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Something between a teaser and bonus content — this is a vignette from Anzu’s past, featuring his mentor and his mentor’s niece. 

Content warning for misgendering, age gaps in romantic relationships and abusive dynamics. 

bluroux replied to your post:Do you know, I have been on this website for…

Wha?!? Someone called you an asshole? In a non-ironic way?

They totally and unironically called me an asshole!  It was over the tutorial last night, I thought I was being funny when I said ‘Oh my god let me show you a GOOD way to extract lineart’ and they did not find me funny and while they reblogged the post, they said they were gonna remove the asshole bit to fix it.  Censored, damn!

content warning: what passes for my sense of humor

The great bit about this bar is that I had two different people offer violence on my behalf.  One of those people, I’ve crashed on her couch, and you wouldn’t suspect she’d go after your kneecap until it was way too late to do anything about it and skandrae is Canadian and I have it on good authority that all Canadians own a battle-moose so it’s pretty sweet to have that in my corner. :D

anonymous asked:

Hiii. I'm kinda sorta new to tumblr and I'm still not entirely sure what tw and cw and mentions are? Could you explain what they are to me and how I know what tags I should use? Thank you very much!


Ok, so

“tw” is short for trigger warning, and “cw” is short for content warning. Tagging these things properly makes it so people who have blacklisted those triggers won’t see those posts on their dashboard. 

Some people use the “tumblr savior” extension for firefox and chrome, and some people use the tumblr Xkit blacklist extention. They both work about the same way. 

Now, a trigger is an image or a word, or anything really that “triggers” a memory and/or a feeling and can cause anything from a violent panic attack, to a lingering sense of unease, and many other reactions,

it’s different from person to person.

There are some general things I tag with tw, like

  • blood tw
  • gore tw
  • violence tw
  • abuse tw
  • body image tw
  • eye trauma tw
  • emetophobia tw (vomiting)
  • rape tw
  • suicide tw
  • self harm tw

Because those are things that are quite widespread, and common fears/triggers people have (unfortunatly)

Now, a trigger can be anything, so there are some other things I tag as tw because a follower asked me to, for example

  • cannibalism tw
  • veins tw
  • water tw
  • poison tw
  • animal harm tw

etc. So that’s stuff I wouldn’t tag by default, but I do because a follower asked me to.

A content warning is different from a trigger warning. These are things that I believe don’t count as triggers, but can still cause unease for people, for example

  • flashy cw (for people with photosensitive epilepsy)
  • eye strain cw (for people with migraines)
  • food cw (for people with eating disorders/a sensitive stomach/religious reasons)
  • religion cw (for people made uncomfortable by all kinds of religious imagery)

etc, etc

What you tag as cw, and what you tag as tw is really up to your own gut feeling.

Go with with you think is right, and if you’re in doubt, tag it anyway, just to be safe.
And it never hurts to just ask your followers!

Also, you might come across people who tag their triggers differently, you might see, for example,

  • gore /////
  • gore 12556945
  • tw:gore
  • gore:tw

These methods of tagging your triggers doesn’t work, it doesn’t get picked up by all blacklist software, so the best way to tag is

  • gore tw

I hope that was helpful! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


June 11, 1963: Thich Quang Duc self-immolates as an act of protest.

Thich Quang Duc was a Buddhist monk who, fifty years ago on this day, set himself alight on a street intersection in Saigon. His act of self-immolation was performed in protest of Ngô Đình Diệm’s regime and its repressive religious policies against Buddhists, who made up a majority of his country’s population (Diệm himself was a Catholic). During the Buddhist crisis of 1963, nonviolent protests among Buddhists and led by Buddhist monks broke out, leading to sometimes violent responses from the Diệm government. 

Duc, surrounded by a throng of Buddhist monks in addition to horrified onlookers, did not move during the burning. David Halberstam, writing for The New York Times, described the scene in detail:

Flames were coming from a human being; his body was slowly withering and shriveling up, his head blackening and charring. In the air was the smell of burning human flesh; human beings burn surprisingly quickly. Behind me I could hear the sobbing of the Vietnamese who were now gathering. I was too shocked to cry, too confused to take notes or ask questions, too bewildered to even think … As he burned he never moved a muscle, never uttered a sound, his outward composure in sharp contrast to the wailing people around him.

Halberstam was later awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his war reporting, and Malcolm Browne, who took the iconic photograph of Duc’s self-immolation (pictured above), also won a Pulitzer Prize. Duc’s self-immolation made international headlines and it, along with similar incidents, compelled the United States government to express its frustration with Diệm’s policies and with the resulting unpopularity of his regime in Vietnam and in the United States. Discord over Diệm’s handling of the Buddhist crisis and the threat posed by the Vietcong eventually led to a coup, initiated by ARVN officers, that led to the president’s removal from office and assassination.


As I see more and more friends and celebrities participate in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” there are a few words I want to share and clarify about how I feel about it. 

For those who aren’t aware the challenge was started by a guy as a fundraiser and awareness campaign in his local community for his neighbor that was diagnosed with ALS-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

It’s a disease that targets different nerves in the body and rapid weakens the body causing the victim to lose function of several muscles groups and eventually become completely paralyzed. It starts in different places for each victim and effects and progress and different rates for each victim, and as of now there is no cure.  

This is very important to me because I have personally watch this disease claim someone incredibly close to me. He was my best friend, my grandfather, and to this day my hero. 

I want everyone to understand this and understand that this is the reason the challenge was started. I am happy beyond words the level of awareness the “Ice Bucket Challenge” has caused but please lets make sure it keeps growing. 

I’m asking everyone who chooses to participate in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to understand why they’re doing it. I understand not everyone can actually donate money to the cause, but they can be aware and help to promote awareness and in turn help promote funds and hopefully a cure. 

Basically what I’m saying is PLEASE DON’T do this because it’s the latest viral trend that your friends and favorite celebrities are doing. DON’T do it because you want to become viral and be shared all over the internet. If you’re gonna take the time to fill up a bucket with ice and water and dump it over yourself, know why you’re doing it. THIS ISN’T A LAUGHING MATTER. It’s not a joke to be passed around. It’s a very serious matter, and you never no to who. I’m holding back tears as I type this. 

Having said all that, for every note/like/favorite/whatever this post gets I will donate a dollar to the research foundation for ALS AND I will also put one ice cube in my bucket and do the challenge. 

*Also please understand that this is the view point of one person’s experience with this disease and may not reflect the views of others who may have experience with ALS. 

**I don’t think I’ve ever asked people to share a post before, but If you could share just one, please make it this one. 

Learn more here Donate here

Story prompt from befitandchase: Prompt… “Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst.”

Okay, so before we get started here, I never write stories like this, so hopefully I’m doing this right… I’ve to to say:

Content Warning: brief violence and physical abuse

Home.  Felicity always thought the word meant more to her than it should.  Especially considering how she’d grown up.  Especially considering the lack of meaning it’d had back then.

But it still meant something.  It still held weight.  Which was probably why she wanted it so badly.  A place to call her own, a place she could walk in the door after a long day and feel relaxed about being in.  A place to feel safe.  A place to feel loved.  Felicity had always thought that four walls were supposed to do that for a person.  But the only thing her house felt anymore was empty, hollow, broken.

It hadn’t always been that way of course.  At one time her house was something she had appreciated, enjoyed being in.  But not anymore.  Not since that night.

Felicity had headed home early that night, anticipating a long evening of unclogging her DVR and emptying a bottle or two of wine.  She’d been working for Ray Palmer for a few weeks and things between her and Oliver had gotten tense to say the least.

Unlocking the door and stepping inside had been like any other night.  That was until her front light didn’t turn on.  She thought she’d remembered it working the night before, but maybe it had just blown.  She moved further into the entrance way, reaching blindly for the switch for the stairs.  Moving the switch in both directions, nothing worked.  She could see through the window that her neighbors still had power.  Her phone was in her hand in an instant, dialing Oliver’s number.  But she never got a word out.

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Part 2 of the prompt Pre caskett AU. During a take down, Beckett is abducted from the scene. Nearly a year goes by with no leads of where she disappeared to, the boys including Castle who never left the team because of his search for the woman he loves, go undercover to try to catch a powerful man who is trafficking women and children all over the world. When they open the door to one of the captive’s closed off rooms, they’re met face to face with their missing leader, Number 47, Katherine Beckett. castlefanfics

Clean. That’s how hewould describe the smell. A prickling stench of disinfectant, too close to thesmell of 20s drinking and hangovers to be comforting. If she hadn’t made himher emergency contact before disappearing he would not have been here, andlooking back he wasn’t quite sure why he was the one after Jim Beckett’s name on the sheet. Oh god, he thought, her father.

Walking close to the wall of the room, giving the hospital bed a wide breadth, he looked at her. A year ago she had been thin, but somehow she was even thinner now. He’d carried her out of the dock, and despite her 5’9 height she was nearly air in his arms. When he’d checked her pulse his hand had circled her arm effortlessly.

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It’s really annoying that misogynistic, anti-social justice folks are reblogging and trying to co-opt the #GirlsWithToys posts as a call out to feminists.

Like, “What did you say about STEM being an all boys club, feminists?”

“Oh, not enough women in STEM? Your move, feminists.”

Do you not get the actual point of the hashtag?

It was a response to a male astronomer who said that scientists are boys with toys. Unfortunately, this is what the general populace thinks of scientists. Not so much that they’re boys with toys, but that they tend to be male.

Feminists are well aware that there are women and several varying identities that are in STEM fields. It’s about the vast disproportionate ratios between these identities. And the complete erasure of these identities. 

-Women identifying individuals currently make less than 22-25% of the STEM fields, which is better than the 90s when they only made up about 10%. [source]

-Despite similar qualifications in STEM, men typically are favored over women by faculty and staff. [source]


I have tons of more information, statistical and anecdotal with formerly being in STEM field and with a partner who is currently in one (and is referred to as “The Female”).

Don’t manipulate and twist #GirlswithToys to deal with your asinine, bullshit gripe with feminism and social justice.

[correction: the male astronomer openly revealed that he secretly thinks of scientists as boys with toys–which doesn’t change the point of this post or the Twitter hashtag]