Contest Time!!

This is just for funsies!


Do the following:

  • You must be a follower!
  • Draw a picture of one of your characters and Cherry Drip interacting (ref is shown down below)
  • Please NO NSFW this is an SFW contest and blog so lets keep it that way

Cherry Drip’s ref:


1st Place (1 winner) will have a full body cell shade:

2nd Place (1 winner) half body:

3rd Place (1 winner) chibi full body (but with no shade):




  • PUT IN THE HASHTAGS “lizzyheartdraws drawing contest”


A vixdoc CONTEST! Win free art from me!

what’s up my lovely pickle sinners? To celebrate the wonderful support I’ve gotten here on the Vixdoc blog, I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

Winner will receive a full bodied, flat colored sketch from myself of their OC, and a new fully colored and shaded twitter icon of them! (Any and all OCs are allowed!)

So, what’s this all about you ask? Well let’s have a look!


1.) Entrees must choose their favorite “Canon Vixdoc fact” or Vixdoc moment, and illustrate how they interpret it!

2.) Entries can range from drawn art, music, writing, 3D art, etc. Any format is allowed!

3.) You can enter up to two times.

4.) I will not be judging based on artistic skill, but rather the overall interpretation of the scene and amount of love you put into your entry. All skill levels are encouraged to join! Please don’t feel like you’re not “good enough” to participate! Talent is merely pursued interest, and it takes time to pursue something, correct? <3

5.) The entries are due the 31st of July! Results will be announced on the 1st of August.

6.) Have an enormous amount of fun you lil’ peaches, and thank you so much for supporting this blog!



Art raffle yaaaayyyyy ^w^

Ok so how this works is:
•To enter, you can only reblog this post ONCE (if there aren’t a lot of participants in three days, you can reblog twice)
•I will put your name in my lil hat, and after a couple days I’ll announce that I’m pulling the winners (3 days from today)
•I’ll randomly select two users for each prize! (Prizes are shown above)

If you get called for a prize:
•I’ll PM you, saying you won and what prize you got
•you’d send me a ref pic for your character/OC/AU, and what pose you want them in, what background you want (only for 1st place), and maybe a color palette (<– Optional), and (only for 3rd place) if you wanted the icon or sketch

Rules/what I won’t draw:
-I will not draw stolen OC’s (AU’S are fine, I can tag the creator of the AU, but not a stolen OC from somebody I don’t know, like a random tumblr)
-I won’t draw bad things (angst/sin/murder/gore)
-you have to send me a ref pic, and the details about how you want your art, I don’t want to make something you won’t like!!
-pls don’t hate me if you got a prize you didn’t want!!! I’m randomly selecting these, I’m not picking favorites, because y'all are all my favorites!!

Good luck!! And if you have any questions, PM me!!!
Marble, out! *crashes out the window*

We are about to hit 3000

When I started this blog back in December I never imagined anyone would even read my stuff let alone get here where I have written around 100 stories. And that I have made friends over the internet from my love of Dan and Phil.  

I really can’t explain how much I appreciate you guys sending me messages and requests. I love that you guys trust me with these ideas that I will do them justice.I also can’t thank you enough for all of your sweet words. 

So to give back in some way I am doing a 3000 follower give away. 

The rules are simple. 

Send this blog an ask or a message saying your First name and your go to soft song that always makes you feel calm. This is more of a personal thing as I am just in the business of finding some new songs.Then I also know you read the rules.

if you have won in the past please do not re-enter. give the others a chance

You have until August 10th to send in your name. I will be giving away things for a first, second, and third place winners. It does not matter where you live in the world I will send you the things you win.

1st place- Both Dan and Phil books, or some items from the Dan and Phil shop that equal about the same price of the two books.You also get any request you want.

2nd place- one of the Dan and Phil books and any request you want.

3rd place- any request you want.

Good luck to everyone that enters! Once again I need to thank you all again for all of your support and love. 

Originally posted by doinganap

The Devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin’ for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind ‘cause he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal
When he came across this young woman scannin’ an item and playin’ it hot.
And the Devil jumped upon the conveyor belt and said “Hon, let me tell you what!”

“Sir, the conveyor belt is for items only, please get down NOW.”

Enrique’s 17k followers giveaway!

So, since recently I finally reached the big 17k

I thought it was about time I give you guys something back, so here it is, the first ever contest I’ve ever launched!

This will be the prize, made up of the following items:

A handmade replica (artesanía) of a “Cepilladero Maracucho”, a type of cart that sells snow cones in the city of Maracaibo. 

A 1:72 diecast model of a Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4.

A Venezuela flag baseball hat, the symbol of the opposition.

Three sets of Venezuela coin collections: the Bolivar Fuerte cents, including the infamous 12 ½ cents coin, 5th Republic’s Bolivar coins, and 4th Republic’s Bolivar coins.

A Venezuela golden shield pin.

An Amazing World of Gumball pin-back button, since I shill the show so much might as well.

And finally, an anti-nazi pin-back button, to go alongside the plane. 

There will also be a hand-written, short thank you letter, both in Spanish and English, directed at the winner, just to make it that more personal.

Both the plane and the replica will be brand-new and held in their own packages, I showed those as references, and the coins are a bit rusty, but I didn’t clean them out of fear of damaging them, as for example, the 4th Republic coins are very rare these days. 

Alright, to participate, there are just 3 rules:

  1. You have to be a follower
  2. You have to like, reblog, or both, this post
  3. And you have to had reblogged an original post of mine (in the sense that it was something I myself posted, not reblogged) at least once before this one.  

The winner will be chosen at random by using the notes of this post this Sunday, and until then I will be reblogging it thrice a day, since, according to my flag counter, you guys are literally from around the world!

(I bet half of those Venezuelan views are myself checking my own posts)

As far as I know I can ship to any country, where I will be covering the shipping costs, but if somehow I can’t ship to the country of the chosen winner, a second round will be held. 

Thank you so much for following, for all the support over these past two years, and well, ¡Buena suerte!


I FINISHED IT!! Finally! After 5 thousand years!!
Honestly I’m very relieved the deadline was extended or I’d never have made it!
And this is why I don’t colour my comics very often @__@

Anyway, this is for the contest being run by @absolutedream-undertaleart

The goal of the contest was to create something inspired by their Undertale comics of the Skelebros.

This was not very hard in the inspiration part at least, because AbsoluteDream really heavily influenced how I write Sans in general. And really so much of what I put into Sans came from the stories they wrote and although I never copy things, a lot of Sans’ expressions in my art came from AbsoluteDream’s comics.

As for AbsoluteDream’s comics themselves, I always love how they’re usually slice of life comics, but have a small underlying sense of danger to them. It never comes to a head as it does here as I’ve drawn it, but there’s always a very slight suggestion of more serious consequences, even if they never come to the forefront. I love slice of life, and I love dramatic events! And his comics have an amazing balance of both! So much so I hope that we can get some more continuation comics of the Sick Day comic series u.u I wanna know what happens!!

As for the comic itself, this was actually going to be a scene that’s a flashback in Time Scar itself much later on in the story. But in the end, I decided to cut it from the story completely because it completely derailed the flow of the events and since there’s no other flashback in the story at all it didn’t make much sense to suddenly divert into this.
Within the context of Time Scar, Papyrus relates the event to illustrate a point that sometimes we do bad things to other people we never ever intended, but events just roll that way, and we can’t blame ourselves for it. Or something. As I said I cut the scene so I haven’t developed it as strongly within Time Scar as I would’ve had I included it.
However, I am very happy this contest gave me a reason to draw it! As otherwise it never would’ve seen the light of day.

I have no idea why I decided to make it a silent comic. I think that was a relic from when it was a flashback within Time Scar and I just couldn’t let go of the idea because that’s how I had it planned out. I don’t know how successful I was considering I had to rely on “speech bubbles” twice. This is also the first fully coloured comic I’ve attempted like this X’D it was maybe more work than I anticipated.

To answer your first question; no, I didn’t kill Sans. Obviously if this was a flashback in Time Scar it would’ve been more obvious. But as it’s no longer part of the story, don’t worry, Sans isn’t dead.

It was a bad day though. Papyrus doesn’t remember it very fondly.

I have a vague idea of what happens next but it doesn’t really lead anywhere so there’s literally no point in including it at all. I feel this says everything it should and leave on a punchier ending.

ANYWAY IT IS NOW COMPLETE!! I can’t even believe it….

Well, there’s a reason of why I’m posting to much. It’s beacuse I’m stealing wifi I wanted to start a new activity on my tumblr! In celebratrion of my 2000+ followers I want to do this! “Let’s create together”!

This activity consist in creating a character using the suggestions you guys give me (eye color, powers, skin color, etc) but in my style. What’s my style? well, as you see, I love to draw sanscest fan children and I want this character to be one. And finally give blueprint a friend so I don’t have to draw him alone

SO, since there’s a LOT of Sanscest ships, I want to make a votation of wich ship should I draw. After that, I’ll ask you guys to send me descriptions based of how would a child from that ship look like. Simple right? I hope I have explained it well ;o;

Let’s call this stage: “Selecting a Ship”

but HEY, don’t start throwing me ships names! keep reading first uvu

I sellected a few ships I like and you will have to choose between those! Since Tumblr allows to comment on a post, I don’t have to create a poll for this on other site -v-)U yes! It doesn’t matter if the ship already has one child, I want to make my own and give you the chance to cooperate in the process of creation! 

Also, I’ll give the winner ship their own ship week (like I’m going to do with InkBerry)

Here’s the ship list:

-ErrorNight/Error x Nightmare

-Cream/Cross x Dream

-RottenBerry/Reaper x Blueberry ( @nekophy made me love this ship with just one comic xDU)

-AfterFell(?)/Geno x Edge

-Kustard/Classic x Edge 

They’re the ones who I love the most! 

So, as I said before, this time you only have to comment with the ship you want to win! After some time I’ll check the votes and announce the winner. Once the first stage is done, we’ll proceed to the stage two: “Making their appearance”!

Don’t forget to participate!

CLOSED-Stardew Valley Giveaway

I was inspired by the anon who mentioned it’s on sale on Steam for the Summer Sale, so I figured I might as well give back to you guys for your patience, enthusiasm, and kindness. 

Some of the followers here don’t have the game, but enjoy the recipes, and I think it’s only fair you get to play along with us. As such, I will be giving away three (3) copies of the game for free. 

Update: An incredible follower (who wishes to remain anonymous) has generously offered an extra game through Humble Bundle, bringing the total amount of possible winners up to four! 

-Must be following. You can unfollow afterwards, I’m not worried.
-Reblog this post. You can reblog as many times as you like.
-This is a Steam giveaway, so in order to win you must have a Steam account. 

If you want to boost this post, simply reblog with the tags “Signal boost” or “Boost”. 

The giveaway closes at midnight on June 26, 2017 Pacific Standard Time. The four winners will be chosen via RNG, and you will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be selected. Your ask box must be open. 

That’s it! Good luck!


We’ve hit 1500 followers! You know what that means, time for a free paint raffle! Get yourself a Miniatures of Tomorrow original, including base sculpt, 100% gratis!

The contest is open to all followers, but you must be a follower to participate. It’ll run for two weeks 7/7 - 7/21. Every like and share of this post gets you a raffle ticket, giving everyone who participates up to two chances to win.

On the 21st, I’ll use a random number generator to select a winner from participants. You’ll select a single mini (no vehicles or massive monstrous creatures, 55mm limit) from your collection and mail it to my studio. We’ll chat about colors, composition, theme and basing, then I’ll do the rest (including covering S&H back to you). I’m booked through until September, but have a two week slot dedicated to the winner’s project, starting 9/1.

I appreciate each and every one of you that follow along from home, and this is my way of saying thank you. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to add a stunning centerpiece to your army or display case for the low, low price of simply being a fan.

May the odds be forever in your favor, and keep your bristles damp!