the signs as things my friends have said

Aries: “That’s what you get for making out with my dad”

Taurus: “I included that in my diss rap I wrote about her”

Gemini: “First of all I called you an imperialist before I called you a bitch”

Cancer: “I’m just trying to astral project into a bed so I can get some sleep”

Leo: “My pecs need the nipple for definition”

Virgo: “The TV gods told me I needed to consume”

Libra: “Poisoning is feminism”

Scorpio: “I could deal with syphilis if they were hot enough”

Sagittarius: “Your ass may be thicc with two c’s but the Earth is thicc with seven seas”

Capricorn: “Can you tell everyone you know that I’m a good time”

Aquarius: “I came out of the womb yelling ‘Pinot Grigio’”

Pisces: “What is the point? To roast and be roasted until we are nothing but ash?”


(photographs taken by HoYan)

Hi! My name is HoYan and I’m from New York City.

I love sunsets because each one is unique. All of these are taken inside my home. It’s interesting to see how they differ from each other, which is why I love to photograph them. I hope everyone likes them!

Check out my Instagram: @hynh_ for more!

Read on to see a couple of more shots and I hope everyone has a good day/night :)

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List of BULLSEYE Contributors

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, folks. Finally, we can announce the 25 artists and 15 writers who will be working on our zine. (We may or may not have also tossed in a couple extra artists to help with extras, because we wanted to include as many people as possible.) 

It was an extremely difficult process, especially with nearly 350 apps to go through, so I’d just like to thank everyone who applied. We saw so much amazing art and fic, which made it extremely hard to narrow down and took us nearly an entire week to sort through.

With that being said, congratulations to the folks our judging panel settled on and we look forward to working with you!




Heeere’s my secret shallura valentine’s gift for the wonderful and fantastic Dragons, aka @shiroallura! Forgive me that I added some angst, but per your request I also added a friends-to-lovers trope ^^;). This is based on an au story I plan to write, and I kinda went overboard with this little scene after listening to this song . Hope you like it, lovely!! <3

a few more fun easter eggs!

the lovely @ ifwethinkandwishandhopeandpray pointed out to me that this picture at 1:32 is of the gorgeous (and beautiful, amazing, incredible, iconic) Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week in March of this year!

the Rihanna association continues! (I’m not complaining!! keep it comin’!! haha)

also, as I pointed out, the article at 1:47 is a write-up about the new Broadway production of Young Frankenstein. A couple people have discussed the fact that one of the most famous numbers from that show is this little ditty:

that’s all! (for now)

Farewell Zine’s Participants

Thank you guys for your patience! Now that we’ve gotten confirmations, we can officially post our list of contributors! (Many of whom will be collaborating with each other on their pieces)


  • Amber @tobioslilgiant/@ambyguity_ twitter /rarepairenabler on ao3
  • Amanda @candy-harlot tumblr, candy_harlot and twitter/ candyharlot on ao3
  • Kailey @sadneccessary tumblr /@kaileyleg twitter and snoqualmie on ao3
  • Becky @dicaeopolis tumblr & ao3/@dickaeopolis twitter
  • Betsy @owlinaminor tumblr/ao3/twitter
  • Skyler @transtobio tumblr/ao3/twitter
  • Luna @mapacheluna tumblr/ao3/twitter
  • Kes @kurootetsurouvevo tumblr/sushibomb ao3 /@sushib0mb
  • Maëlle @asexualkurootetsurou tumblr/@symph0rine twitter, symphorine on ao3 
  • Carole @crollalanzaa/tumblr/Crollalanza ao3/@SaekoKiller twitter
  • Sav @crunchrapsupreme tumblr & ao3 /@wecametofuck twitter


We are looking forward to working with all of you guys! Again, we feel incredibly blessed that so many talented artists and writers took an interest in our project ^^
Last Video - Rest in peace, Hayven
Hayven passed away on the 18th of Mars 2017, 26 years old. He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community. Hayven...

Hayven passed away on the 18th of Mars 2017, 26 years old.

He was an inspiration to many and someone who cared immensely about his fans and community.

Hayven had fought epithelioid sarcoma, a rare and severe form of cancer that usually affects teenagers and young adults.

You will always be missed Hayven, and although you lost to cancer, you have forever won our hearts.


All earnings from Hayvens YouTube channel and Patreon will from now on be donated to cancer research.


It’s time to cry. Definitely time to cry. 


Hello everyone!

Here’s the list of our contributors!


@schaafdraws - @ammeja - @istehlurvz - @allidoodles - @ryonello - @keptein


@i-write-shit - @paxlegomenon - @myth-al - @amajikies - @deciduice - @andramion


@gilly-e - @hanatsuki89 - @coalas - @kim-quim - @sixlightyear - @sunniieedraws - @toondoon1010 - @jeaniniart - @mmiimmssyy - @typical-ingrid - @mitsouparker - @wispywhat - @yopeppy - @glalitites - @okaykois - @viri_idiana - @mon-doodles - @owliminati

Go ahead and have a look at all their works, give them encouragement and please look forward to all the pieces they will create for this zine!

- BnHA Big Three Zine Mods

HEARTWOOD: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy will be open for submissions on October 16th (just 5 days from now)! 

From now through the end of submissions, we’ll be unveiling the pre-selected contributors already confirmed for the anthology, starting with the amazing and multi-talented cartoonist/director POLLY GUO.