Here are the winners of the Fanart contest! Dun dun duuun!

First place (chosen by me): Soray Thinks
Second place (Chosen by you through voting): Daniel Sway
Third place (Chosen randomly): Camilla T

Just as a reminder here are the prizes the winners will recieve:

Soray Thinks:
- 1 Adam & Steve shirt
- 1 Sticker sheet (Not available anywhere else!)
- A simple art commission of your choice

Daniel Sway:
- 1 Sticker sheet (Not available anywhere else!)
- A simple art commission of your choice

Camilla T
- A simple art commission of your choice

I’ll contact the winners through the way I got their entry.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. <3


i meant to write this last week but heres the deal:

on 3/17, my blog turned 3 years old. its not really a big deal other than memories, but its somthing worth celebrating. 

so what i wanna do is give back to yall who have been here since X

so what you need to do is:

-like this post, this counts as one entry

-reblog this post, this counts as an entry (only one reblog will count, you can reblog as many as you like, but only one counts)

-reblog with a REFRENCE of any oc. 

there will be three prizes, and if this post gets 200 notes, ill add another prize slot (every 200 = 1 prize slot)

the winners will be announced 4/17. good luck ^^

Here is my contribution to @meabhd‘s coloring contest! She did the lines, I did the coloring. 

I had sooooo fun with this, mostly cause they are Harry Potter characters (Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown) but also cause I tried a new coloring technique! Turned out to be great practice and something I’ll definitely try again.

Thanks for the opportunity to color your lines Méabh, your art is amazing and it was an honor omg lmao *-* <3

WELL HERE IT IS!! My piece for a contest hosted by Latin-American CN. I’m really happy with the result :D
(Anytime soon i’ll get a link for you guys to vote if you want to, it would really help me)



Hey everyone!! I just hit 16K and I’ve been on Tumblr for the longest time and have received amazing support from friends and the studyblr community, so it’s time to give back!!  Win these and go back to school in style!!! 😎 😎

I will be giving away everything in the photo above and I might throw in some extra cute stuff too!!! (my succulents are not included!!! lmao sorry i love them too much!!)

Here are the rules:

  1. Reblog this post (Multiple reblogs count, but please have consideration for your followers!!! Also no blogs dedicated to this giveaway, and likes won’t be counted but you can use them as a bookmark!)
  2. Must be following me and my instagram (Tumblr: Studyable) (Instagram: delphinestudies
  3. It’s optional, but if you want to be extra cool  😎 follow my personal instagram: delphineji and we can be friends!!!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤  
  4. You must have parental/guardian permission if under 18, since if you win I will need your address!!! 
  5. The winner will be announced on the 25th of March! If you win and fail to reply to me within 48 hrs I’ll have to choose a new winner!
  6. This contest is for everyone!!! International shipping is on me!!!  😎 ❤

Good luck everyone!! Just send me an ask/message if you have any questions!  ❤ ❤ ❤


So we reached 10k awhile ago and now we have some money to throw at you all if you want to participate in it! Thank you all so much~


  1.  40$ in gift cards for either so you can buy  Overwatch stuff on any console. 


  1. One like = one entry 
  2. Have to follow us
  3. No Giveaway blogs
  4. Enter to win by next week (March 29th) 
  5. If you enter on the end date, I won’t count you. 
  6. Respond to us when we send you a message telling you that you win within 24 hours otherwise it goes to another person

We will reblog this post over the next week and message the winner as soon as we pick one next wednesday. Good luck and hope you win!

( ◜◡^)っ ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Alright guys!
It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything for you guys and since Pokebank has finally became available for sun and moon, I thought I would do a contest finally!

So now

Welcome to Professor Skies Lab!
I will choose 3 lucky trainers
You 3 will receive 1 shiny starter
Now of course I only have 1 of each so the person that arrives first will get what they want
(Meaning of someone picks Charmander before you, Charmander will be unavailable)

I will choose the the winners by January 30th!
To enter in this contest all you have to do is Like And Reblog this Post!
Good luck trainers!


It’s Contest Time! Suggest a new character for Snack Time in the comments, and if we choose it, you’ll get the chance to voice your character in our new episodes.

See the contest fine print here:

Want to Send Your Art to the International Space Station?!

For children ages 4-12, we’re hosting an art contest! Get the details:

We are working with Boeing and SpaceX to build human spaceflight systems, like rockets and spacecraft, to take astronauts to the International Space Station. These companies will fly astronauts to orbit around Earth while we focus on plans to explore deeper into our solar system

Get out your art supplies and use your creative imagination to show us the present and future of traveling in space!

There are no grocery stores in space, but there may soon be farms. Very small farms that are important to a crew conducting a mission to deep space. That’s because our astronauts will need to grow some of their own food. Researchers on Earth and astronauts on the International Space Station are already showing what is needed to grow robust plants in orbit.

What would you take to space? Astronaut Suni Williams took a cutout of her dog, Gorbie, on her first mission to the International Space Station. 

Kids 4 to 12, draw what you would take and enter it in our Children’s Artwork Calendar contest! Your entry could be beamed to the space station!

Go to for more information about the competition’s themes, rules and deadlines plus the entry form. 

Get your parent’s permission, of course!

Email your entry form and drawing to us at:

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:


MYAY RAFFLE TIME!!!!!AND OH GOSH 800+ FOLLOWERS?! Im just gonna go cry in a corner now ;w;


-ocs(keep in mind i do have a limit of what kind of oc)

-overly complicated characters aka armor wearing characters or the like(That doesnt mean i cant do simple armor tho)
-Any sensitive subjects (i can draw your char crying tho?XD)


-must be following me!(new followers welcome!!!Dont follow and unfollow if you dont win. Thats just rude and you will be banned from future raffles)
-reblog to enter, you get to reblog TWICE tho for better chances(if you reblog more than that, your out of the raffle)


April 15th 5pm central time is when it ends!!!