Content Warning

Undershadow content warnings

Because it’s about time I warn you about what you’re getting into.

Warnings for:
Character deaths (shh it’s a secret)
Probably blood
Papyrus being too adorable
Maybe some mild swearing
Lots of feels
Probably terrible jokes
No scratch that, definitely terrible jokes
Did I mention FEELS yet?

Ok I think that’s everything.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any other malec /shadowhunters fic recs?

I’ve only super recently gotten into shadowhunters and stuff so I don’t have a whole lot but here are the ones from my ao3 bookmarks, and…wow they’re all malec oops lmao

i’m just going to put terra incognita by reviate at the top for people who didn’t see it. It’s still the best Alec centered malec fic I’ve ever read and it deals w/ super heavy subject matter (detailed content warnings are provided) it’s so so so good. Like read it if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it. 

The Right Kind Of Love by onyxmoon - one of the tags is ‘unnecessarily long sex scene’ and yeah I skipped over that but the rest is quite good. Mostly a character study w/ hurt/comfort and tiny bit of plot. 

Who Ya Gonna Call? by MenckensChrestomethy - Short and sweet. Just a little fic about how people always ask Magnus for stuff but have never given him anything. The last section is my favourite and features bamf!Magnus w/ a bonus of confused shadowhunters

takes on any shape by oh_la_fraise - this is a in progress fic but I’m really liking it so far. It’s a deaging fic and has an adorable kid Magnus and the main characters just trying to deal w/ a smol warlock kid while reversing what happened.

we let our battles choose us by oh_la_fraise - the end of the description reads ‘Magnus and Jace become bros on the camping trip from hell.’ and that’s basically what it is. 

Warlock Flu by leetje - super short but it’s a sicfic and it’s very nice and cute.

pillow talk by lacheses - Bit of an alternate universe, although I think canon divergence is more fitting. it’s been awhile since I’ve read it but I liked it and it’s really good. Lots of napping and introspection. 

Under New Management by Thessili - An AU where Magnus and Alec never met, Clary didn’t get her memories back and so Valentine got the mortal cup and the Clave didn’t do anything.  Magnus, Luke, Raphael and a bunch of other downworlders defeat Valentine and create a different set of Accords where downworlders basically supervise shadowhunters to make sure another valentine doesn’t happen. It’s in progress but I’m liking it so far. It’s a slow burn with a cool plot. 

Anyways I hope you enjoy them! 

So I just got a message on my author page that I’m concerned (hoping) might be a… really weird scam?

Because on the one hand, it’s somebody saying that their kid loves my series and wants to know when the next reading or whatever is.

On the other hand, the child in question is eleven. And this is not a book that has any place in the children’s section. 

There is an entire page on my official blog dedicated to content warnings. One of the main characters is a sex worker, and at one point she uses BDSM to help treat another character’s PTSD. One of the over-arching plots is about fighting a genocide. One of the major characters is earnestly surprised that the protagonist can go an entire sentence without using the word “fuck”. I start throwing that kind of language around on the first goddamn page of the first book.

Either this is a surprisingly liberal parent, or one who’s completely unaware of what her child is reading, or else she wants to meet me in person so she can straight-up murder me for corrupting the youth.

I know some of my followers are in their early teens and read some of the more intense stuff that I write anyway. I include content warnings on my fanfics; I think it’s safe to trust you all with your own media experience. You know what you can handle.

But if your parents find out what you’re reading, please give me some heads up so I can flee the country. I want to live.

anonymous asked:

I don't understand when people decide to come to blogs with nsfw content (+disclaimers warning this!) and decide to ask them why 'this or that r18 happens'. If you're 18 you should be able to understand the concept of a healthy relationship will include sex and questioning people who supports it gets kinda awkward and you make others feel bad. The fact that they even said 'not to rain...' shows anon knew what feeling it gave off and still decided to go with it... like please just blacklist nsfw

It’s like going to McDonald’s and asking why there’s burgers


Those Random Chills❄️

Seasoning a Mortar & Pestle: Culinary

Since I got this lovely ask over here, I figured I would make this into a full post! If you are looking for the magical seasoning post for your mortar and pestle, click here. I also wanted to expand upon seasoning your mortar and pestle as well. So, why do we season a mortar and pestle? Several reasons, but primarily to remove the leftover grit from the manufacturer so that doesn’t get into whatever you are cooking. Nobody wants gritty guacamole!

Items Needed:

  • Mortar and pestle
  • White rice
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cumin (Optional)

Originally posted by danielasherer

This cleaning method is going to be primarily for mortar and pestles made of stone. It is the only type I personally use, but this works for almost any type of mortar and pestle.

STEP 1: Clean your mortar and pestle. Rinse your mortar and pestle with warm water. Scrub with a stiff brush if you like, but whatever you do, do not use soap. Soap will ruin the flavor of all of your precious creations later on. After rinsing, let your mortar and pestle dry completely.

STEP 2: Grind some rice. Take a small amount of dry rice, typically 2-3 tablespoons (or a small handful) and grind into a powder. This may take awhile, but its good practice getting to use your new tool! When the rice is ground into a powder, toss it and repeat this step until your rice grinds white. Plan to do this at least 3 times (especially if you got a white stone M&P) but it sometimes takes up to 5 times. Doing this really helps get all the stone dust that is leftover from the manufacturer so you aren’t eating it in your food. Because of this, I don’t recommend saving the dust for cooking purposes, but if you have other purposes for the rice powder, go for it!

STEP 3: Garlic. Now once you are done with all the rice, dump that powder and add 4-6 cloves of fresh, peeled garlic. Grind and mash this into a paste.

STEP 4: Spices. Add about a teaspoon of salt and pepper to the mix, as well as cumin if you have it. If you don’t have cumin, feel free to skip that. Grind all these into the garlic mash to really get it incorporated. Make sure you grind the mix all the way up the walls of your mortar and pestle. 

STEP 5: Step away. Now you get a little break! Let the garlic mush sit in the mortar and pestle for least 30 minutes, but I typically give it at least an hour or two. You can even do this overnight if you feel like it, or if this step really grosses you out, skip to step 6!

STEP 6: Wash & dry. Rinse your mortar and pestle out again with warm water. Again, do not use soap. Never use soap. After you have rinsed it out, let your mortar and pestle air dry again, and then you are ready to go and make all of your delicious creations!

I recommend re-seasoning your mortar and pestle every now and then as well, it cleans it and keeps all your flavors from getting all tarnished from other foods. Now go out and make some delicious food and spice mixtures!

Let Me In, Ch. 1

An Antisepticeye septiplier fanfic.

Summary: It had been really fun to build Anti up for the whole Halloween takeover event, but that was over and done with. So why the hell was Jack hearing voices now?

Word count: 1346

Rating: T

Contains: Violence, paranoia, suspense, hallucinations. 


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Serial killer crime scene photos

Trigger warning GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! These are not the most graphic i found, but i’m not going to scare you guy’s away from this amazing serial killer heaven blog.

Ted bundy.

Richard Ramirez.

Ed gein.

Edmund Kemper.

Jeffrey Dahmer.


If you guy’s wanna see more of me here is my youtube account take a look if you wanna see more of me or wanna interact with me:

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Whenever I think about the Rey/o discourse, and the whole thing about people being attracted to villains above all, I wonder why, if this is the case, people don’t ship Buttercup with Prince Humperdinck? Because if we go by this logic everyone in The Princess Bride fandom should’ve ditched “boring” Wesley long time ago, and hopped onto the Humperdinck/Buttercup train. Their relationship dynamics are practically the same as with Rey/o.

  • A privileged white guy who has everything, but wants even more.
  • Genocide and random murders of innocents won’t stop him from getting what he wants.
  • Has a torture chamber where he tortures innocent people.
  • Not above abusing and torturing women.

All these bullet points can be applied both to Prince Humperdinck and Ky/o Ren. Yet, I’ve never seen a single H/B shipper. And that movie / book is a fairly popular one, even to this day, even on tumblr. However, for some reason, everyone loves and gushes over the blond blue-eyed “boring” Wesley, who was framed as a heroic protagonist by the narrative - vs. Humperdinck, the main villain of the story… So, where are all the H/B shippers?

Also, speaking of which, Finn gets so much crap from white feminists for “grabbing” Rey’s hand. But I have rarely seen people (including these same white feminists) being disgusted with Wesley’s sexism and very much transparent abusive behavior - for exapmple, a scene from the book:

“I’m very capable of love,” Buttercup said.
“Hold your tongue, I think.”
“I have loved more deeply than a killer like you can possibly imagine.“
He [Wesley] slapped her.
“That is the penalty for lying, Highness. Where I come from, when a woman lies, she is reprimanded.”
“But I spoke the truth, I did, I - “ Buttercup saw his hand rise a second time, so she stopped quickly, fell dead silent.

Sure, they’ve improved that gross scene for the movie adaptation, but Wesley totally does raise his hand to hit Buttercup even there:

How is ^this^ okay by white feminists’ books, but an innocent hand grabbing is seen as some volatile act of sexism and abuse? (A purely rhetorical question, because we all know the answer)

fall for you (over again)

When Maggie moves to National City, she doesn’t expect to run into a ghost from her past, or…

The childhood best friends AU that no one asked for.

Written for @superladieschallenge; prompt - friends


To sum things up, National City is a shit show.

Maggie knows it’s because of her small-town background, and she’s not used to the whole big city environment, but it really shouldn’t take forty minutes of sitting in standstill traffic to get from the airport to the motel she’ll be staying at until she finds a more permanent residence.  Even Gotham wasn’t this bad.  Her Uber driver cuts off at least three people, runs two red lights, and almost gets hit once.  Maggie finds herself saying the Hail Mary under her breath even though she hasn’t been to church in years.

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I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days. You can have the same trauma and one person is triggered, and one isn’t. Triggers are weird. Sometimes they don’t make a lot of sense. 

If you live a life without them, great. That’s wonderful, and I am so happy for you. (not even sarcastically, I am seriously happy for you.). What warnings do, is let me, and others like me, have that life (or something closer to it). 

I’ve seen a couple posts in passing (I didn’t look that long) mention that it’s hard to manage what you’re posting, and unless someone has PTSD they’re really just being a special snowflake. 

I do have PTSD. Creepily, I have child PTSD, so my responses to trauma aren’t even what the medical community was looking for when I first presented as an adult victim. So I have to be treated for both, and it takes time. A really disarming part of treatment is taking down the shields I have against being hurt, because they’re coping mechanisms.

I have to let them go to get to the problem. So my world is more terrifying than it has been for most of my adult life, so I can get to the little girl who was hurt and help her heal. 

Even if I didn’t have PTSD. I matter. One doesn’t have to have a diagnosis to ask for accommodations. We’re a kind enough community that we can do that. Most people I’ve met on tumblr, no matter what they ship, or what characters they dislike, are good people. 

Anyone who struggles to say they matter, matters. Not speaking up is a common thread among the abused, because many of us were told not to, in clever manipulative ways.

Some of us did speak up and weren’t listened to, so had to relearn that our pain is relevant and important. 

If you don’t have triggers, warnings let me live like you. I can prepare and avoid. I suggest the handy Archive of Our Own list as a good tagging start point. 

If you’re posting fic on tumblr, it would be great if you’d put these at the top of the post, not just the bottom. 

  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • Major Character Death
  • No Warnings Apply
  • Rape/Non-Con
  • Underage
  • Choose Not to Include Warnings

All of these give your reader consent. They’re pretty fantastic. I think I might start putting ‘no warnings apply’ on all my fics that fall into that category just because it’ll help normalize that ‘nothing’ isn’t helpful. I want my readers to know what they’re getting. 

If you do have triggers, hugs and comforting beverages for you.  Here’s to a better year ahead.