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I hope I’m not too late! D:

The pitch for this family, given the Celtic myth theme, was a corvid griffin based on the Morrigan, a Celtic war deity, who sometimes appears as a hooded crow and is occasionally represented by a trio of sisters. The Steel-type comes in the form of battle armor, including bladed wings and an Irish battle helmet in the final stage. In keeping with the other two starters, I also integrated Celtic knots into various parts of the design.

I’ll let the community decide the names, abilities, etc., but IMO, the final stage would definitely be named Morrigriff.

So Nintendo is holding a contest for fans to design their own masks in honor of the release of the new Nintendo 3DS release as well as the release of Majora’s Mask!  

Here’s my entry that I entered yesterday!  I wanted to merge flat and 3D elements to make a mask appear both traditional but futuristic - something that couldn’t be made in Termina/LoZ franchise…Because of the obvious inspiration from Metroid and Samus!

We’ll find out who the winners are in a few days.  Not that I think it’ll really help, but you can retweet my entry over here:

What do you guys think?  Anyway, have a great weekend!

My entry for the Yohioloid contest. ü

It’s over in a few days, so I decided to upload it now. Plus, I’ll be rather busy the whole of next week; working on thesis.

I want to be excited to hear the results; but I don’t want time to go faster… Damned thesis…. OTL

(Forward to my pixiv to see more details.♥)

Edit: A detail ref I forgot to add to the Pixiv submission…


Drawn by the mod from ‘ ’ or just Rain’s mod. :P

FORRRRRR entry into the 'contest’ in a guest artist slot for the AKS blog~  THAT post is

Characters in this post are King Sombra and Coffee Talk who are from the blog=

EVEN IF I don’t get in on that guest update (meaning I don’t get picked to fill a slot), I still had fun drawing this. xD)  Oh and sorry it ended up being ten pictures.  I got carried away with puns and… cheap laughs. … OH and weird expressions for them.  Couldn’t help myself.

FenHawke Drabble

I wanted to make an entry for askbroodyelf’s contest. Word length is exactly 500 words. No warnings need apply unless over-application of fluff is worth a warning. I’ve been meaning to do a drabble about a little headcanon of mine, and this was a good excuse. Anyway, I hope someone out there enjoys it.

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