…the majority of the world is composed of increasingly-radicalised idiots at both ends of the spectrum and -I promise you- they are all wrong. /All of them./ Ideologies are dangerous and reduce the diversity of the universe.
I think I’m the guy described in The Onion Headline, ‘Guy in Philosophy Class Needs to Shut the Fuck Up.” Over the years I’ve been in various AA and Al-Anon rooms where I’ve talked about “trusting life,” and ‘trusting the process” and just about any variation on this New Age Theme. It turns out its really easy to talk about trusting and much more challenging to actually trust. So much of the anxiety that I talk about really stems from the inability to accept that just about nothing is really in my control. Many of my dubious spiritual beliefs- untested opinions really – are about soothing my anxiety over the seemingly randomness of circumstances. You can plan, organize and have alternatives to every conceivable contingency and still something unexpected might go wrong. I’m not good at reigning in my imagination that creates convincing apocalyptic fantasies. However, these days I’m far less prone to the psychological paralysis they stimulate. Purposeful action is a good antidote for the catastrophic imagination of my blistering mind. Little less talking and a little more doing. At the end of it all the only thing that I can do is organize and plan the best I can - it’s wiser to have a plan than to not - and to realize the outcome may be entirely out of my control and quite different that I designed.
—  SacredHeartGnosis

I’m well acquainted with v i l l a i n s that live in my bed
They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m d e a d

The best thing you can learn to do for yourself in life is to remember that they can’t hurt you if you don’t give a fuck. Learn to look at people and situations and realize that some things will never change and you’re better off doing you without them trying to constantly control you and bring you down. Keep them around without giving them any hint that you’re no longer theirs. You’ll be at the finish line before they even realize that they lost their hold on you.