were the weaker “home version” of high end arcades

So the WiiU was shunned, it ran well and could run far…. But consumers wanted an Usain Bolt and not a Dennis Kimetto

Also it had 3rd parties drop off despite originally promising or developing titles for it

Ubisoft was a big one that failed Nintendo,

Rayman Legends was delayed on the WiiU because of Microsoft

Microsoft has a policy that hurts multi platform games, if a title doesn’t launch on the Xbox first or have a simultaneous release on the same day, it won’t be on their console

Rayman Legends was developed exclusively for the WiiU and was supposed to hit the other consoles a year later….. Microsoft forced the game to be delayed by giving an ultimatum and Ubi screwed Nintendo

Without a major third party title in its first year a lot of other devs didnt want to risk it so Nintendo had to carry it with its own games (almost all of which in my opinion were console sellers)

(Ubisoft made it up to Nintendo by developing Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle as a console exclusive on the Switch)

Nintendo also lost faith in the public eye after they stopped catering to Journalist in attempting to win their favor

Pulling back on showing at E3 and moving towards Direct webinars that were available worldwide made it to where the consumers didn’t have to wait on sites like Kotaku and Polygon to give their opinion pieces on what they saw kinda angered the establishment who were already miffed with the success of the Wii nearly destroying Sony and Microsoft in sales despite their heavy contributions…. I mean advertising on game news sites

Nintendo doesn’t like having to bribe people, it’s why they pulled out of Brazil, (Brazil has tons of “fees” to get stuff imported)

Game news sites were heavily biased and critical of Nintendo since the Nintendo 64 was out, Sony used the Internet to its full advantage to corner the market and developed strong ties online, Microsoft did the same using their resources…. Nintendo fell behind

Nintendo has always been a bit antiquated and still makes slip ups, hopefully with the Switch they’ll adapt more to the changing market and the market will in turn stabilize for them

The WiiU was a harsh lesson for them, they almost hoped to ride out on the coatails of the Wii, and maybe they would have if it came out as it was a year or 2 earlier


Foul Play (Poly!Hamilsquad)

AN: i’ve really wanted to finally get this done and Alec has had such a shitty time lately, so here’s @usnavens ‘ contest prize!

Tag Crew:  @iluvnialljameshoran @hamgurlphangirl  @stillcooli0 @coozls  @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @tayahqr  @usnavens @sweet-thoughts @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18  @abi-sans05 @pickledpisces-13 @letthememeslive  @kanadianwithashippingproblem @nanjexo @mefromukraine  @omegasmileyface @cinnalin-roll  @villagecrazypeggy @drbagels123 @mox-midget @the-phantom-author (if I’m missing you or you would like to be tagged in the future, please let me know!)

Request: (Alec, obviously): Okay, so, I thought of a Poly! Hamilsquad where John and Laf say that they are the best at a video game and Laf wins but he starts to show off too much and makes John cry so the rest have to cheer him up and Mulligan makes Laf apologize to John?

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1,619


After a late night at work, Alex had decided to sleep in. Although, “decided” maybe wasn’t the right word, seeing as he hadn’t been given much of a choice. The pains in the ass whom he loved dearly were already downstairs, yelling when he woke up and dragged himself out of bed. Gilbert and Hercules were sitting on the couch with John lounging across their laps when he got downstairs.

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By the illustrious @klirving thank you so much!

Answer these 30 questions about yourself and then tag 20 (or less) other blogs you’d like to get to know!

1.) Nicknames – “Matty” as you can tell if you’ve followed me here long enough.
2.) Gender – I have a penis. 

3.) Star sign – Cancer

4.) Height - 70″

5.) Time -  2:01 PM 
6.) Birthday – July 9th
7.) Favorite band – I don’t have ONE favorite band, but KMFDM, Cocteau Twins, and The Smiths are all in contention.

8.) Favorite solo artist - Morrissey, probably.
9.) Song stuck in my head - Opression ½ - KMFDM
10.) Last movie you watched – Scott Pilgrim vs The World on my flight back from Dallas.
11.) Last show you watched –Fear The Walking Dead
12.) When did I create my blog – This incarnation? About a year ago. My first blog was created late 2009.

13.) What do I post – Random thoughts/feelings circulating through my head. Beer, cats, movie stuff, me, and food of course.
14.) Last thing I googled – Rockin Baja Lobster Menu
15.) Do you have other blogs - I still have my old livejournal up, but it’s been dead for some time.
16.) Do you get asks – I do, but I rarely solicit them. 
17.) Why did you choose your url – One of my all time favorite industrial rock album titles.
18.) Following - 402
19.) Followers - 532
20.) Favorite colors – Black + Blue
21.) Average hours of sleep – 5.5-6 :(
22.) Lucky number - I do not have one!
23.) Instruments I played –XBOX One Controller, multiple Dual Shock Controllers, Wii Remote…
24.) What am I wearing – Jeans, my work Doc Martens (steel toe), and a work polo!

25.) How many blankets I sleep with – When it’s cold a sheet, and a comforter, when it’s warm just a sheet usually.

26.) Dream job – Circus clown, or running my own comic shop.
27.) Dream trip – I’d much like to visit Italy.

28.) Favorite food – Tacos!

29.) Nationality – I was born in the USSA, but my ancestry hails from Mexico.

30.) Favorite song – Like with a favorite band, I simply do not have a favorite song. It’s just not possible. The closest thing I have to a favorite song is “How Soon Is Now” by The Smiths.

I now tag @ropeandcoffee @cloudyasometimes @whutsherbutt @i-swear-im-an-adult @owenmeanysgift @madelineinwords

anonymous asked:

Howdy! How do you think the US and SF bros would deal with a S/O who really loves playing rhythm games, but also has a bad habit of entering the Rythm Game Trance State when they do. Meaning, they can clear songs with perfect scores like it's nothing, but they're dissociating so hard it's like they've astral projected into the game and are entirely unaware of anything going on outside of it until they're snapped out of it

♥US Sans: Blueberry loves rhythm games as well and is surprising good at them so the two of you play together a lot. He thinks it’s amazing how you can just blast through the levels so easily but gets a little bit worried when you become unresponsive, usually ending with him unplugging the TV to get your attention.

♥US Papyrus: Stretch loves video games and is somehow amazing at all of them. He even shows off a little bit by looking at you with a smirk as he flawless hits every single note in Guitar Hero without looking at the screen. When you go into your little trances he just let’s you have at it, but he’s going to be messing with you by seeing how many corn dogs he can stack onto your head by the time you snap out of it. (Current record: 35 corndogs)

♥SF Sans: Raspberry isn’t to big of a fan of video game, but he can get into the motion control ones like Wii Sports. Doing this around Raspberry isn’t a good idea unless you’re okay with your console being angrily chucked out the window by a pouty, attention hungry Ras. Like I’ve said before, when you to are together he wants to be the object of your attention. You should be paying attention to him, not some stupid game! He then proceeds to throw you over his shoulder and taken into his bedroom for some grumpy cuddles.

♥SF Papyrus: Rus isn’t the biggest fan of video games, but he doesn’t mind playing if you want him to and he’s pretty good at them (he always lets you win though). Rus isn’t as pushy about wanting your attention as his brother is but he’s still going to try and get it. When you faze out, he uses his usual technique of hugging you from behind, purring loudly and nuzzling into your neck until you give in. If that doesn’t work, he’s going to be a little bit taken back, that always works! He kicks it up a notch and throws in a few whines and pecks on the cheek. At that point he gets a little annoyed, and just picks you up and falls backwards onto the couch with you on laying on his chest, “Wha, Paps, I almost beat my high score!”, He uses his magic to pull a blanket up over the both of you, “I’m sure you’ll live, babe. You can finish later, but for now you’re taking a little break , I wouldn’t want you to strain those pretty eyes of yours”.

[Out of Time - Jared Kleinman x Reader]

Ok, guys, gals and nonbinary pals, I am a blog that is only trying to make its way through the dark forest of Tumblr and you would really be helping me out by sending in some requests for art and one-shots.
The fandoms which I write and draw for are;
• Harry Potter (Including the marauders era)
• The Maze Runner
• Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus (I am such trash for Solangelo I stg)
• Divergent
• Shadowhunters
• Dear Evan Hansen
• Heathers
• Falsettos
• Hamilton
• Attack on Titan
• Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Right, onto the fic.
Word Count- 1470
Warnings- Fluff and tol bean Connor Murphy.
Do not repost of plagiarise.
Soulmate Au in which you have a timer on your wrist which counts down to the time when you meet your soulmate.

You stood up as the bell rang, signalling the end of the school day. You sighed in relief, much like the rest of your classmates before shouldering your school bag and making your way out of the room as fast as you could.
Everyone stared at you funny as you kept looking down at your wrist whilst looking around frantically, scared in case you were going to miss them.
Unlike most teenagers, your timer was set to go off before you had finished high school, meaning that you would most likely meet your soulmate whilst prowling the school hallways.
You had calculated everything out as best as you could. All week you had been staring at the faces of your classmates and keeping an ear out in case any new students would be joining soon, signalling the arrival of your soulmate.
You tapped your foot on the ground as you pulled the books you needed for your homework out of your locker, checking your timer as you loaded each one into your bag.
There was one-minute left on the timer.
You were freaking out inside as you closed your locker door and turned around to leave before you fell to the ground, using your bag to soften your fall.
“I’m sorry, I should have watched where I was going,” You rambled.
“No worries, I do it all the time.”
You looked up at the person in front of you and everyone in the corridor heard the loud beeping sound as both of your timers went off.
The boy in front of you grinned happily, a light blush across his round cheeks as he helped you up from the ground, glancing at your timer to make sure that yes, you were definitely the person he had been looking for all day.
“I’m, um, Jared Kleinman,” He said, his blue eyes glittering behind his glasses.
“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” You smiled, pushing a bit of hair behind your ear.
You stared at each other, preferring to stay in an awkward silence as you observed each other. His brown hair was pushed to the side and you smiled at the Zelda t-shirt that he wore under a red flannel. It was nearing Summer so he wore shorts and you smiled slightly as you saw that he was only three or so inches taller than you. He was pretty cute.
“Are you going to stop staring at her or are you going to ask her out, Kleinman?” A taller boy strode up to stand beside Jared. You recognised him as Connor Murphy and the shorter boy holding hands with him was Evan Hansen. You were in the same English class as both of them.
Come to mention it you did remember Connor ranting to Evan behind you about some ‘idiot Kleinman’ who kept yanking on his hair in the corridors.
You had no difficulty believing that your soulmate in front of you was the same guy, as a confident smirk overtook his features when his friends arrived.
He was still beetroot-red, though.
“I’m getting to that,” Jared replied, pushing Connor’s elbow of his shoulder. “Would you maybe-you don’t have to if you don’t want to- like to um come around to my house after school? I mean, it’s completely up to you.”
“Yeah, I would kind of like to get to know you, considering,” You motioned to both of the timers on your wrists that were set at 0:00:00.
“We’ll uh leave you two to it,” Evan stammered, trying to pull Connor away from the two of you.
Which was a comical sight considering Connor towered a foot over him and was smirking down at him, his feet planted firmly on the ground.
“You coming?” Jared asked, and you picked up your school bag and followed after him, leaving the flustered Evan alone with Connor Murphy, who still refused to budge.
“You are so dead, Kleinman!”
“I haven’t even done anything yet!”
“But I know what you’re planning to do, don’t think I didn’t see you!”
“I’m not- “
“Don’t you DARE fire that blue shell at me!”
Jared laughed as you elbowed him, making him skid off the track. He narrowed his eyes at the screen and you screamed as you were hit with the blue shell.
“Asshole,” You muttered.
“You know you love me,” He winked at you.
You ignored him, turning back to the screen with a blush high on your cheeks. How the hell had your day gone from being worried about meeting your soulmate to playing Mario Kart with Jared Kleinman.
“Shut up and prepare to lose Kleinman,” You stated darkly whilst speeding up, becoming neck and neck with the overconfident brunet.
You and Jared were pressed flushed against each other as you tried to make the other person mess up just long enough for them to take first place.
You smirked slightly as Jared’s eyes were focused solely on the screen, you made sure that you were still watching out of the corner of your eye as you pressed a kiss to Jared’s cheek, your lips lingering.
His eyes widened behind his think lensed glasses, his face darkening with a brilliant blush. He stuttered as his eyes flickered between you and the screen, giving you the time you needed to overtake him and win the track.
Jared stared at the screen, struggling to comprehend that he had definitely lost. You cackled happily next to him, grinning at his flustered expression.
“That was cheating, Y/L/N!” He protested, failing to keep the smile off his face.
“What are you gonna do about it?” You teased, sticking your tongue out at him.
Next thing you knew, your back was pressed to the soft carpet of the floor as his hands tickled your sides mercilessly. Tears streamed down your face as you laughed, trying to push his hands away from your stomach but they wouldn’t budge.
“Jar-Jared!” You squealed as he continued to tickle you, his eyes filled with mischief. “Please Sto-stop!”
“Never!” He cheered, laughing as you tried to squirm out from in beneath him.
After a few minutes, when it was clear that you were about to pass out, Jared relented, letting you catch your breath.
Jared was still straddling you, his bright blue eyes staring down into your (E/C) ones. Your breath hitched as his head lowered closer to yours. You closed your eyes and leaned up slightly, his lips barely brushing over yours when-
His glasses hit against the bridge of your nose, knocking your head back a centimetre.
You giggled up at Jared who looked disgruntled at this, cursing his ‘stupid glasses.’ You wiggled out from in beneath him and sat beside him once again in an awkward silence.
“Um, Y/N?” Jared hesitated, twiddling with his fingers in his lap.
“Can I-maybe you don’t have to say yes- try kissing you again?” He rambled, his cheeks a light pink.
You nodded slightly, turning towards him a little bit. He started leaning in again and you chuckled. He opened his eyes, embarrassed that maybe you were playing with him, but you moved closer to him and took his glasses off, setting them down on the bed behind you.
“Oh, right,” Jared said, squinting a little bit. You guessed that he was near sighted but you didn’t know to what extent.
You placed your hand on the back of his neck and pulled him closer to you, guiding his lips to yours. He put his hands on your waist and pulled you closer to him. Your fingers played with his hair as you kissed him.
You pulled back half a minute later, moving your hands from the back of his neck to his shoulders to steady yourself. Jared’s eyes opened, pouting that you two were no longer kissing.
You put his glasses back on his face, careful not to poke him in the eye.
“Up for round two?” You grinned, lifting up the Wii controller that was sitting next to you.
“Definitely,” Jared agreed, although you weren’t sure if he was still talking about Mario Kart.