12x15 “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”
Silent Storytelling Galore: When Expressions Say Much More Than Words

This is a face of utter defeat. A face of complete disillusion and seeing things exactly for what they are: freaking sad. Dean has been shown done with lieing a multitude of times this season, but this moment like no others before drive home, just how done Dean is with them. I don’t think he was truly surprised when Sam told him where he got the phone calls and jobs from at the end of the episode. It was more like a sad: “I thought so.” Dean isn’t on board. He’ll never be on board. His entire body language screams that. And that’ll pose issues further down the line. Will Dean become the next “rogue hunter” the BritMoL may think they need to deal with? I personally hope that come whatever the narrative will focus on how Dean cannot “be tamed” or “controlled” - because that’s in the end what the BritMoL want, utter and complete control over them - he is the ultimate symbol for free will after all.

Oh God, give me a heart and a mind that knows You are in control. You have the future resting in Your hands. You are the author of time. You are the breather and creator of life. Fear has no place in Your truth. Help me to remember this when I can’t sleep because the future is daunting. Help me to remember this when my lungs are strapped down by the anchor of this world, and I can’t seem to see two feet ahead of me. You are in control.
—  a.k.

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The more we obsess over something, the more we will try to control it. The more we try to control it, the more dissatisfied we become when it is something we cannot change. Be careful with what you try to control, for not everything can be.
🌧️ A Touch, A Tempest 🌧️

a sea/storm spell for power in your hands, and enhance control of one’s life

🌧️  gather: stormwater, sea water, a bathtub, blue coloring, frankincense and saffron 

🌧️  perform spell during a storm, ground with the rain. 

🌧️   fill the bath and mix seawater in. swirl the water and drip the dye in. 

🌧️  burn frankincense and saffron in a nearby dish, or float them in the water

🌧️  place your palms in the water, charging in the sea water 

🌧️  the water is your world. you have the power to calm the waters or splash them, make them dangerous or exciting. 

🌧️  draw the power and the calm into your palms, and pull away from the water. drain the tub, and contain the power in yourself. 

🌧️  the power stored in your hands, you need only to touch something to instill calm or bring down a tempest. 


BEST VIEWED IN THE FORMAT IT’S IN. Full screen looks blurry.

Here it is. What I promised.

This took about seven days to complete, and there are still many things I don’t like about it. However, here is the general story;

Mark continues to be ridden and haunted by strange dreams, but something about them feels vividly real. They feel almost like memories, and they continue to return to him even when he awakes. Some figure, Darkiplier, is within his body, forcing nasty deeds to random strangers in nightmares he cannot control.

The feelings that he gets during those dreams return to him in the real world, and as time continues, he fails to recall when he’s within a dream, and out of it. And sometimes, he can’t decide if he’s himself, or that strange figure, Darkiplier. He tries to explain to others, but it only frightens and aggravates them.

Having a hard time deciphering between his dreams and real life? Good.

On a side note, I will not be updating another post until Thursday. I have a huge meeting that I must study and memorize my speech, and fumbling over my words would look foolish in front of the council. I hope this ties you over until then.