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As some of you may know, I currently work full time as a graphic artist. Just recently, our organization was chosen to take part in a very important contest! The contest winners are given $25,000 USD that will go towards funding for their educational programming, collection restoration and management, children’s programming, etc. 

So, what i’m asking of you, if you have a moment, is to leave at least 1 batch of your 10 daily votes for my workplace! If even half of my followers participate just once, we are bound to win! Even if you don’t want to vote, a simple reblog goes a long way!

If you’d like to lend a helping hand, please check out more information below!

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Hello everyone! Missy (aka Deann) is here to sweeten the deal if you help our studio, Cyclops Fairy Studios reach 100 viewers on Youtube!

Here is my little contest I am throwing into the mix:

I will draw free art for 3 of the lucky winners, be it a  small animation or digital drawing. Could be your OC, your favorite character, whatever! Just please provide me with a ref upon winning.

How doe sit work? Just subscribe and I will be using a random number generator to pick a number. Easy as that! 

We really need your help here to reach that 100 sub quota. 

Also check us out @cyclopsfairystudios !! 

Thanks, and have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

nikkowle  asked:

I feel like this has been asked before- so sorry for the possible repetition. My question is, im following you on my primary blog, but I reblog giveaways on my sideblog (my "main" blog) can I still be selected?

“Happiness is the longing for repetition.” - Milan Kundera

That’s my way of saying… I have answered that question before, but I don’t mind answering again. :) If you reblog the giveaway from blog a and follow with blog b, reference blog b in the tag of your reblog from blog a. Get it? 

RAFFLE: Pledge to DESTINY, NY and win free stuff!


Today, we enter the final week of the Destiny, NY Kickstarter.

That means we have seven days to raise $10,000… a tall order. But here’s the thing. I believe in Destiny, NY. I believe in the story, in Manuel’s artwork, in our characters, in our backers. I believe this industry wants something different. I believe there are people looking for something like Destiny, NY – because I am one of those people, and I know I am not alone in this.

I’m planning a few things to increase backers, beginning today with a raffle. This raffle will run from this afternoon through Saturday at 10PM EST, at which point I will announce the winners. Here are the rules and prizes.


ALL BACKERS who have pledged for a physical reward ($25 and up) will be entered five times for the prize of their choice. If you wish to be entered, take a look at the list of prizes below, message me the code of the prize you wish to be entered to win, and I will enter your name into the raffle five times.

ALL BACKERS who have pledged for $24 and under (no physical rewards) will be entered twice for the prize of their choice. If you wish to be entered, take a look at the list of prizes below, message me the code of the prize you wish to be entered to win, and I will enter your name into the raffle two times.

ALL PEOPLE WHO SHARE a link to the Destiny, NY Kickstarter from now through Saturday will be entered in the raffle once. If you wish to be entered, take a look at the list of prizes below, message me the code of the prize you wish to be entered to win along with a screenshot of your share, and I will enter your name into the raffle one time.


+ PAT SHAND PITCH PACKET 2016 – 3 available for the raffle
This spiral bound book was printed to showcase three creator-owned pitches in full (with art and outlines) and three additional story concepts with artwork and basic pitches. Great for an aspiring writer to check out. None of these comics are available anywhere else, and only five of this book were ever printed. Signed by me. RAFFLE CODE: Pitch2016

+ VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL – 10 available for the raffle
This creator-owned comic by me and Roberta Ingranata is very much in the same vein as Destiny, NY. In fact, it exists in the same world! You can get it signed by me here! Here is the concept: Emmy is a vampire, but she’s past all that brooding, Ann Rice stuff. She just wants to kick back, watch Netflix, and eat some bloody cheese fries. Annabelle is the new trash collector on the block…tall, strong, and with shoulders to die for. They meet over a garbage bag of the aforementioned cheese fries, and the rest is history. Or is it? RAFFLE CODE: BloodyCheeseFries2016

+ CHARMED: SEASON TEN VOLUME ONE tpb - only ONE available
This volume is out of print and is going for an incredible amount of money online. Get it here! RAFFLE CODE: BoomGoesTheDynamite2016

+ ZENESCOPE ART BOOK – only ONE available
I am sad to part with this, as it is my personalized copy but I figured it would help to reach out to probably the biggest bracket of my readership for help here! This oversized hardcover art book is priced at over $100 and features some of Zenescope’s most popular artists, who have worked on covers on previous books I have written. RAFFLE CODE: SuperLimited2016

You can message your code and proof of share/pledge to the Destiny, NY Kickstarter, or tweet me @PatShand. If you have any questions, please let me know!

We can do this, together. Especially if you let me give you a ridiculous amount of free stuff.


After a man ate a ghost pepper in a contest, not even a burger and six glasses of water could stop the burning. He ended up in the hospital with a 2.5 cm hole in his esophagus–not from the pepper, but from the extreme vomiting it caused. 23 days later, he was discharged with a gastric tube that delivers food directly to his stomach. Source

Submit your poems to our chapbook contest! Winner receives publication, $500 honorarium, 50 free author copies, and an invitation to perform at a Button Poetry event and be filmed by Button.

Not sure about a full chapbook? We’ve launched our first-ever video contest as well! You even can (and should!) submit to both. Check out all the details here.


My entry for @bullysquadess ‘ cover art contest.  I’m not entirely satisfied with how it turned out, but I tried something new so that’s okay.

The first one is the requested size and the second one is the full resolution version with my watermark.

Serendipitous Fate Banner Art Contest (Updated)

Hey guys! I’m jumping on the art contest bandwagon, cuz I guess it’s the cool thing to do these days ;D

But wait, what’s a banner? Well, basically, I don’t need covers since I don’t post on wattpad (yet), but I do post on tumblr. And whenever I post a new chapter, I’d like to have a “banner” that goes across the post, kind of like a cover. Something that staples the post as Serendipitous Fate related–like a stamp. This art will be included in every chapter preview/update that I post. 

Submissions will end on October 21st!

There will be two first place positions. One will be my personal favorite and one will be the favorite voted on by all of YOU! How, you ask? At the end of the submission period, I’ll make a masterpost linking to all the submitted banners, numbering each submission. Then, you will all simply submit the number of the banner you like best to my inbox (anonymous or not makes no difference to me) and I’ll tally up which banner got the most votes :D 

Prizes: The two winners will get a short story written by me (probably between 5,000 and 10,000 words long) on whatever Miraculous Ladybug related subject they desire, so long as it’s not something I’m uncomfortable writing about (I’ll discuss such things with the winners personally). The winner of the majority vote banner will have their art posted with my Serendipitous Fate Previews and the winner of my personal choice will have theirs posted with my Serendipitous Fate chapter updates


- Up to Two Submissions per person. 

- Large, since some tumblr themes show things quite largely. But, overall, size doesn’t matter as long at they’re horizontal rectangles in shape (they don’t have to be overly skinny like a banner–do whatever is going to be best for your vision so long as it’s a horizontal rectangle).

- Tag submission(s) as “SerendipitousFateBanners” and feel free to tag it as “Serendipitous Fate” or “SKayLanphear” if you want, and you can mention @skaylanphear in the post as well. If you’re worried I didn’t see it because I didn’t reblog it, you can also shoot me a message. 

- You’re welcome to illustrate/design whatever you want, so long as you feel it represents Serendipitous Fate!

Banner Schedule 

Oct. 21 - Deadline for Submissions 

Oct. 22 - Voting Begins

Oct. 27 - Voting Ends

Oct. 28 - Winners Announced

I really hope this can be a fun contest for everyone! No one be shy! Whether you win or not, I’ll reblog your work (so long as it’s not NSFW, lol). It doesn’t matter if you’ve made art for SF in the past or not, whether we’ve talked or not, whether we’re friends or not, whatever! I want to see everyone’s art and interpretations! 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions :)



Chat Noir

Tortue de Fer

Queen Bee (incomplete reference–see description in Chapter 10 of SF)


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International Wolf Center’s wolf pup naming contest

The International Wolf Center needs your help selecting the names of their two new Arctic wolf pups!

They narrowed the over 1,900 entries down to the top three names for each pup. Read each pup bio as well as the names and their meanings, then vote for your favorite name for each wolf pup.

Voting is open until Friday July 1st. Vote here!