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Chewie. The Wookie who watched his nephew murder his brother. His best friend right before his eyes. The Wookie who stuck by Han’s side from day 1. Watching Ben turn into Kylo and seeing how much it hurt Han & Leia. Chewie. The Wookie who helped take down the empire only to watch his nephew follow his grandfather’s path to the dark side. The little kid he vowed to protect with his life. Ben Solo. His family. Ben Solo now known as Kylo Ren whom he tearfully shoots to put an end to all of it. Leia lost her parents, her planet and now her husband and son. The big tough Wookie who’s torn apart for having to shoot his Ben Solo.


As I see more and more friends and celebrities participate in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” there are a few words I want to share and clarify about how I feel about it. 

For those who aren’t aware the challenge was started by a guy as a fundraiser and awareness campaign in his local community for his neighbor that was diagnosed with ALS-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

It’s a disease that targets different nerves in the body and rapid weakens the body causing the victim to lose function of several muscles groups and eventually become completely paralyzed. It starts in different places for each victim and effects and progress and different rates for each victim, and as of now there is no cure.  

This is very important to me because I have personally watch this disease claim someone incredibly close to me. He was my best friend, my grandfather, and to this day my hero. 

I want everyone to understand this and understand that this is the reason the challenge was started. I am happy beyond words the level of awareness the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has caused but please lets make sure it keeps growing. 

I’m asking everyone who chooses to participate in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to understand why they’re doing it. I understand not everyone can actually donate money to the cause, but they can be aware and help to promote awareness and in turn help promote funds and hopefully a cure. 

Basically what I’m saying is PLEASE DON’T do this because it’s the latest viral trend that your friends and favorite celebrities are doing. DON’T do it because you want to become viral and be shared all over the internet. If you’re gonna take the time to fill up a bucket with ice and water and dump it over yourself, know why you’re doing it. THIS ISN’T A LAUGHING MATTER. It’s not a joke to be passed around. It’s a very serious matter, and you never no to who. I’m holding back tears as I type this. 

Having said all that, for every note/like/favorite/whatever this post gets I will donate a dollar to the research foundation for ALS AND I will also put one ice cube in my bucket and do the challenge. 

*Also please understand that this is the view point of one person’s experience with this disease and may not reflect the views of others who may have experience with ALS. 

**I don’t think I’ve ever asked people to share a post before, but If you could share just one, please make it this one. 

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with more spoilers coming out, there’s a potential csa/incest content warning on this chapter now. 

just be aware. stay safe. it’s okay to sit out a week, or avoid spoilers and wait for the full chapter and ask someone what pages to skip. (you can ask me, i will try to get back to you asap).

I will do my best to tag csa, incest, sexual assault, rape, child abuse, and anything else related to that that people specifically ask me to tag. (I also do my best to tag suicide and suicidal ideation). I’ll also just try to generally tag things “torso” when related to that creep.

my brain sometimes isn’t the best with tagging, but i really do try. if i mess up, send me an ask or a message via the messaging feature and i’ll add the tag asap.

So let’s put this in perspective. There were a good number of soldiers on the mission to Shiganshina and that headed into battle. So everyone has died. That’s every member of the Survey Corps. If everyone on the other side of the wall is dead that means these few are the only members of the Scouts left. So the only people left are, Hange Zoe, Levi Ackerman, the soldier who carried Erwin, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Jean Kirstein, Connie Springer, Sasha Braus and Armin Arlert. That’s 9 people. The Scouts were once prominently large in numbers. But in a span of 3 months that dwindled down to no more than a hundred or so and they were all but killed in this battle except for these 9 people.

Story prompt from befitandchase: Prompt… “Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst.”

Okay, so before we get started here, I never write stories like this, so hopefully I’m doing this right… I’ve to to say:

Content Warning: brief violence and physical abuse

Home.  Felicity always thought the word meant more to her than it should.  Especially considering how she’d grown up.  Especially considering the lack of meaning it’d had back then.

But it still meant something.  It still held weight.  Which was probably why she wanted it so badly.  A place to call her own, a place she could walk in the door after a long day and feel relaxed about being in.  A place to feel safe.  A place to feel loved.  Felicity had always thought that four walls were supposed to do that for a person.  But the only thing her house felt anymore was empty, hollow, broken.

It hadn’t always been that way of course.  At one time her house was something she had appreciated, enjoyed being in.  But not anymore.  Not since that night.

Felicity had headed home early that night, anticipating a long evening of unclogging her DVR and emptying a bottle or two of wine.  She’d been working for Ray Palmer for a few weeks and things between her and Oliver had gotten tense to say the least.

Unlocking the door and stepping inside had been like any other night.  That was until her front light didn’t turn on.  She thought she’d remembered it working the night before, but maybe it had just blown.  She moved further into the entrance way, reaching blindly for the switch for the stairs.  Moving the switch in both directions, nothing worked.  She could see through the window that her neighbors still had power.  Her phone was in her hand in an instant, dialing Oliver’s number.  But she never got a word out.

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Part 2 of the prompt Pre caskett AU. During a take down, Beckett is abducted from the scene. Nearly a year goes by with no leads of where she disappeared to, the boys including Castle who never left the team because of his search for the woman he loves, go undercover to try to catch a powerful man who is trafficking women and children all over the world. When they open the door to one of the captive’s closed off rooms, they’re met face to face with their missing leader, Number 47, Katherine Beckett. castlefanfics

Clean. That’s how hewould describe the smell. A prickling stench of disinfectant, too close to thesmell of 20s drinking and hangovers to be comforting. If she hadn’t made himher emergency contact before disappearing he would not have been here, andlooking back he wasn’t quite sure why he was the one after Jim Beckett’s name on the sheet. Oh god, he thought, her father.

Walking close to the wall of the room, giving the hospital bed a wide breadth, he looked at her. A year ago she had been thin, but somehow she was even thinner now. He’d carried her out of the dock, and despite her 5’9 height she was nearly air in his arms. When he’d checked her pulse his hand had circled her arm effortlessly.

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